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12 Definite Signs She Is Girlfriend Material

It’s amazing how dating is turning more and more into a quest for the best and less about finding the flame of eternal love. Finding a partner is becoming more of a fad, and who can blame you for playing the game yourself? Here’s the drill – you look at her, she’s beautiful, you smile, she smiles back, and you end up thinking that this it, and she’s the one for you. But, is she?

A sound relationship requires more than just being attracted to your partner for their looks alone. There are so many more qualities and traits that go into making your girl the perfect girlfriend material, and no offense Fabio, but there is a fat possibility that the sweet girl you’re dating right now, no matter how beautiful, may not be the perfect one for you! Oh, now don’t be mad at me for saying this. But tell me something from your heart. Aren’t there times when you just can’t figure out why you two are not happy together? Yes, there are. And deep down inside, you know that the reason is that she is not the perfect girlfriend material for you, right?

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I know it felt magical when you got her out-of-the-world beauty in your life, but you were so consumed in trying your best to get her that you didn’t fully think about what would happen next. You know what, it’s alright; we all make mistakes, and trust me on this, everything’s going to be fine. With these amazing signs telling you how she’s the good girlfriend for you, your love life will become a fairytale in no time.

1. She’ll be just perfect for you with all her flaws and imperfections

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I know this might sound a bit bookish (a lot actually), but every word is true, I swear! When your girl is the one for you, you’ll forget what habits and qualities were important for you, because she’ll become your very definition of perfection. Even her imperfections will be better than anything you’ve ever imagined.

2. She’ll love you more than anything, but it doesn’t mean she’ll be overly attached to you. She knows the meaning of personal space; she respects it and accepts it.

You are her world for sure, but she never forgets that there’s more to her life than just you. And isn’t that a relief? She’ll love you with all her heart, but won’t need you to reaffirm every ten minutes that you love her. Her practical approach towards attachment and sensible understanding of personal space will make you want her even more.

3. She’s not a damsel in distress wanting you to come to her rescue like a knight in shining armor; just a multi-million dollar bank balance is enough (ha, just kidding!)

Her independence is the best quality you’ll find. Loving you doesn’t mean depending on you for everything, and isn’t that a rare find these days? All she’ll want from you is loyalty and love in return for her unconditional love and nothing more (though more would never hurt!). This is surely one of the qualities that qualify her as the perfect girlfriend material.

4. She could be so much more than just your girlfriend – and you’re going to love her all the more for that

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The best thing about the best girlfriends is that they are never just your girlfriend. She’ll be your friend when you need a shoulder to lean on, she’ll be your guide when you need directions, she’ll watch your back when you need her, and be your partner in crime when you want her to be. What more can you ask for?

5. She’s honest, and makes you comfortable being yourself when around her

This is magic that only the perfect girl can pull off. Her happy-go-lucky style of life not only makes you want to live a little more in the moment, but also helps you feel comfortable in your own skin. She speaks her heart and doesn’t keep anything from you. No matter how harsh the truth is, her honesty ends up sweetening its taste for you. Did you think it was possible? (Well it is, wow!!!)

6. You are not the only one she has a relationship with


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The right girl is a true lover – she loves everyone (her dad, her mom, her friends, her boss, her cat, and yours) and gets more love in return, so she understands it all. Interacting with other women doesn’t ring her alarm every time and it doesn’t bother her when you have your ‘guys’ time’ every now and then. No jealousy, no mess, and the perfect relationship for you – tada!

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7. She will try to effortlessly understand you and love all of you with all she can give. It doesn’t matter if you’re at your lowest, you can always count on her to stay by your side

Trust is the hardest, yet the most important component, in the recipe of true love that comes only with time, to only the ones who are right for you. With the understanding and unconditional acceptance she has for you, you will always be able to trust her.

8. She is proud to have you as her man and that’s the way she wishes her life to be – you and her against the whole world! Commitment is not something she’s afraid of.

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There’s simply nothing that can replace the joy that comes from having you as her man. She loves you and she’s confident as hell when it comes to showing you off! That’s just the girl you should probably settle with.

9. She also loves to bring her naughty side out when she’s with you – and don’t you love her all the more for it?

Now we’re talking, aren’t we? How can the perfect girlfriend be complete with just sweetness alone? Nah, you also crave for the little rogue seasoning of mischief and you know it! You’ll know when you have the right girl when your good girl can take you places you’ve never been to with her equally gorgeous wicked side. So, now that you finally have all that, it’s Christmas bro! (Enjoy and savor it all!)

10. She knows how to understand your humor and has a matchless ability to crack you up with hers. She’s the definition of fun for you!

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A great relationship is made up of many little moments of fun and laughter. Without any of that, being together could just be a sad unwritten contract you’ll eventually get sick of. She makes all the difference to your world and you’ll love her more and more for it.

11. She’s never demanding, but there’s something about her fabulous self that makes you lose yourself when you’re around her – she’s worth the world to you. She makes you miss her by her hair, her walk, her talk, and everything you can count and more!

She’ll turn your very world upside down with her flawless magic. Though she’ll never ask for a thing from you, you’ll always find yourself trying to give more and more to her. You’ll want to stick with her, and you’ll miss her as soon as she leaves. All you want is to be with her forever and be all you she wants you to be. And that’s something only the most special girl can do.

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12. She accepts your past with all her heart and plans to put all her soul into planning the perfect future with you – She’s a dream come true!

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This one needs no words from me. You already know how unbeatably special this one quality is. She loves you and accepts who you were in the past and always gives everything she has to help you be the best you can be. If and when you find the pleasure of meeting a girl who can do this for you, know that she’s the love of your life – no questions asked!

These right here are the signs of a girl who is perfect girlfriend material, and believe me, a girl who’s got all of these is nothing short of a jackpot. Your relationship with her could actually stand a chance for the dreamy forever after you’ve always wanted.

It doesn’t matter if your past decisions in your love life have led you astray, if you can find these exciting signs in a girl, it’s going to bring you the gift of a timeless love that’ll make everything alright for you. So, this time when you’re out finding ‘The One,’ be on the look out for these signs in your girl, and you’ll thank me for it. Happy dating!

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12 Signs She Is Definite Girlfriend Material
How to know if the girl you're dating is girlfriend material or not? Be sure with these unmistakable signs!
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