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13 Cringe-worthy Signs You Are With A Dominating Girlfriend

The logic is simple, bro, if she is the one who handles the remote control, she also wears the pants at home! It is always her way coz the highway ain’t even an option! If you have got a dominating girlfriend, here are 13 signs you can relate to! And what do you do if can identify with each? Hmmm. Doesn’t she make all your life decisions? Ask her, godammit!

1. She plays the permission game

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So your buddies plan an all-boys weekend, and your next move is to buy some beers for the night. Who are we kidding?! Your next move is to ask for a clearance, a sanction, a bailout! Actually you have started refusing such invites because you know your dominating girlfriend is going to say no!

2. You are always at bag duty!

It does not matter who is paying for the things in the grocery bag, but it has been ordained that you shall be carrying them while ma’am looks into other important things like Criminal Case!

3. You are always wrong!

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Image source: gossipkatta

Let me shift the paradigm a little. She does not claim that she is always right, but since you are always wrong and she knows that, that makes her always right. Right?! 😛

4. The remote territory!

We need to understand this sign of a dominating girlfriend more closely. No matter who is watching the T.V. the remote control ‘belongs’, hear the word, BELONGS to her! It is her b*tch!

5. She is the decision maker

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Image source: Goodreads

Well, who decided that? She did, of course. Aren’t you listening, fella?!

6. You are expected to ‘help around’

She just had a girls’ night at her place, and she is hung over and tired after pulling an all-nighter, and you cannot even help clean up the mess? How selfish are you, man?! 😉

7. Her favorite word is ‘obey’

She does not care what obey means in the Oxford Dictionary. In her thesaurus, obey means “I make all the decisions and you nod.” She is simplifying things for you, buddy. And you are complaining about having to just nod??!!

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8. She gives you pocket money!

Isn’t that something to be happy about?! Yes, it is a portion of your own hard-earned salary but dude! She is helping you save for “your future”. Also, one fourth of your salary to spend only on yourself? Stop being grouchy, ok?!! By the way, get some milk and biscuits and oats and cornflakes on your way from office! ☺

9. She rules the bedroom rule game!

Do hell with, “My life. My choice.” “My Body. My Mood,” is the new thing, and she is the master of the game!

10. Sunday means rom-coms!

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Image source: notsorryfeminism

So that you are educated about all the things you should not expect from this relationship of yours. No romance and no comedy! She is getting you stronger for life where you don’t get what you want, you know! Also, action flicks? What are you like 12?

11. You are the one who has to apologize after every fight!

It is your fault, man, so of course you have to say sorry! Isn’t that only fair?! So what she called your mom a “horrible person”, huh?!

12. Boyfriend duties include bringing her breakfast in bed!

You got to be the maker and the server! You have been kept for a reason, kid! No wonder you have not left already! *smirk*

13. There is nothing personal in your life!

dominating girlfriend_New_Love_Times

Image source: storyalert

She checks your phone, your Whatsapp, your private messages, your Twitter account, your LinkedIn account, your Tinder acc… wh-a-a-a-t?!

This article was meant to empower all those guys who have a dominating girlfriend. Who am I kidding?! She is not dominating, she is only a controlling, dictating, and imposing woman, and you should leave… uh, love, her for that! 😉

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Article Name
13 Signs You Are With A Dominating Girlfriend
She is not a dominating girlfriend, she is only a controlling, dictating, and imposing woman, and you should leave… uh, love, her for that! ;)
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Riya Roy

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