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8 Unmistakable Signs She Is Most Definitely NOT A Keeper

Listen boys, listen. Here’s a piece of useful information.

Many of you who are in relationships are constantly riddled with worry and are wondering if the girl you are involved with is for keeps or not. There’s just a certain quality you perhaps dislike or like too much, yet you can’t make up your mind. Possibly, it’s her one annoying habit which can be overlooked, but then again, you aren’t a hundred percent sure.

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For starters, here are a few that are an absolute no-no!

Someone who chews with their mouth open. Eew!

Someone who talks with food in their mouth. God, no!

Someone who keeps talking during a football game. Run!

Someone who hates football. Run faster!

Well, that list could go on. We hear you bro, we do.

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But then these habits can also be overlooked, you could perhaps live with a girl who doesn’t follow football. But could you really live with someone who won’t let you watch the game at all? Maybe football isn’t a great example to begin with.

What we’re trying to say is that although there are certain qualities in a woman that are extremely annoying, you could still make-do with those qualities. But there are other things that you need to look out for to make sure that you aren’t getting swayed into something you’d regret later on in life.

Life is too short to spend it with the wrong person. And when you find the right person, you want to definitely hold on to them with your tightest grip, don’t you? So, how would you know that she’s a keeper? Maybe it isn’t very hard to know when she’s a keeper, but it could be tricky if you can’t figure out when she’s not.

Here are 8 signs that would tell you that she isn’t a keeper.

1. She’s an attention-seeking psycho

It’s cute when she wants attention, and you’re willing to give it to her. Those sweet nothings, heart emoticons, and holding hands on the street sure are cute and will make her go ‘awww,’ but you can’t do it every day, can you? Come on, don’t fool yourself; sometimes you hate doing it even on ‘some’ days, but you do it nonetheless. Expecting a certain amount of attention is alright, but who’s to say how much is allowed? We bet you know that very well. If your girl isn’t understanding and expects way too much from you, then she isn’t a keeper. Because one thing’s for sure, she won’t change, and you’ll have to put up with her drama for the rest of her life. Are you fine doing that?

2. Her insecurities are higher than her heels

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And no, we aren’t talking about women in stilettos. Those are sexy! We’re talking about women who are downright insecure, so much so that it makes them go crazy on the men they are dating. They constantly doubt their boyfriends, worry that they will get dumped, pick on them until they put up a fight, and simply create havoc for no reason! A woman who is insecure about herself will never be at peace with anything. She’ll always be doubting, worried sick, and will imagine the worst-case scenario – every single time. Nah, you don’t want to be with such a woman! What you need is a woman who is confident, who could handle herself at all times with ease and composure. You don’t want a nervous wreck thriving on insecurities. There are way too many things to worry about in life. Your insecure woman shouldn’t be one of them!

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3. Her chatter puts you to sleep

One of the first criteria of a good date is the fact that two people must be able to have and enjoy a good conversation. Yes, agreed, it isn’t always about the conversation. Sometimes sparks fly due to other reasons too! But, that’s the bare minimum. If she’s a keeper, her conversations are never going to bore you. Moreover, they’d attract you more. But when her constant chatter becomes background noise, or when she makes no sense at all, it’s time you re-think! It’s one thing to be a talkative girl, and it’s another to be talkative and interesting. If her jibber-jabber puts you to sleep, or worse, makes you want to tear your hair out in frustration, she isn’t the person you want to be with for the rest of your life.

4. She’s allergic to your family and/or friends

If a girl can’t accept your family or your friends who are probably the most important people in your life, she is never going to understand you. Dating such a girl would be your biggest mistake. Because she will simply ruin all your relationships, you will be caught in either trying to please your family/friends or pleasing her. Her love will thus be conditional. She doesn’t have to love your entire family and be crazy about your friends, but she sure must make an attempt to get to know them and be courteous to them. However, when she nags you about them, or doesn’t want to meet them or even tolerate their presence and importance in your life, you must take your cue and exit – stage right!

5. She is hard to please

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Occasionally, some women like to act prissy. That’s allowed, as long as it’s within certain reasonable grounds. But if wooing her and pleasing her is tougher than winning a Gold at the Olympics, you may want to reconsider this whole game. A girl who is hard to please always, sure could be classy. But at some point, she must meet you halfway. Else you’re going to struggle forever trying to win her heart and pleasing her. Because, no matter what you do, madam ain’t gonna be happy!

6. She has a GPS tracker on you

Well, this girl wants to know everything. Where you go, what you do, who you meet, what time you will be back home, what you ate and with whom, how many times you peed, and how many coffee breaks you took in a workday! When a girl like this enters your life, be assured that she isn’t going to leave your back that easily. Women who are as controlling and clingy as this don’t make for good partners. In a relationship, you should be allowed to have your space. After all, it’s your life. I’ve seen a few guy friends who are always giving live updates to their wives/girlfriends when they aren’t around. It’s pathetic; you don’t even get to enjoy that little distance from each other. Every relationship must have a little distance that allows the people in it to breathe. When your breathing space vanishes, contempt fills your heart. And that, my dear friend, is a recipe for disaster.

7. She calls the shots in your life

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Maybe sometimes you need help picking out a shirt, or a pair of loafers. But if a girl is controlling and tells you what to do always, it’s time you get the control back in your life. If she has been calling all the shots in your life, then you may end up feeling like a puppet. She doesn’t deserve to control you and make decisions on your behalf. Also, she can’t dictate terms to you. You are your own person, who can make decisions and life choices based on what you think is right for you.

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8. Her ‘independence’ depends on you

A girl who needs you for everything may be a damsel in distress. But a damsel in distress forever isn’t all that charming in the long run. In fact, it becomes quite tedious to rescue your girlfriend from everything – a spider to a pickup from her shopping trip because she has NEVER traveled via the public transport! Being independent is very important, regardless of a person’s gender, and if a woman can’t function on her own, she won’t be able to deal with life’s bigger problems later on. No matter what, her independence, or lack thereof, mustn’t and shouldn’t depend on you.

Knowing whether or not she’s a keeper would make it much easier for you to decide on how to take the relationship forward. These simple, yet effective, clues should help you decide if the girl you’re with is a keeper or not.

Sometimes, you simply know it. Other times, you have to look out for the signs. Some signs however, could be misleading. So, to know for sure, you have to keep your eyes and ears open. Finding the right girl is a little complicated, but it isn’t impossible. Just make sure you’re not with the wrong one!

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She's a Keeper - NOT! 8 Unmistakable Signs To Lookout For
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