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30 Thoughts Every Girl Has When Taking Her First Trip With Her Special One

Ah, the huge milestone every relationship looks forward to – the first vacation. The first vacation you take alone as a couple is a pretty huge deal as this enables you to decide whether or not you can brave the journey together – I mean, you get to know the person up and close! With SO much pressure, your thought process is bound to be excited, jumpy and worried at the same time…

But nonetheless, the thought train goes on, hopeful of coming back on track, even if it gets derailed, it’s the first trip, after all!

  • I am so freakin’ excited!
  • What clothes should I carry? Should I carry lacy lingerie?
  • What if I feel uncomfortable?

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  • Oh man, this is so stressful. What if the trip doesn’t go well?
  • What if the hotel is shitty?
  • What do we do if he wants to sit in the hotel room and I want to explore?
  • Oh no, I’ll have to share a bathroom with him! What if he hears me peeing?
  • Should I carry toiletries or just use the hotel given ones? Will he judge me for it?
  • Should I offer to split the hotel charges?

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  • Should I hold his hand everywhere we go?
  • Ugh, my hand is all slick now.
  • He’s paid all the bills till now, maybe I should pay the rest.
  • He’s so sweet.
  • I don’t know why he won’t stop looking at me. Stop, I’m blushing!
  • I hope we don’t fight on this trip.

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  • Should we pop open the wine yet?
  • Um, should I invite him into the bathtub? Is it too weird?
  • Oh no, I still get fluttery when I look at him. That’s a good think, I guess.
  • How do I poop with him in the next room?!
  • I really need to poop.
  • Aw, he ordered my favorite food. He’s so cute.

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  • I hope my mom doesn’t call.
  • I hope my ex doesn’t call.
  • What if his ex calls? Ugh.
  • It was so nice of him to give me his jacket when I got cold…aww!
  • Wow, this wine has me really buzzed. I think we should now make out.
  • Oh, he’s so good!
  • I am definitely going on more trips with him!
  • We didn’t fight at all! I’m so happy!
  • I think he’s the one! ☺

first trip_New_Love_Times

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Tell us about the thoughts you’ve had when taking that first trip with your special one.

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30 Thoughts Every Girl Has When Taking Her First Vacation With Her Special One
That first vacation is special for more reasons than the thoughts in my head! :P
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