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12 Struggles Of Being An Asexual Person

Being an asexual person in a world that is obsessed with sex is a massive struggle in itself- especially because people seem to think asexuality is an unbelievable and inconceivable and unreal concept. It is like being a vegetarian in a world ridden with meat lovers, who, despite knowing that you have publicly declared that your diet is restricted to non-meat products, will try to sneak in chicken in your salad, because you aren’t really vegetarian are you?

Here are 12 struggles that every asexual person has to face in a society obsessed with sex.

1. You can’t watch rom-coms because finding “the one” means doing “the one”

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In fact, not only is there sex after the hero and the heroine have found each other, there is sex interspersed throughout the film and you can’t help but hit your head against the TV remote and wonder why you have to sit through this unnecessary shit.

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2. Dating another human being becomes a pain in the rear

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This is because unless you have a Tinder profile, you cannot go around with a label on your forehead that says ‘asexual.’ Thus, when you date someone and you don’t want to have sex because you are biologically programmed to dislike it, you tend to experience a lot of guilty breakups.

3. Trying to convince people that you don’t have a tragic past

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One way people tend to deal with your asexuality is by telling themselves, and then asking you for confirmation, about the non-existent traumatic event in your past that led you to this. Repeatedly. Despite telling them no such thing happened. Really?

4. Popular opinion regarding your career choice includes becoming a nun/priest

Because somehow, profession becomes directly affected by your sexuality the moment you are not a heterosexual person, and asexuality means celibacy and celibacy means abstinence and abstinence obviously means becoming a monk or a priest or a nun. *facepalm*

5. Going on dates without physical contact is virtually impossible

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Why is there a need to cop a feel in the middle of the date and dance with your tongues down each other’s throats and inviting you up “for coffee” every time? Why?

7. Wasting half your life trying to explain that this is not a phase

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Yes because your sexual orientation is the same as your goth phase and your Mean girls phase and what not. Totally legit.

7. No one believes you when you are attracted to someone

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For some reason, people seem to think that finding someone attractive means trying to jump into their pants, which you are incapable of comprehending, so when you do find someone attractive, people go all “But I thought you were asexual!!!”

8. “But then, how are you going to have kids?”

Because not wanting to have kids never seems to be an option among people.

9. People try to convince you that you are missing out on so much

Because for most people, having a climax is the entire purpose of their existence. Somehow heterosexual males don’t miss out on a lot when they don’t want to have sex with other men, do they?

10. Trying to dissuade people from giving you phone numbers of doctors

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“You should see a doctor about this” are the seven words you probably hate hearing the most because people seem to think your sexual orientation is a fixable disease, frankly because their biology is broken.

11. You never seem to find other asexual people to empathize with

Because everyone is afraid of the telling people they are asexual for fear of the same social ostracization, which makes you wish there was a metal detector like thingy which could help you sniff out people like you.

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12. Explaining that you don’t hate sex makes you feel like you are talking to prenatal fetuses

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You don’t hate sex. You just don’t like having sex. That doesn’t mean that you are going to make fun of people, diss them and be in complete denial of their sexuality and sexual preference. And just sometimes, you wish people would return the favour.

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12 Struggles Of Being An Asexual Person
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