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23 Common Mistakes You MUST Make In Your 20s That You Won’t Regret

You know you have hit your 20s when you feel young and fresh as ever and have mastered the art of drinking until 5 in the morning and making it to work the next day! Some of you might be finishing college and post-graduation degrees, ready to make it big in the crazy world. But if there is ever a safe and right time to make a few mistakes in life, it is now! After all, today is as old as you never were, and as young as you will ever be.

The world is your oyster for you to go out and do great things, but also goof up a little as well. While some of you may have bucket lists of things to do in your 20s, here are some mistakes in life we urge you to make while you are in this youthful and crazy age. Trust us, you will never regret it.

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1. Throw yourself into everything that you put your hands into

woman working on her laptop

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If not now, then when? If you are falling in love, then love like there is no tomorrow, and expect your lover to love you back. If you have started your career, then work hard but also party hard. You won’t be able to do these things when you are in a business suit a decade down the line.

2. Be the rebel kid in the family

woman with a tattoo

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We are not saying pick a fight and walk out of your house. But challenge rules and regulations that do not make sense to you. This might be one of the most common mistakes in life that you will make, but trust us, you are going to love yourself for doing so.

3. Make your career the biggest puzzle for you and everyone around you

This is when you have the time and space to really juggle between different career options and try out what you like best. Get around to finding the right thing to do before settling with it. It doesn’t matter if you have spent a few months in an industry you hate, or if your friends and family are perennially confused. When you finally find your real calling, you will not work a single day in your life.

4. Go hungover to an exam, a major presentation, or any other really important event

woman drinking wine

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You are going to be fighting for your life here. This is one of the common mistakes in life that you cannot really afford to commit later. The thrill of just staying up through the occasion is going to boost your confidence, and the pride that you will have on successfully completing your task is unimaginable. For all you know, you are going to be celebrating the same evening with another drink!

5. Lie to your bosses, parents, and everyone else if you are about to have fun

Yes, we know lying is bad. But what if you won’t get that off that you need for a kickass holiday your friends are planning otherwise? Meanwhile you might have to lie to your parents and skip that family dinner to go on a blind date. Do whatever it takes to get around to these fun things. You will thank yourself for it. You can even tick it off the list titled things to do in your 20s.

6. Spend a lot of money on a vacation that is not worth it

woman smiling

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So you have left town with your friends on a budget. And you have also kept a little money aside for emergencies. And then you have money that you will need to get through the rest of the month after you come back from the holiday. Ah damn! Who cares? Spend all of it. Even if it is not worth it. It is going to be a wonderful story to tell even one year down the line.

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7. Make your face look drastically different without knowing the outcome

It could be coloring your hair purple or completely shaving off that goatee that you have had for a long time. Growing your hair if you haven’t, or going bald. Do whatever you like because you know it is not going to hurt anyone, and even if you do not like the look, you know that it’s not going to take long to change it again.

8. Wear the clothes that you like regardless of fashion trends

woman dressed in black

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

You have all your life to care about what you look like. If you like that dress that your friends think is too colorful, or that shirt which is not the regular style or fit, go ahead and sport it on your body. You might look funny to people, and they might also laugh a little. But you will enjoy expressing yourself this way while you still can.

9. Entertain yourself no matter how

woman reading

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The only thing that you should never ever be guilty about is your guilty pleasures. It could be the soaps that your mom watches, or plays from a different era. Do not hold back from enjoying all of them if you like them. This may not even count as a mistake!

10. Party it up, seriously


Image source: Shutterstock

It could be a regular party or a themed party, but dress up nonetheless. Be on top of your game when it comes to it. Trust us, you may find it annoying and bothersome now, but you are going to regret not doing so when you have hit your 30s.

11. Gate crash an event that you weren’t invited to

It could be a high-profile party or a movie premiere. You know you want to go and also how to sneak in. So don’t hesitate, just take that plunge and do what you need to. What is the worst consequence? You might get thrown out and have to deal with a little embarrassment, tops – is it not completely worth it?

12. Speak with random strangers and make friends with them

asking a guy out on a date

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You are not too old to befriend people outside your office/college and immediate social circles. Go out and meet random strangers and make new friends. Some might not be the best choices, but you are sure to make some really good friends in the process.

13. Hit on that person even if you think they are out of your league

couple on a date

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This might not even be a mistake. You might end up in a wonderful relationship that you will cherish for the rest of your life. But you need to go out there and give it a chance. Hit on them, let them know that you like them and would like to go out on a date with them. If not for anything, you can be proud of having asked an exceptionally hot person out!

14. Get into that long relationship if it appeals to you

This is when you can get into one, break up, and then move on. Yes, there is going to be damage, but you are also going to learn much more from the experience. You will find yourself patting your own back for having gone through something that will also help you a lot more in your future relationships. Your 20s is the best time to do this.

15. Have all of those flings before you settle down

couple in bed

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We are all entitled to some fun, aren’t we? Go out, make the move and get what you want between the sheets. Do not ever have unprotected sex, but the rest of the flirting is an amazing idea. You will love every bit of the experience and will cherish the memories after.

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16. Deactivate your social media profiles once in a while

Many don’t even consider this to be a mistake, but a welcome change. Sure, you will miss out on a lot of gossip and updates about people. But you are going to learn to value people more than their Facebook/Twitter profiles.

17. Get jealous and competitive over little things

Time to open fire. Get jealous of the person who landed the hottie you liked, compete at work and at exams. Do not let go of anything that you lay your eyes on. Hone your competitive side earlier on, and you will be sure to do well in the long run.

18. Explore all the sexual options you have


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You might be heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or at any point on the spectrum. Or you might just be curious about everything that you are not. Go out there and take that chance. Explore. You never know what you might find. It can be uncomfortable if it is just not your thing, but at least you can know for certain for the rest of your life.

19. Consider different religious identities

man holding rosary

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

You were born into a household that follows one specific religion, but its fine to believe in another. Read and research about different schools of thought, try out new practices, and see what fits you best. This is the best way to find oneself and make the best of it.

20. Blame yourself for things that happen around you

Here is when you can take the blame for your friends and also help them get out of difficult situations. It might get you into some pickles, but you will build relationships that are going to last for life. Take our advice, it is sound.

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21. Stop relying on karma and do what you have to do

Yes, karma will come around. But do not let bridges burn because you did something wrong and are waiting for destiny to come and punish you. Similarly, if somebody has wronged you, then go and kick their backside. You know that you want to, and this is the best time to do it.

22. Feel too much, cry for no reason, and hit the extreme emotional level

woman sad

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You are allowed to be really mad with your parents and feel really happy about your favorite movie stars getting married. Yes, even to unreasonable amounts. Do it, let your emotions out once in a while, whether you are a guy or a gal – it is one of those things you are going to be too grown-up to do after your 20s.

23. Go #YOLO because You Only Live Once


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This is the time when you can completely let loose and do whatever you like. Because this is a time when you can afford to take all those leaps of faith, risks, and chances that appeal to you, so that you do not regret anything later. After all, you are never going to be in your 20s again.

These are all the things to do in your 20s that, if you don’t do, you’ll regret later in life. So, get set, go and make all these mistakes as soon as you possibly can. Because time and tide wait for none.

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Things To Do In Your 20s: Common Mistakes You MUST Make
Your 20s are your golden years where you can make mistakes and have the time to rectify them. Here are 23 things to do in your 20s, common mistakes to make.
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