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Awwwwww: 16 Little Things All Couples Fight About

What’s a perfect relationship without those silly little harmless fights, we so love to hate? Say whatever you will, but there’s something so special about the fun fights that are the soul of our everyday routines, that life in love could feel cannily incomplete without them. So, here’s to a celebration of the teeny tiny things all couples fight about and lovingly so…

Who thought a fight could be wrapped in so much LOVE…

1. Sleep on your left, right is mine – I’m always right!

couples fight_New_Love_Times

Image source: metro

Nothing’s cuter than fighting on which side of the bed you want to sleep on. Even when it’s always going to be beside them, you have this need to pull the trigger when he hogs your side and give him some time to switch sides, so he can be ‘loyally’ by your side! 😉

2. The control freak wars for the remote control

couples fight_New_Love_Times

Image source: itimes

The classic fighting over the remote control hasn’t gotten any older even today. Will it be the news, the match, or the daily soap, watch the next episode of couple fights to find out! 😛

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3. The ‘online’ crisis

couples fight_New_Love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

So, you’re online but too busy for a reply! This one can start out tiny and be nipped in the bud if the initial cues are paid heed! Or else….oopsie!

4. So, what’s going to be the order tonight?

couples fight_New_Love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

Chinese, Italian, or Indian?

You decide, I will have anything!

Chinese it is, baby!

Nah, I had it for lunch at work.

Italian then?

Nope, I should check the calories.


But that’s what we always have!

Then what do you want?

<wounded look> I don’t want anything- I’m going to bed!

And hunger strike! 😛

5. Choosing the radio channel while on the road

So many bands playing great music- arrgghh! As if deciding who’ll drive wasn’t hard enough on its own. Radio OFF, then!

6. Who’s going to get the door?

couples fight_New_Love_Times

Image source: moviefone

The timeless tragedy when someone decides to show up at your door, so early in the morning you have half a mind to tell the a*s it’s still night!

Knock knock – ‘You go, ‘No, you go!’..Knock knock –  ‘It’s your turn, I went the last time.’ ‘No, I did.’ ‘I said I did.’ ‘Whatever- I just won’t go every time!’- and SILENCE!

7. The morning madness of getting ready

Who gets the first shower? And, who will get the mirror? Oh!

8. Snuggle loves you better, go take him on the walk!

couples fight_New_Love_Times

Image source: gif-central

Who will take the dog out for a walk after a long day at work? What better way to decide this than by tiring each other even more by fighting over it- smooth! 😛

9. Going out to family functions

A terrorizing undertaking with way too many risks – ‘what are you wearing!,’ ‘Of course, you didn’t buy a present!’ And…’Okay, fine. Go alone!’ NOOO!!!

10. Who’s going to do the dishes and laundry this week?

couples fight_New_Love_Times

Image source: hilariousgifs

You, of course! But don’t give in without a solid fight. Coz they say every dog has its day, who knows when yours’ might be? Ha! 😛

11. Going out for the movies

Is it going to be the (diabetic-prone) sweetness of the chick flicks or the mind blowing (virtual) adventure of the action movies? Maybe just TV or Netflix again!

12. It’s your turn to take the trash out

couples fight_New_Love_Times

Image source: Giphy

Yuck, right! But you gotta do what you gotta do. And when the decisive moment comes right after her scary stare – there’s no hope for you anyway! 😛

13. The excessive with the exes – ouch!

couples fight_New_Love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

A scar that never heals- the blast from the past can stir up heated fights any time but as long as you have your –‘I’m just yours’ arrow in the quiver, these will be teeny tiny- and you SAFE!

14. Coming to an agreement with who’s looking better?

A fight with only one result – fine, you! <and a sulky face followed by a thousand apologies from the winner- you know the drill!>

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15. Switching off the lights

Ah, the horror! Once you are all cozy and warm in your bed, you can only fight over who’s going to switch the lights off until you tire yourself to sleep with the lights on! 😛

16. I love you more. NO! I do!!

couples fight_New_Love_Times

Image source: Giphy

Aww…this is the fight I’ll bet my everything nobody wants to win, but only pretends to want to win! Awwww, right?

Now that you know all the super-fantastic little things ALL couples fight about, you can switch the fighting on – don’t you ever stop!

Have a fight-y cute love story!

Featured image source: Pinterest

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Awwwwww: 16 Little Things All Couples Fight About
Couples fight for the littlest things, and it's A-Dorable!
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