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12 Failproof Tips On How To Woo A Woman

A lot of people are under the impression that wooing a woman is a piece of cake and a couple of cheesy pickup lines taken off the internet is more than enough to do the trick. Well, if you think like this, then you couldn’t be farther from the truth. The first thing you need to know about how to woo a woman is that it is an art, which needs to be learnt and perfected. Most of the time, men tend to end up doing exactly the opposite of what is expected of them.

Love is complicated business, and there is no one set way in which you can win the heart of your girl. However, that being said, there are actually some things which are going to make her weak in the knees, and make the process of her falling in love with you easier than it would have been.

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Here are 12 fail-safe ways to attract a woman.

1. Make a great first impression

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First impressions are usually lasting impressions, so the first thing that you have to do to win your girl is to make a great first impression. There are very simple ways to do that. You have to dress well, you need to be chilled out and funny, and you have to make her laugh. If you think I am sounding too didactic, then you can also follow the don’ts which include not making her feel awkward with small talk, being clumsy in front of her (and not in a cute way), not making her feel threatened and unsafe and the like.

However, after you have made a great first impression, you have to work towards preserving it with subsequent efforts you make towards being the best version of yourself, and in essence, being someone she would definitely not have trouble falling in love with.

2. Practise your chivalry

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One of the foremost feminine complaints of today’s generation is “chivalry is dead.” If you are slightly perceptive, you would understand that that is a subtle insult towards the entire male species, and also a hint towards unlocking what women crave to see in their men. Pick up on the hint, and make sure that you are chivalrous with her. This does not mean that you have to turn up on your white horse wearing a knight’s armor. Simple everyday things like holding the door open for her, being protective in public places, giving her subtle compliments, etc., suffice.

3. Be confident about your art

If you want to know how to woo a woman, then you have to concentrate on her as well as yourself and the way you behave. Instead of just doing things for her, you have to work on yourself as well. One of the steps in this process is perfecting your art, and being confident about whatever you do. Now, don’t take ‘art’ in the literal sense of the term. Everyone is good at something or the other, and the trick is to make full use of your talents, whether it is making music, or having great taste in, painting, or critiquing paintings, or any other thing that you may be good at, or you have extensive knowledge about. Make sure that you brush up on your knowledge and impress your girl with your confidence and your enthusiasm about the things that you love.

4. Do not impose your manliness on her

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Now, just because I asked you to be chivalrous does not mean that you will shove your manliness in her face and treat her like a delicate daisy. Unless you are mentally stuck in the Victorian era, you should be knowing that women nowadays are very competent, independent, and outspoken, so if you are going to do anything to subdue that side of her, then you are not likely to make a great impression, neither are you likely to woo her in the long run. If you want to know how to keep your woman, make sure you give her space to be her own person. For example, when you go to a restaurant, offering to pay for her is politeness and chivalrous. However, if she is willing to dutch and split the bill, then not letting her do so might just come across as chauvinistic and condescending.

5. When you are with her, give her all your attention

Paying attention is wooing 101. A woman needs attention, and the more time you spend with your phone and your computer and all your other peripherals, she is likely to become more averse to you, which is counter-productive to your purpose, frankly. Also, when it comes to giving your girl attention, do it the old-fashioned way (when there were no phones and no other distractions). Listen to her. Give her enough opportunity to talk about herself. Notice the little details about her like a new hairstyle, or a habit. Make sure she is comfortable in your presence and do not make her feel like you don’t like spending time with her, which is what will happen if you constantly check your phone every 5 minutes in her presence.

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6. Make sure you are always on her mind

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Do not misinterpret this and think I am asking you to be a creepy stalker who constantly follows her around and messages her 24×7. This is just another way of telling her that you are there, and you care about her opinion and her well-being, and you are always there to have her back when she needs it. Drop her a text before she goes to bed, or send her flowers sometimes, or give her small tokens of your friendship or your association when you meet her, so that voluntarily or involuntarily, you are always at the back of her mind.

7. Find common ground with her

Here’s an important tip that you can make use of when you are thinking of how to woo a woman – women forge friendships based on common interests, shared hatred for the same people, love for various works of fiction, love for the same art form, and other such things. Therefore, what I am getting at is that if you want to become a person of consequence in her life, find something you both like doing, or you both like obsessing over, or you are both interested in, and engage in things related to that, whether it is visiting museums or taking selfies.

8. Do not be afraid to show your emotions

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To be honest, most women are suckers for emotions and sensitivity, so if you open up to her, she’ll immediately create a special place for you in her heart because not many men are willing to show their girls what a big softie they actually are inside, which according to me, is a mistake. The more you open up to her about your real feelings and your problems and your emotions, the more she is likely to be inclined towards you.

9. Be generous with your flirtations

Drop subtle compliments about the way she looks, tell her that you would give anything to spend more time with her, in short, make sure you don’t hold back on your Casanova personality and shower her with flirtations. What is the point of this, you ask? The whole point of learning how to woo a woman is to try to secure a happy future with her, where the two of you are hopelessly in love with each other. However, during the courtship if you make any wrong moves, you might end up getting friendzoned. This is basically your way of dropping hints of the fact that you find her attractive and alluring, not ‘OMG so cute.’

10. Be original with your moves and presents 

Whether you have known her for a long time, or you are just starting to get to know her and you really, really like her, make sure that you are original with what you to say to her and what you give to her. For example, do not give her a store-bought card and a random cake, or a random present on her birthday, or on Valentine’s Day. Show some thought and concern that has been invested in choosing your present to her and give her something meaningful.

11. Introduce her to your friends

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This is a special move that you can reserve when you need to pull out the big guns to woo her. Boys consider their friends the official rite of passage for anyone who is considered to be really important in their lives. So when you introduce her to your friends as that someone special, not only are you giving her an important position in your life very publicly, but you also convince her that you are serious about her. What more do you need to woo a girl?

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12. Finally, build up the courage to ask her out

If you have been playing your cards right, then asking her out as a final attempt to win her heart is bound to be a piece of cake. All this while, you had been hanging out with her or dropping subtle hints about the fact that you were interested to be more than just her friend. However, you had been doing all that with carefully calculated steps, which culminate in the ultimate question, “Will you go out with me?” If you have managed to win her trust, then you have managed to win her heart and a “yes” is not likely to be a problem.

Despite the many ways to attract a woman that have been meticulously written down for lovelorn men all over the world, it ultimately boils down to whether you can convince her of the genuineness of your emotions, without scaring her away. However, these basic tips are bound to help your cause!

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