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20 Amazing Things You Learn About Life In Your 20s

The moment you hit your twenties, you feel like you have stepped into adulthood. But what does the magical decade of your 20s really mean? Is life in your 20s as dreamy as a lot of people believe it to be? Are you wondering about what to do in your 20s? I know you may be brimming with too many questions and wondering what life in your 20s is going to turn out to be.

As I have lived more than half of my 20s, I am beginning to find these answers. Read on to learn twenty lessons about the dreams you break, the ideas you make, and the chances you take in this exhilarating decade of your life!

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1. Not everything will work out

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Unlike what you might believe going into it, your 20s isn’t the phase where everything works out. You will find too many problems cropping up and things might seem to get worse, but the good news is that you will survive to see your 30s.

2. There is no perfect job

So many of us step into our twenties dreaming of the perfect job, but I am sorry to break this myth. There really is no such thing as a perfect job. It doesn’t really exist. Even when you are doing something that you are passionate about, you will crave for a change! That’s how life rolls!

3. Hearts do break

sad woman

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You may have dreamed of the perfect romance, but your 20s might not give you an eternal love story. Hearts do break and at times you may feel that you have reached the end of the world. My golden advice is that you must hold on because a broken heart still beats.

4. Life is not a bed of roses

I don’t want to sound cynical, but life is indeed not a bed of roses. You are going to face a lot of hardships and they are probably going to make you cry and break your resolve, but you need to stick together and fight it out because life often rewards you at the very end.

5. A bad day doesn’t make a bad life

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There are going to be days when every damn thing will look wrong. When you would feel like giving up, you need to know that one bad day doesn’t make a bad life. So, life in your 20s isn’t all about dancing and singing. It is going to be a real test, but will be worth it in the end.

6. Getting drunk isn’t that bad

Some of us taste our very first drink in our 20s. Granted, most of us are seasoned drinkers by this time, but if you have waited patiently, you may now find that alcohol might well be your best friend. Sometimes, getting drunk with your best buddies serves as the best cure to life’s stresses.

7. Friends leave


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Remember those pinky promises you made when you were younger? Welcome to reality! People do not always hold onto these promises, so don’t expect every John or Kate to be by your side till the end of the time. People come and they leave, sometimes faster than you can imagine!

8. Honey, where is the money?

Your 20s are all about money issues. Most of you are going to be stuck in the financial crisis wondering where the money went. Often people spend too much money on their spouse or their college or even their passion and hobbies and you end up wondering about your lack of money! Life sucks, I know!

9. You will miss your family

family dinner

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Remember how you craved to leave that loud family of yours and get your own place? Life in your 20s will make you crave for the comfort of that same family. You will long to stay with them, to hug the same rowdy family members who often made you cranky. At the end of the day, life is all about holding on to people who love you regardless of who you are, so give them a call!

10. Traveling is liberating

woman traveling (6)

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Some of the most memorable times in your 20s are the trips that you take. Make sure to plan a few trips because it is really liberating to travel. Go out alone or with friends or even with a date. No matter who tags along, make sure that you travel because that is how you grow and evolve.

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11. You are not what you weigh

After all those endless hours in the gym and dieting sessions, you finally realize how pathetic it is to spend so many hours on your weight. You are not what you weigh and beauty comes in all sizes. So, eat whatever you wish and love the body you have. Of course, you will desire to stay healthy, but you will also learn not to be overly critical of your body.

12. Free life isn’t all that rosy

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Dating in your 20s will make you realize that single life isn’t all that rosy. You thought being on your own would mean that you would find the right hobbies and eventually get the perfect guy, but sometimes the life we imagine is far from reality.

13. Accept, don’t expect

You learn that it is foolish to expect too much of anyone. The ones who have the happiest 20s are essentially the ones who know that they are happy being who they are. They don’t expect things out of people, but instead learn to accept the reality. Trust me; this is the true recipe to happiness.

14. Not all plans work out

If you ask me what books to read in your 20s, I am not going to recommend those sappy romances. Instead I’ll say to evolve your perspective on life and learn what it takes to be successful by reading books that will ground you in the realism of adulthood. Your plans won’t always work out. Life will often hit you hard and it is the right lessons that will help you climb back on top.

15. No regrets: just lessons learned

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It is in your late 20s that you will finally realize that life is too short to have regrets. You should make it a point to simply enjoy the lessons that you have learned because this is one phase where there is immense opportunity to evolve into a better person. Mistakes should teach you lessons that will help you get through future struggles.

16. Hearts heal

Dating in your 20s often involves too many breakups, hook-ups, sad nights and ye some really amazing memories. Your heart will break, but the good news is that it will heal. Your 20s will help you understand that love is euphoric, but often transient as well.

17. You learn who the true gems are


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Each one of us has some of the best gems of friends that we must cherish. In your 20s, you will understand who your true gems are. Hold on to these people who stick by you even when you feel like the whole world is breaking apart.

18. An end is just another bend

Some of us get so depressed that we feel like we have reached an end. You need to know that every end is just another bend on the road. Cruising too fast around these corners or quitting too soon is the wrong thing to do. You will probably meet a lot of failures in your 20s and, at the same time, you are going to reach new heights of success too. So, you will learn how to treat what seems like an end just like another bend.

19. Experience makes you stronger

You are going to gain a lot of experience and this will help you to stay strong. Life in your 20s has a way of teaching you some of the finest lessons and so you will have to be strong and believe in yourself. Find out what your true calling is and use your experience to become the best person you want to be!

20. Life is beautiful

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Regardless of all the experiences that your 20s will put you through, you need to know that life is beautiful. You will come to appreciate your life and will realize that the different changes that you will go through are going to make you a better person. So, let every experience add to who you are!

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These are 20 of the lessons that you are going to learn in your 20s. I have lived half of my 20s and I have already faced my fair share of ups and downs. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say! Hit me up with your experiences, sad stories, and giggles in the comments below!

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20 Things You Learn About Life In Your 20s
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