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13 ‘Crazy Girlfriends’ Unlock The Truth About Crazy Levels By Telling Their Side Of The Story

“My girlfriend is crazy” – of course, you have heard THIS one a lot, maybe even from your own boyfriend, at times. Usually crazy would refer to someone who needs medical attention but boyfriends label girlfriends ‘crazy’ for a anything and everything that doesn’t go down well with them. And yes, when I say ‘go down,’ I mean that too! Right from jealousy to clinginess, crazy is applied to any behavior that isn’t quite in sync with their own twisted sense of balance in getting their space and getting some ‘romance/action.’.

We sat down a few couples and asked the guys to share stories about their crazy girlfriends, while the girls told us what actually happened. Read on to find out ‘crazy girlfriend’ stories decoded –

1. “It was a sexy night; she kept dropping hints all evening and then simply went to bed. She is crazy or what!”

crazy girlfriend_New_Love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

“Of course denying you sex makes me the crazy one *rolling eyes* but who wants to have sex after hearing ‘I am glad that your weight gain makes your boobs bigger too!’”

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2. “I asked her if she wanted her own cold coffee, she said no, ordered a green tea and then gulped down half my coffee.”

“I can’t help it if he is never supportive of my fitness goals. Trying to avoid temptation is the first step, ya!”

3. “She is all over my social media man, commenting, and liking even on my football league updates. Why?! What is this – some sort of test to pass? Everyone knows she IS my girlfriend”

“I know that. I was just trying to be interested and supportive, heck; I didn’t know it was a crime!”

4. “She is crazy! She expects me to buy her that top she sent me a link of two months ago. I mean what the ****! She didn’t speak to me for a day for that.”

crazy girlfriend_New_Love_Times

Image source: sororitylyfe

“I told him I wanted it for my birthday, sent him a link on whatsapp, and then, got a teddy bear. So, yeah, that’s crazy! *facepalm*”

5. “She makes me feel so guilty all the time, about watching cricket or going out with friends. It’s so crazy that she doesn’t want me to have a life of my own anymore.”

crazy girlfriend_New_Love_Times

Image source: theodysseyonline

“Erm, bailing out on our anniversary to watch a cricket semi final and not accompanying me to my best friend’s wedding to catch a brunch is not the same as keeping him from having fun!”

6. “Am I fat? Did you sleep with your ex? She goes crazy asking questions she doesn’t want answers to!”

“Uh NO! I just want the facts right!”

7. “She is sexting me at work and then, comes back home in a raging fit and snaps because I ordered mushrooms on her pizza by mistake! What are these crazy mood swings?”

“He can’t get a pizza order right, that’s what is crazy. And oh yes, I was PMSing too *wink*”

8. “10 calls in a five hour night out with friends and 50 messages telling me how much she loves me. She is so needy that it’s f*cking crazy!”

crazy girlfriend_New_Love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

“3 of those calls were lost in network problems. 2  of them he had a parcel getting delivered. Another 3 as his other friends crashed home. 1 his mom called the landline. Only 1 was to check on him. Also, only 2 messages proclaiming my love for him, I regret those now.”

9. “She stalks every girl I mention of on Facebook. Why this crazy insecurity!”

crazy girlfriend_New_Love_Times

Image source: sororitylyfe

“It’s on my feed, you doofus, and I have eyes!”

10. “Cut your nails, your hair is too long, that shirt is worn out. Damn, she can get so critical and annoying, she behaves like my mom!”

“He doesn’t have to compare me to his mom and those are just decent things humans do-  cleaning and grooming!”

11. “When she is angry, she starts getting my entire family into the debate. It’s crazy, what did they do?”

crazy girlfriend_New_Love_Times

Image source: theberry

“His mom asking me to take a leave for his niece’s birthday is annoying. Of course, I will vent against her!”

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12. “She just starts crying! Just like that, when things don’t go her way, the waterworks start.”

“He forgot to book leaves for our trip and we had to cancel it. I felt upset because I had been after him and he still forgot, I had been waiting so long to go on that trip!”

13. “She cleans like she is possessed! I can’t even leave a coffee cup on the table or my wet towel on the bed, it’s insane how she cleans.”

crazy girlfriend_New_Love_Times

Image source: tvrecappersanonymous

“His mom was visiting; I would be crazy to not keep a clean home!”

Does your significant other find himself calling you crazy for these reasons? Tell us your ‘crazy’ tales.

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13 'Crazy Girlfriends' Unlock The Truth About Crazy Levels By Telling Their Side Of The Story
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