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13 Important Things You Should Do For Yourself In Your 30s

Are you in your 30s? Did that happen in the recent past? Still feeling a little blue about entering the third decade of your life? I feel ya, girl. It took me a long time to get my head around that fact too. It’s not just the number that bothers me, it’s all the things I thought I would have achieved before I hit that big three-oh. Anyway, nothing to do about it, other than come to terms with it. In fact, it’s not all bad, and it should become a milestone to celebrate, rather than a something to be blue about.

And the Internet at large isn’t doing women in their 30s any favors either. Everywhere you turn, you see in big block letters that proclaim the list of things you should’ve done in your 20s, or the things you should be doing in your 20s. I needed the time to grow up, okay? Don’t judge! If you go by these lists that tell you what books to read, what adventures to have, what vacations to take, what clothes to buy, what life experiences to gain, what kinds of guys to date, what to do with your life – by the time you hit your 30s, you’d need more than ten years to cover all of it!

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Seriously, I’m not kidding! It’s really not possible for you to complete all of them in just ten years. Ten years might seem like a lot of time, but trust me, it’ll pass by in the blink of an eye. You won’t know what hit you, and by the time the dreaded three-oh rolls around, you’re thinking where all the time went! With lots of growing up, a lot of heartache, numerous compromises, figuring out what you want to do with your life, how you want to live it – it’s a LOT to take in. In the midst of this, if you’re expected to check off all those ridiculous lists? Nuh-uh! Highly unlikely.

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However, I’ve come up with a list of things you should be doing in your 30s. Wait! Don’t bite my head off for dissing the lists till now and trying to worm one in of my own. Just read on and you’ll find out what this is about. Then take a call whether or not to bite my head off, okay? Deal? Right.

This is a list that I’ve come up with that you should be doing in your 30s, or at least try to. There’s no obligation, let me clear it up. This list is primarily a guide to take care of yourself, because if you don’t who will? And if that means putting aside your chores, worries, issues, and errands aside, then so be it. Because taking care of yourself – physically, mentally, financially, emotionally – is extremely important, and it trumps everything else. So get ready to treat yourself like you deserve to by following this list of things to do in your 30s!

13. Organize your life.

Start with something small, like organizing and decluttering your closet or bookshelf. Start small and work your way upwards. Small steps will lead to big leaps. Get your act together and organize the heck out of your life! Even organizing Guru KonMari should be astonished with your skills!

12. Travel as much as you can.

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Whether you travel to places in your country or some exotic locations, your choice, as long as you do it. Granted that you may have traveled quite a lot in your 20s, doing the budget routine because let’s be honest, you didn’t have a ton of money to throw on hotels or restaurants. So this time around, make it a point to stay in a nice hotel, enjoy a spa day at their in-house center, splurge and have a truly amazing and memorable vacation.

11. Get your debt managed.

By this time, you should have figured out your debt to asset situation worked out, and know how much you need to make in order to clear out your debt as quickly as possible. If you’ve not yet done this, then now is the time to do it. Although the exact number might frighten you a bit, this is an exercise that will give you enough to set you on the right path. Don’t procrastinate on this; just do it.

10. Invest smartly.

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While handling debt and managing is a good thing, you shouldn’t forget to invest your savings smartly either. If you’re having trouble finding a good investment plan, talk to friends who are smart investors, or who know the ins and outs of the current financial market. This is the time to save for your retirement, not later on, when you’re 50.

9. Eat healthy.

Opt for healthier food options, instead of greasy, unhealthy stuff, that are heart attacks waiting to happen. Of course, you can have your one cheat day a week where you eat whatever your heart desires, but only if you’ve stuck to healthier eating options the rest of the week. This might sound too boring and tame when you live to eat and not the other way around, but it’s better to be alive and kicking, rather than dead from a heart attack at an untimely point in your life.

8. Become fit, the fitter you’ve ever been.

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Haven’t you heard? The 30s is the new 20s! So, work out and get yourself in shape. Whether you do CrossFit, yoga, Pilates, power yoga, or any of the other hundreds of workout options available nowadays, get on a program now and get healthy. It’s not just about looking and feeling good, but keeping yourself as healthy as possible. We live in stressful times, and our unhealthy lifestyles can wreak havoc on our poor bodies, which have no choice but to give up at the most inopportune moments possible! Don’t let it get there; start working out today!

7. Take care of your skin.

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Your 20s was one thing, but your 30s is when you start to really care for your skin. This the time when you start seeing fine lines around your mouth, under and at the corner of your eyes, and even on your forehead. So buy quality products that suit your skin, and use face serums and moisturizers every single day. It’ll be worth it. Even better, use home remedies and homemade facial masks with fruits to avoid any side effects from these creams. Whatever you go for, don’t forget to look after your skin. Also, drink lots and lots of water. It helps clear your system and also your skin. Your face will show if you don’t drink enough water. Another important thing to do is getting facials regularly. It’ll allow your skin to breathe, and will make it glow.

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6. Splurge on classic wardrobe staples.

That essential LBD, that girly lace top, that pretty pastel sundress, those gorgeous stilettos, those absolutely vital makeup products, those stunning pieces of essential jewelry, that enviable handbag, those wicked pair of sunglasses – you need to invest in these wardrobe staples that are timeless. You can mix and match the staples, and come up with a bunch of other outfits that are actually timeless. And while you’re at it, don’t be a cheapo, but go for good quality clothes, brands that have a good reputation. Knowing your personal style and clothes that flatter your figure is a great confidence-booster.

5. Learn how to cook.

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No, not to cook for your boyfriend or husband, but because it’s an important life skill to acquire. It doesn’t matter what your gender is, you need to be able to cook for yourself. It doesn’t even have to be anything fancy, but a few basic recipes that you can whip up with minimum ingredients. And if you’re interested learn more and become an expert, there are always new recipes to try online, or great cookbooks to refer to. The point is, learn it as a life skill, and stop spending money on eating out.

4. Learn to set boundaries in your relationships.

Whether it’s your personal relationships or professional ones, learn to set boundaries that you won’t budge from, without a good reason. You need to take care of yourself, and not take crap from others, just because you have a relationship with them. Also, learn to speak up when something bothers you, instead of keeping mum about it and letting resentment fester. Stand up for yourself; if you won’t, who else would?

3. Keep a personal journal.

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Chronicling your day to day life seems too much to ask out of your busy schedule. But, you can at least manage to pen down your thoughts once in a while when something noteworthy happens. You can even make a note of all the things you’re thankful for to have in your life. It’s bound to make you happy to see so many things that make you happy, right? It doesn’t matter if you’re not a wordsmith; just put pen to paper or your fingertips to keyboard, and start journaling away.

2. Never compare yourself with others.

Yes, this is one of the most important things to do in your 30s, or rather, NOT to do! Never, ever compare yourself and your life with others. Only you know your journey, the trials and tribulations you had to endure, the sweet taste of success after that long wait – only you know how much you’ve sacrificed and compromised and worked hard to get to this point. So don’t belittle your accomplishments – however big or small – by comparing yourself with others. Their journey is theirs. Let them be, and focus solely on yours.

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1. Love yourself – unconditionally and whole-heartedly.

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Whatever you do or don’t do, learn to love yourself first – just the way you are. You are a unique individual, who is strong, independent, and smart, and there’s not enough reason to not love yourself unconditionally. Whether or not someone else loves you is secondary; you need to love yourself first, before seeking love elsewhere. Be kind to yourself, for we are all learning as we go along. After all, what is life but an eternal school where you learn new things and relearn old things?

So you ready to start ticking off these things to do in your 30s? Get up off your bum and get started, woman! You can thank me later! You know where to find me.

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