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MOTHERS: 13 Types Of Mothers You Will Find Back Home

It is said that god made mothers because he couldn’t be everywhere.  It is true, a mother’s love knows no bounds, and she will fight for you and protect you like no one else does.

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The mothers in India take mothering to a whole extra level and you will agree with us when you identify these 13 types of mothers:

1. Sarcastic mom

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Image source: crushable

She uses sarcasm like a ninja sword, because she obviously cannot directly insult the apple of her eye!  Her acerbic wit will leave you speechless, kyunki kartoot hi aisi ki hai. 😀 You won’t know if she is complimenting you or daring you to repeat the same mistake. *confused*

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2. Data analyst

Your mother doesn’t need an excel sheet or data software to remind you of all the times you screwed up. She has all your offences listed in her head by category and frequency, and will throw those numbers in your face till you just want the earth to swallow you up!

3. Archaeologist

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Image source: Giphy

Gade murde ukhadna’ as they say. 😛 She is an expert at pulling skeletons out of the closet. When you insist that it’s the first time and has never happened before, she will pick out that one incident long ago and remind you how you have been a nincompoop all your life! ☹

4. Sleuth

Almost all women have a detective buried inside them and this personality comes out even stronger when one’s a mother. You cannot simply turn a new leaf or become studious or disciplined without her wondering the cause behind it. You better have covered your tracks by now! 😉

5. Self critic

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Image source: theodysseyonline

She will blame herself for everything that is wrong with you. You drink, she is to blame; you are too fat, she is to blame; you didn’t pass your exam, she is to blame! You can cry yourself hoarse to let her know it’s not her fault but she will believe your tear floods are also her mistake! :-/

6. The godfather/mother?

She will make you an offer you cannot refuse, well err, you cannot refuse her. Period. This type of mom will know your exact weak points and exploit them. She can blackmail you into shopping with her by not spilling the beans to dad. You cannot find a way out of this! NOPE.

7. Believer

Religion is a way of life for her, she packs you off in the morning and spends all her day doing pooja paath.  She cannot deal with you and your blasphemous actions, and doesn’t think twice in bringing God himself on earth when you err. ‘Hey bhagwan, isse sadbuddhi de’ is her constant refrain! ☺

8. Mother of a baby

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Image source: Tumblr

She just doesn’t accept that you are grown up now. She will still feed you with her own hands because you are her baccha! She will lay out your clothes for you, pick up after you and ensure you are well taken care of at all times.

9. Astrologer

This type can totally predict the ways you can go wrong even before you attempt something. Sure, it’s just her motherly protective instincts coming into play but you just wish you didn’t have to think so much and face all that negativity even before you start something.

10. ‘Emosonal’

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Image source: Tumblr

You performed really well in your exams; she is ready with sweets and tears of happiness in her eyes. You screw up and lie to your dad and she is ready with tears of sadness in her eyes. Her emotions play out an elaborate drama every time you do anything!

11. Bandit Queen

Okay maybe she won’t wield a gun but she will hit the daylights out of you with her chappal, jhadu aur bartan as she may please. She is one volatile person and you ensure that the area around is weapon free when telling her any bad news, else just run for your life!

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12. Yaar dost

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Image source: unzippedtv

Some lucky ones have chilled out moms. You can tell her about your crushes, your new boyfriend and go shopping with her. She is okay with you staying out as long as you tell her where you are even if it’s at a party at a friend’s place! And if by chance you do mess with her, she will treat you so well, you just want to kill yourself with guilt. :-/

13. Blame game player

types of mothers_New_Love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

Whatever your passion might be, she will blame everything in your life on that one thing and if she doesn’t find anything then the blame is on your phone. Your bike, your favorite sport, your friends, your shopping, anything is game in this blame fest!

How many of these do you see in yours’? 😉 😛

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MOTHERS: 13 Types Of Mothers You Will Find Back Home
Cool mom or crazy mom- which one from these types of mothers have you got?
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