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15 Charts That Explain Women’s Shopping Woes

You love fashion, but shopping is more of a struggle for you? We feel you, darling, because we are in the same boat! Between fluorescent dressing-rooms, which make you look pretty as hell to feeling weird pressures to buy yet another piece of clothing that you will never put on (the clothes were begging me to take them home, I promise!), shopping seems more of a chore than a treat! To top this, there are aggressive sales, the mathematics of which is Greek to us! We’d rather consume fashion in front of our Mac screens, but that’s a different saga!

Here are 15 charts that best explain a woman’s shopping woes!

1. The store doesn’t have your size

shopping woes_New_Love_Times

That’s why we love buying shoes! Shoes don’t discriminate!

2. Lost in transit?

shopping woes_New_Love_Times

Why me, God? Why me?!

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3. What happens when you go lingerie shopping

shopping woes_New_Love_Times

The satisfaction bit happened when you bought your first bra for ‘things’ that were yet to grow!

4. Annoying salespersons hitting on you

shopping woes_New_Love_Times

And how do they fall off the face of the earth when I want them to bring a larger size?!!

5. If money were no object!

shopping woes_New_Love_Times

Admit it, you have clicked mirror pictures of all the clothes tried and so there was no point of buying them! 😉

6. Ending up buying things we’ll never wear

shopping woes_New_Love_Times

And hence we never have anything to wear!!!

7. Peer pressure

shopping woes_New_Love_Times

We are consistent when it comes to purchasing cr*p, with or without you!

8. How you look in the dressing room vs how you look at home  

shopping woes_New_Love_Times

In the first case, you are admiring yourself and how the dress flatters you. In the second, you are shocked that you were duped by the fluorescent light for the nth time!

9. What we like vs what’s on sale

shopping woes_New_Love_Times

The moon has never shone down on me!

10. Come ‘sale’ or shine!

shopping woes_New_Love_Times

You go to the mall because there’s a sale going on and end up buying everything from the lot that’s not on sale!

11. Whatever you buy today goes on sale the next day!

shopping woes_New_Love_Times

You suck at timing!

12. End up buying same thing over and over again
shopping woes_New_Love_Times

Though we wouldn’t confess to that!

13. Things getting erased from the cart       shopping woes_New_Love_Times

This is when you feel suicidal!

14. Black is the new black!

shopping woes_New_Love_Times

The only colour there is and will be!

shopping woes_New_Love_Times

No, that’s not black. It’s the darkest shade of blue!

15. Not giving up, are we?

shopping woes_New_Love_Times

Because shopping is our catharsis!

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Article Name
15 Charts That Explain Women's Shopping Woes
Because shopping is catharsis... and only a woman can understand her shopping woes
Riya Roy

Riya Roy

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