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12 All-important Qualities Of A Good Girlfriend

A lot of things go into making a relationship work. And even more things go into making it perfect. Both partners in a relationship have their fair share of duties and responsibilities towards maintaining it. Effort is always appreciated from both sides. But, we girls tend to overthink a lot, and in the process of trying to make our men happy, may end up doing a lot of things that they dislike. Sometimes we totally miss out on doing things they love and mess things up. Sometimes we do it out of sheer ignorance, and at other times, as a part of our personality traits.

Men, no matter how much they grow up or have a big ego, do like to be pampered once in a while. They also want to feel needed and special at times, and a good girlfriend knows that. Their expectations may differ from each other, but there are certain qualities that seem to be universally appreciated by men. In such a case, it is wise to know the qualities of a good girlfriend. So, what does the prefect girlfriend do to make her love life a splendid one?

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This article lists 12 such qualities that will definitely give you a clear idea.

1. She doesn’t ask him to prove his love

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A good girlfriend never asks her man to prove to her that he loves her, and definitely not over and over again. He has gone through the entire ordeal of pursuing you and stating his love to you already. You know he loves you and he doesn’t need to say “I love you” a hundred times a day! Nor does he need to stand at the roof top to pronounce his love or do something earth shattering. Learn to be content with what you have and cherish the companionship of your partner by understanding things without having to constantly repeat it!

2. She doesn’t try to manipulate him

This is something that most girlfriends are guilty of doing. Manipulating the things he says or does and trying to put words in his mouth are certainly not things that are appreciated. When it comes to relationships, it is always a good thing to let your partner be and not try and influence his actions. Do not try to control the way he lives his life. So, let him do things his way and you will definitely be appreciated for that.

3. She doesn’t mind him hanging out with his friends occasionally

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This is probably one of the best qualities of a good girlfriend! She doesn’t sulk every time her guy goes drinking with his friends or perhaps when he makes travel plans with them. She is smart, and knows that a little outing with friends is not going to ruin their relationship. Now, isn’t she a girlfriend to keep?

4. She doesn’t question him about everything he does

Questions about who you met and why, why did you do this, and why didn’t you do that, can really irritate a person. A good relationship is built on trust and understanding and constantly questioning your partner produces doubts and insecurities. It is a good practice to keep your inquisitions to yourself most of the time. Otherwise, your partner might just start lying to you about things and that wouldn’t be pleasant.

5. She perfectly blends in with his family and friends

She is vivacious and graceful at the same time. She brings laughter wherever she goes, whether it is around friends or family. A good girlfriend always tries to get along with her partner’s friends and enjoys her time with them. She also blends in seamlessly with his family and probably guards some of his sister’s secrets. She showers love and goodwill and is loved by all.

6. She splits the bills and other expenses

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She is an independent woman and no matter how gentlemanly it is for the man to offer to pay the bill, she understands that it is not necessary every time. She earns her own money and loves to spend it on her partner. A girlfriend who is living in with her partner also offers to split other household expenses and never takes him for granted. Money is a hard earned thing, and she understands its value.

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7. She takes out time to listen to his problems

She might not understand half of his technology-related problems he encountered that day at the office. She probably doesn’t get why it is so important for him to analyze the actions of every soccer player on the team. But she always takes out time to sit and listen. It is said that the first duty of love is to listen. She makes him feel lighthearted and eases his tensions by lending him a listening ear during every difficult time. Every girlfriend should try and adapt this quality.

8. She doesn’t judge him

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If one finds a girlfriend who is genuinely non-judgmental, one has found a partner for life. She is not interested in your dressing sense or the little bad habits that you have. She doesn’t decide what kind of a person you are by the books you read or the movies you watch. She doesn’t mind you eating the way you do or saying unpleasant curse words sometimes. She doesn’t care about what you did in your past or the unreasonable plans that you have for future. She just accepts you the way you are and that’s the best thing in the world.

9. She doesn’t give him lessons on spending or saving

A guy in a relationship is a mature individual and is knowledgeable enough to handle finances. Everyone likes to make their own choices when it comes to spending and saving, and such advice from their girl is usually not welcome. He might just want to spend it all and save none or vice versa. Lessons from a partner on how much and what to spend can be pretty obnoxious and you should avoid this topic if you want to be a perfect partner.

10. She doesn’t make changes in his lifestyle

Just because you don’t like his hair long or his beard shaved doesn’t mean he should do it for you. The man has his own sense of style and you better not mess with that if you want to be the best possible girlfriend. Do not dictate to him what he should eat or when he should wake up or the way he should keep his clothes in the closet. So, don’t be a control freak! It is a good quality of a girlfriend to make peace with his lifestyle and gradually get used to it.

11. She respects his privacy and ‘me-time’

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Solitude is a beautiful thing, and a lot of introspection comes out of it. Allow him his me time and let him think about the things going on in his life. He might even be thinking about you and your future, or just relaxing. And do not make the mistake of going through his books or stuff because nobody likes that. Some things are meant to be private, so just let it be. In both cases, give the man some space and you will only be rewarded with more love and care.

12. She has practical expectations from him

Gone are the days when a girl expected her partner to be a knight in shining armor coming to whisk her away on a white horse. A perfect girlfriend of today’s times has reasonable and practical expectations for her boyfriend. She knows that life is not a bed of roses and ideas about happily ever after aren’t realistic. She doesn’t expect him to give her the moon and the stars but is content with whatever her partner has to offer. She knows his personality traits and therefore keeps her expectations meaningful and minimal.

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They say perfection is something that cannot be achieved, but something that is found on the way while you’re trying to get it. A perfect workplace, a perfect partner, and a perfect life are only things we hope and wish for and they can be attained through a bit of hard work, effort, and passion. Little things matter a lot and can go a long way into making things worthwhile. Being observant and not repeating your mistakes can be a good place to start. After all, you don’t want to spend your life arguing with your partner.

The key to becoming a perfect girlfriend lies in understanding, being patient, and fully understanding your man. The more time you spend with him, the better you will understand him. Your endeavor towards remembering his likes and dislikes, his habits and idiosyncrasies, and his ideas and expectations will definitely be acknowledged. Although there is no perfect guide to being the perfect girlfriend in the world, this list will help you inch closer to becoming one. You must give your best to enjoy the fruits of a good relationship and experience bliss in your love life. So, go ahead practice the qualities of a good girlfriend listed above!

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12 Important Qualities Of A Good Girlfriend
Being the perfect girlfriend for your man means you need to keep a few things in mind. Here are the qualities of a good girlfriend that you need to follow.
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