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14 Amazing Beauty Tricks That Will Make Your Photos Better

Who doesn’t wish to look their beautiful-best in their pictures? I know you do! So, here I’ve got the perfect beauty tricks that’ll make you look better in the photographs before you know it. Enjoy!

best wedding photo 2015_New_Love_Times

Image source: Jordan Voth via Junebug Weddings

1. Start by testing and making sure of the lights and flash

Flash could turn even the slightest beauty issues into a nightmare. So, when you know it’s going to rain ‘clicks,’ better step out after a flash test! After all, what’s the harm in testing the light while you’re at it.

2. Add a little dreamy effect of your own

A simply amazing camera trick that needs just a piece of wax paper. Hold it in front of the flash (but out of the frame, of course) and what it’ll get you is the perfect soft-diffused finish with a ‘to-die-for’ filtered effect in the photo.

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3. The right angle could give you an edge for sure

best wedding photo 2015_New_Love_Times

Image source: Fer Juaristi via Junebug Weddings

Be it the angle of the camera, or that of your body, it makes a great difference. Use the tummy tuck – twist your shoulders diagonally towards the camera and don’t forget to straighten up the neck! Work your distance from the camera and never hold back from experimenting to find just the right camera angle!

4. Timing can work breathtaking wonders to your picture

You need to know both when and when not to press click for the picture-perfect look you are looking for. Trust me, you would want to escape ruining shadows of noon time over the flawless cool blue of dawn and the peachy warmth of dusk. Slight shadows = beyond-perfect picture recipe.

5. Don’t underestimate the magic the perfect background can play

White highlights your fabulous beauty while a messy background can draw the attention away. This little tip can make a great difference, believe me.

6. Take the frizz of the hair out of the frame

Use the brush for the clean princess finish or maybe not when  you’re going for the  naughty feel. It’s totally up to you!

7. Don’t forget your ears and neck while brightening up!

best wedding photo#10

Image source: Gabe McClintock via Junebug Weddings

We tend to pay extra attention to making our face look beautiful, but the camera focus sees it all. So, be sure to even the overall look by applying foundation on your neck and ears as well. The result will surprise you.

8. We’ll go ‘eye first’ when starting the makeup this time

The sprinkle of eye shadow can hamper the subtle consistency of your foundation, so it’s better to do the eye first and move to the face next. Saves you a great redo, trust me.

9. Let the lashes add a lavish mystery to your look

The perfect layers of mascara and the volume from the eyeliner adds a wide awake dreamy look to your eyes, bringing in the focus and making your blinks picture-perfect!

10. Make the most of your awesome eyebrows

A strong eyebrow is all you need for giving structure and definition to your look with professional perfection. So, make sure to fill out your brows!

11. Add a dimension to your face with a bronzer or blush

Contouring highlights your best features and creates the dramatic magnetism of facial shadows in photographs. So, make the most of it to achieve the picture perfection you dream of.

12. Forget ‘Cheese’ (you’re on diet, ha!), say ‘Money’ instead (it has a way of making you smile magically, doesn’t it?)

Ah, the sweetness your fabulous smile adds! Don’t hold it back, let your teeth show and your eyes crinkle; it’s going to be magical. The heavy ‘e’ of ‘money’ is going to do the trick, and you’ll fall in love with yourself in the photo, I bet!

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13. Add the final touch to your face with a masking tape

The stickiness of masking tapes is the perfect beauty tool. It captures all the rogue flecks of makeup off your face and soaks away the oils without spoiling your base makeup, saving you from getting hot spots with the flash (WOW!)

14. Make the photograph priceless with your picture-perfect confidence – and we’re done!

That’s the last ingredient in our recipe of picture-perfection – stay your fabulous self, it’s just a camera and the flash is not going to bite you! Look sharp, don’t fear, and you’ll be just awesome, I promise.

Featured image source: Jordan Voth via Junebug Weddings

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14 Beauty Tricks That Will Make Your Photos Better
Some handy beauty tricks that will do the trick, erm... for your photos, we mean! ;)
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