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12 Sad Signs Of A Failing Relationship

Being in love is a wonderful feeling and there’s nothing more special than being in a  relationship with the person you’re in love with – it gives you sense of belonging, safety, and compassion. Relationships are fun and filled with happiness.

Yes, relationships are beautiful; but what if things don’t turn out the way you wanted them to? What if, sometimes, despite all your efforts, your relationship takes a turn for the worse? It’s at times like these where letting go is the best thing to do.

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Below is the list of the signs of a failing relationship. Read carefully and take action accordingly if needed.

1. You’re constantly bickering

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It’s like you both are looking for a reason to fight; any small matter which isn’t even worth fighting over ends up becoming a major conflict. The constant fighting is taking over your lives. It’s like every time you open your mouth to communicate, you’ll end up fighting with one another – most of your time is taken up by silly avoidable fights which leave both of you resenting each other.

2. Say bye bye to the future

When couples are in a serious relationship, they want to be in it for the long haul. Making future plans is a major priority for them. If at the beginning of the relationship it was all about what your future together is going to look like and now it’s all hush hush on this front, then something’s just not right because it shows the lack of interest to carry on this relationship any further.

3. Avoiding each other

It seems like nowadays, you both don’t even have time for one another because you’re always busy with something, and the worst part is you don’t even seem to mind not being able to see each other often. In fact you are looking for ways to avoid each other by spending more time at work or going to spend time with family and friends—anything to avoid being with each other—this is one of the danger signs of a failing relationship!

4. No more cuddles 

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The affection has died down; in fact, it’s almost non-existent. All the hand holding and the pecks on the cheek and the cuddling is out the door. The affection has left the building! There is no expression of love through sweet physical gestures anymore, and you both are so very distant from each other, acting like you both have cooties or something! Physical intimacy is the last thing on either of your minds.

5. It’s all about “me” now

There’s no more “we” in the picture, it’s only “me”. You or your partner is no longer including each other in anything, and it’s as if you both have no attachment to each other. Decisions to do anything and go anywhere no longer include taking your partner and vice-versa into consideration, but rather doing whatever it is that you or your partner wants to do. You’d rather spend time alone than with your partner. If this is how you’re thinking, then it’s a sad sign that your relationship is failing.

6. The distance keeps growing

The times you used to be very attentive to each other, always texting, calling, Skyping, or emailing each other have now officially come to an end. Now you’re the one planning outings, most of which your partner flakes out on, or vice versa. You have to initiate all texts and calls because your partner is not doing it anymore, or the other way around.

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7. Things are not too good in the bedroom

sexual dissatisfaction_New_Love_Times

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So you have practically stopped having sex; the physical attraction you once had for each other is gone. The intimacy is lacking. It is very important for couples to have a healthy sex life to sustain a healthy relationship, without which things can head south, pretty fast. The lack of sex shows the lack of attraction you have for each other, which is one of the major signs of a failing relationship.

8. You’re just not happy anymore

That excitement, joy, and happiness you used to feel around your partner just isn’t there anymore; you find yourself more and more depressed and unsatisfied in the relationship. It’s very simple – you’re just not content and happy in this relationship anymore. This is one of the biggest signs of a failing relationship.

9. The negative takes over the positive

Everybody has flaws, but when you love someone, you choose to look past them and concentrate on their good qualities. When their flaws start to overshadow their positive aspects, that’s when the relationship is in trouble, since the partners start getting too bothered by these small flaws and it irritates and annoys them to a point where they can’t stand to be around each other anymore.

10. You start noticing members of the opposite sex


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Ok, now this is a major sign of a failing relationship. It has come to a point now where you have just completely lost interest in your partner and are becoming attracted to other people. The urge to go talk to others, even flirt a little, is what you really want to do. When this happens, you know your relationship is doomed and you should get out of it NOW, before you end up doing something you’ll regret!

11. Constant criticism

You find yourself constantly criticizing your partner and vice versa; you both are constantly bringing each other down all the time, especially when fighting. These sorts of negative words are not doing any good for either of you, so you both should just call it quits soon and save yourselves the misery.

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12. Go with your gut

In the end, you yourself know that something is off and things are just not right. When you feel this way, you should always listen to yourself and that gut feeling you get when things are going wrong. Go with that feeling and trust your instincts, they will help you out for sure.

There is never any point in holding on to something that is just headed for a destructive outcome. All the hoping and the keeping faith will not cut it if the relationship is just not meant to be. No amount of effort or hard work can fix something that is already broken.

Keeping this is mind and after reading through all the signs, think for yourself what is best for you or your partner, to let go, or, to try harder—whatever your decision, make sure you make the right one. Best of luck!

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12 Sure Signs Of A Failing Relationship
You and your partner have more fights than honest communication. Beware! This might be one of the signs of a failing relationship! Read on for other signs.
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