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Shop Till You Drop: 10 Iconic Indian Street Shopping Markets Every Shopaholic Must Know

Hey all you people out there, want to go on a shopping spree? Listed below are 10 iconic Indian street markets for the shopaholic in you. What’s more- most of these places won’t burn a hole in your pocket. With such amazing places all over India, what are you people waiting for? Get, set, shop!

1. New Market, Kolkata

street shopping markets_New_love_Times

Image source: maamatimanush

Okay people, since I hail from Kolkata, I have my own reasons for keeping New Market at the top of the list. Spread over a large area, there is nothing in the world you won’t get here. And yes, try your bargaining skills because trust me a product worth INR 100 can come down to INR 20 (if you know what you are doing).

And afterwards, hog on puchkas! YUMMMM!

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2. Sarojini Nagar, Delhi

street shopping markets_New_love_Times

Image source: scoopwhoop

When a Delhiite proudly claims “Chadda uncle New York se Rado ki watch laaye hai mere liye” you should understand that it is a watch worth 200 bought from Sarojini Nagar. A shopper’s paradise for fashion freaks, SN is a true delight when it comes to latest trends. The unbelievably affordable price of stuff is like a cherry on the cake.

Plus dahi bhalle and chhole bhature life mein aur kya chahiye?

3. Colaba Causeway, Mumbai

street shopping markets_New_love_Times

Image source: mapsofindia

Mumbai is all about fashion and Colaba Causeway will give you a chance to wear it like a true-blue fashionista. The market has an unparalleled collection of junk jewellery. Also, bags, purses, footwear and everything that would make a fashion-forward chick go crazy is available and how. Make sure to visit the place when you hit the Mumbai nagariya. Can’t promise about the other dreams, but wearing everything that makes you look like a dazzling diva sure will- courtesy Colaba Causeway!

Also, sev puri!

4. Laad Bazaar, Hyderabad

street shopping markets_New_love_Times

Image source: inditales

street shopping markets_New_love_Times

Image source: trekhub

For all the girls with gori kalaiyaan-s yearning for hari hari churiyaan, rev up to drool over the collection of bangles here. It is an old market for jewelry and people make sure to get their wedding shopping done from here. Yeah, go on, sing it- you know you want to..

Also, biryani! *hunger pangs*

5. Hazratganj, Lucknow

street shopping markets_New_love_Times

Image source: beehappytravel

Housed in the heart of the city, Hazratganj is the type of market people usually demand these days. With local shops, eateries and shopping complexes placed all together, you can continue to shop till you drop. The finest quality of Chikan cloth is available here.

And Lucknow gaye- aur lazeez khana nahi khaya? Aisa kaise, right?

6. Bapu Bazaar, Jaipur

street shopping markets_New_love_Times

Image source: fa-jul

If the earth houses an ultimate one-stop destination for all your shopping needs, this is it! From authentic Rajasthani items to modern outfits and accessories, you will find everything in the lanes of Bapu Bazaar. Do not forget to pick bandhani saris and kurtis and do not forget to bargain! You are sure to transform into a Rajasthani chhori once you step into this arena.

Plus, ghevar… how have you not tried that yet?

7. Lokhandwala Market, Mumbai

street shopping markets_New_love_Times

Image source: blackispink

Why fret over the insanely expensive Steve Madden or Jimmy Choo you had your heart set on when you can bag a lookalike (almost) in about 2% of the cost- even less if you bargain! From footwear to jewellery and outfits, you will find all your heart’s desires here and stand the risk of forgetting you got to leave.

Also, the streets are lined up with delicious mouth watering food stalls.

8. Commercial Street, Bangalore

street shopping markets_New_love_Times

Image source: makemytrip

All those people who are in search of the perfect blend of flea market and branded stores, Commercial Street is the place you should barge in at. If you are not a shopping freak, but you are dragged along by a friend for company, you can have the eating joints to direct your energies toward. Win-win, no?

9. Mall Road, Darjeeling

street shopping markets_New_love_Times

Image source: makemytrip

Mall Road is a shopper’s haven and you will hear about the place from everyone  who visits Darjeeling. Shops are stacked on both sides of the street and traditional Sikkimese outfits are a hot favorite of the tourists. There are numerous restaurants, antique shops, boutiques and bakeries here and you will end up loading a lot on and in yourself! 😉

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10. Janpath, Delhi


Image source: style.time

Known mostly for its expansive range of traditional outfits, Janpath is the spot-on market for all kinds of clothing. There are varied antique shops and stalls selling incense sticks. There are, on the other end, a number of shops selling junk jewelry and bags. The footwear zone is a dream come true for most street shopping maniacs. But make sure to polish your bargaining skills before you step foot here and you can rule the shopping zone.

Featured image source: trekhub

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10 Iconic Indian Street Shopping Markets For Every Shopaholic
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