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12 Powerful Signs You And Your Partner Are Destined For Living Your Movie Romance Life, Forever

They say that the biggest miracles are never things – they are people. If you have found your miracle, then don’t let it go. Dumb are those who think that an eternal movie romance is not real. If you and your partner share these powerful signs, then chances are that the two of you would be living your “forever and after” love story.

1. You can be vulnerable

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You don’t have to worry about letting your significant other know your deepest and darkest of secrets. You can pour your heart and soul out to them, knowing they will never judge you.

2. You have the most memorable time with your partner

It doesn’t matter if you two have gone out to a fun-filled night out if you have only spent the entire day cleaning the house, every moment that is spent with them would be a memorable one.

3. When you can understand their silence

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You know you are living your perfect movie romance when you can understand your partner’s silence. They don’t have to say anything at all. Just a single look of their face can narrate an entire story.

4. You have the same life goals

This would inspire you to move ahead in your relationship, knowing that the two of you share the same idea of life.

5. You don’t have to watch television every evening

This is a prominent sign that no power couple should ignore. It would depict that you would never be one of those boring couples who don’t have anything to talk about. You don’t need a television or any other source to spice things up.

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6. When you can feel each other’s pain

Life can get unpredictable at times. When you discover your partner can feel your pain with the same intensity, you realize that they would do absolutely anything for you.

7. You always see the best in each other

No one is perfect. We all are flawed, but instead of focusing on each other’s imperfection, you two only see the good parts.

8. You move over your differences quickly

While having common life goals is a major advantage, chances are that you two might not share every characteristic. You would be having differences, but unlike others, you don’t let that define your relationship. You keep your differences aside to focus on your perfect movie romance instead.

9. You have found your balance

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The purpose of every relationship is to find that overall balance. If you know you have found sheer bliss with your partner, there is nothing else that can stop you from getting your “happily ever after”.

10. When you don’t experience jealousy

It doesn’t matter if your partner is out all by themselves or if you would like to go on a solo trip, you no longer feel insecure of losing them. You are not even afraid of change, knowing that it will help the two of you evolve with time.

11. You snuggle more often

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Physical touch is one of the best ways to appreciate your partner. You cuddle more often and can’t come up with more reasons to kiss each other more passionately than ever. If you think this is not a sign, then nothing else can make you believe that you have found your soulmate.

12. You just know it!

Most significantly, sometimes you just know it. You know that your partner is more than just your lover. Instead, they are the reason of your existence. You see them and you know, you just know that you have found a home in them.

If you think what you and your partner have is really magical, then don’t let it go. Your eternal movie romance will certainly be true one day. You simply got to hold on to it!

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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12 Signs You're Destined For Living Your Movie Romance Life
Who says romance in movies spoils romance for real, eh? There are those lucky ones who get to live movie romance!
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