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12 Amazing Tips On How To Be Single On Valentine’s Day

There’s a difference between lonely and alone. Alone is a choice; lonely is something one can feel even when in company! Now that we’ve got that cleared up, we can understand ‘singledom’ better!

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When you tell someone (read anyone!) you are spending Valentine’s Day on your own, they’ll ‘watch’ you like you are Sam Tarly from the series Game of Thrones. I mean, we don’t stare at people when they tell us that Glee is their favorite TV show or that Princess Diaries had a profound effect on their lives?! We don’t gape at them even when they tell us they are rooting for Donald Trump! Single on Valentine’s Day is a taboo, the forbidden fruit (ironically!) in this world of Romeos and Juliets, Heathcliffs and Catherines, Cleopatras and … Never mind! People will not give a second thought before flaunting their absurdity with questions like:

  • But why? (Which sounds more like ‘woah-yyy’!)
  • But you are so pretty/handsome (suit yourself). How come you are still single? (Your scorecard is 0?!)
  • Is your interest illegal??? Blimey!

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Don’t these make S.A.D or Single Awareness Day more of a necessity! So here’s a guide on how to be single on S.A.D! Valentine’s Day? Well, that too!

1. Get a paradigm shift!

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

No, that’s not the new adult movie on the block! I am asking you to have a change of perspective. Being really sad on S.A.D. just coz you are single is real stupid! I mean, the first step to start enjoying Valentine’s Day is by mocking those couples buying gifts that serve no purpose whatsoever! I mean, what good is a boo kiss bandage?!

Do you still need that handkerchief?

If nothing else is making you happy, think about the money you are saving! You don’t have to buy any Victoria’s Secret lingerie for yourself or for her. Let Victoria keep her secrets with her while I do so with my dollars!

2. One body one soul, literally!

Think about it, no fighting over what channel to watch! Also, you can live as messily or neatly as you want! Remember that in most cases, when people say “Happily married(?)” they actually mean “Happy OR Married(?)”!

As someone single on Valentines Day, make a list of all the pros of being single! Include things like no compromises, the exhilaration of being free, no responsibility comes with no power, etc., etc.,! The most important of all, you have the whole bed to yourself! As the pros get heavier, I am sure you feel lighter about the whole affair!

3. Please yourself!

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I told you that being single on Valentine’s Day helps you save up on the dollars that you would have spilled like beans if in a relationship? Now I am telling you that, become a little less greedy and spend a teeny weeny portion of it on yourself. Buy the guy gear you have been crushing on for a long time. Go for that exquisite Thai spa or Pisci spa or whatever that’s called, and indulge in a shoe shopping spree later on. To put it simply, be your own Valentine! To quote Beau Taplin (Is he single?!), Self-love is an ocean and your heart is a vessel. Make it full, and any excess will spill over into the lives of the people you hold dear. But you must come first.”  Now self(ish)-love is not that bad, huh?!

4. Have a ball (in your court!)

Though you have been invited to a couple of parties that you graciously declined, we suggest you crash in! No one says no to a party! I mean, you can drink as much as you can on someone else’s dime, you can hit the dance floor, you can eat to your heart’s content, you can make fun of those couples around you (just keep it to yourself!), and most importantly, you might stumble upon that someone, you know! I mean, someone who will drop you home. Period!

5. Veg out!

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“Today, I don’t feel like doing anything!” Go a little Bruno Mars when single on Valentine’s Day! Yay, it is Valentine’s Day! So?! You have no compulsion to be excited about it! It can be just another day at work or at college after which you can ‘do’ as you like! Feel like partying or staying at home, looking like s*** and doing nothing, your choice! “Your choice”? Those words do not exist in the dictionary of someone in a relationship!

We know that it’s a general rule that people dating spend this day doing dreadful stuff like waxing, wearing expensive but too tight outfits that even restrict bodily functions! But you? You can wear a pair of pajamas and some Mickey slippers and watch a marathon of Doctor Who, stuck to your couch without a shower and smelling like one of those animals in ‘Animal Farm’!

6. Love and be loved

Isn’t this apt? I mean, Valentine’s Day is all about love, right? So spread it faster with a little volunteer work. Find a good place where people need your help or may be just spend time with your grandma who you have not seen in a long time. Call up your mom and dad and talk to them, not just to strike it off your responsibility list but to know how they really are or may be have a hearty laugh with them, like in the good old days! J

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7. Find your ‘sole’ mate!


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You will always have those who don’t have anybody! 😉 Tear it up with these single friends of yours. Go for a night out. Don’t keep it typical, extend the hell out of it! Go dining, boozing or even gamble at someone’s terrace just for this night. Let your hair down and let party be on your mind! You don’t have to fear the ‘holiday talk’ creeping in! Everyone around you will be talking in your code alone: “Man, this Valentine junk sucks!”

If you don’t feel like gate crashing someone else’s festivity, we suggest you organize one at your place. Remember, The Great Gatsby? Old Sport! 😉

8. “We were both young when I first saw you…”

Chill! I am talking about that one hobby you picked for yourself quite young and which makes you happy to say the least, but you have neglected it mercilessly! If that hobby calms your nerves, we suggest that you immerse yourself in this guilty pleasure this Valentine’s Day. It could be beating that video game you purchased two months back or the pots you thought you would paint by summer or even reading those graphic novels gathering dust on the shelves! Accomplish a task, the feeling is beyond anything!

9. Getaway!

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

If you are stacked and have got time to spare too, this Valentine’s Day could be a great opportunity to get some traveling done. It is not necessary that you leave the country, although, how brilliant would that be? You could pick a place that doesn’t celebrate this psycho holiday! North Pole, may be?

But a trip in your own land can also be fun! Spend most of the 14th on a plane, train or car, and I bet you won’t even notice it!

If you don’t want to hit the train, I say just train! 😉 If you are still sulking over your last relationship, it is high time you shake it off, quite literally though! Go for a Zumba class or a run around the park. You could even think a little out of the box and go skate across the rink or bungee jump or even sky dive! Anything that gets your adrenaline pumping!!

11. Unavailable to the network!

Stay away from social media just for today. That’s the only way of not letting the ‘couples’ get you down! All those lovey-dovey-gooey statuses and pictures soaked in a sugar syrup can’t reach you if you go offline. You need to duck all the platforms from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram because they will be flooded with those painful posts you don’t want to trouble yourselves with!

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12. Mull over what’s going to happen on the 15th

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Are these love birds going to carelessly whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears even after Valentine’s Day? Will they continue surprising their significant other with candles and roses and expensive dinners? I don’t think so! 😉 Who has the money and the time, dude? It is better that you do something small each day for the people you love instead of splurging it on one person, one day of the year! It could be just a text saying how much they mean to you. At least you won’t be strangers to them next year on Valentine’s Day, which most of the couples tend to become! 😉

So home alone on Valentine’s Day doesn’t sound so dreadful anymore, does it? Wait, what? You are looking forward to it? I have a better idea… call your friends over at your place for a ‘Battle of the sexes.’ Make sure they are couples. Pit the boys against their girls. Hehahaha! Now see the love between them. (Cheap) Perks of being a wildflower!

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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