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Say It With Sapphires: 15 Stunning Sapphire Engagement Rings To Pop The Big Question

Men, listen up- sapphires are a girl’s new BFF!

Yep, diamonds are old buddies – at best, hanging out with sapphires lately to give your girl the best of both worlds. And if you are on your way to become en fiancéed and keep abreast of the latest jewelry trends, you’d know that these precious darlas are all the rage! And no, I am not just talking of the blue gems- which TBH, take us women FAR, FAR away from feeling ‘blue!’ 😛

engagement ring2

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

But there are a ton of other stunning sapphire engagement rings available in hues you’d not known existed. From peach, teal and aquamarine to tea green, frosty pink and jasmine green- sapphire engagement rings are the IT-thing to pop the big question and melt her heart in a warm mush-poodle of a big, fat YES! Perhaps, as big and fat as the sparkler you hold! 😉

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So, check out some of the most stunning sapphire engagement rings to pop the big question with. We bet these’d get you a big, fat 24-carat YES:

1. Pink sapphires, amethyst and diamond engagement ring set in yellow gold

Pink sapphires. amethyst and diamond ring

Image source: Vogue

This is perhaps, one of those fusion pieces that are too stunning to miss. The rich color contrast, the dazzling brilliance of the gems and the unconventional design and form are sure to capture the attention of one and all. Just put it on her ring finger already, will you?

2. Cushion-shaped blue sapphire lined with diamonds, set in platinum

cushion shaped sapphire and diamond ring

Image source: Pinterest

As close as one could get to Kate Middleton, huh? 😉 Nonetheless, this stunning 1950’s inspired vintage style cushion-shaped 21.30 carat blue sapphire ring adorned in single cut 5.7 carat diamonds set in platinum is a surefire winner!

3. An unconventional sapphire engagement band set in yellow gold

gold sapphire ring

Image source: Pinterest

This statement wide gold engagement ring is a choice for those brides-to-be who aren’t afraid to flout the rules and stand out! An engagement band with coral blue sapphires set in yellow gold, this nature-inspired piece is the choice for the fashion-forward bride!

4. A fluted diamond and sapphire crusted platinum engagement ring

fluted platinum, diamond and sapphire ring

Image source: Pinterest

For the fearless who aren’t afraid to break all boundaries and go with their heart, this niche-design inspired by the Elizabethan collar features a fluted platinum form dotted with diamonds and sapphires in its folds! For the one who can own it like the queen!

5. A 3-tier heart-shaped sapphire and diamond engagement ring, set in white gold

sapphire heart-shaped ring

Image source: Pinterest

What better to win a heart than the heart itself? And is Lady Gaga has set the trend, hordes are bound to follow. This unique sapphire and diamond three-tier ring set in white gold is a novel piece that radiates romance in every carat!

6. A pastel pink sapphire block engagement ring, set in palladium

pink sapphire ring

Image source: Pinterest

A pastel pink sapphire block ring- for the unconventional couple- this novel palladium piece shall is an eye-popping delight to behold and an even better one to own and wear!

7. The pink sapphire and diamond bloom engagement band

pink sapphire bloom ring

Image source: Pinterest

Featuring over 282 carats of sapphires as flower heads and 25 brilliant single-cut diamonds, this spring-inspired pink bloom band was meant to be a part of the Red carpet collection for Cannes and will surely fetch you the YES you await with abated breath!

8. The classic rectangle cut blue sapphire ring, with circumference diamond dots, set in white gold

 sapphire rectangle cut ring

Image source: Pinterest

This Juessi Louesalmi piece is a novel modish take on the classic design and blends the best of both worlds. With a rectangle cut sapphire set in the middle, this one has a line of diamonds dotted on the edge of the ring, thereby making it a statement piece that holds out on its own.

9. Sapphire and diamond Trombino ring, set in platinum

sapphire and diamond ring

Image source: Pinterest

The sapphire and diamond Trombino ring is a modish take on the regal counterparts and screams beauty in all its features. Seriously, what’s not to love about this beauty?

10. The pink sapphire engagement band, set in rose gold

rose gold and pink sapphire rings

Image source: Pinterest

This Dana Rebecca ring in 14K rose gold and pink sapphires is one of the pinkiest ways I know to put some bling on the finger alongside her pinky and a big, wide smile on her lips! This one is a true dazzler!

11. The eternal sapphire and diamond wedding band

sapphire and diamond wedding eternity band

Image source: Pinterest

For people who believe that these wedding bands are timeless, we have a stunning fusion of diamonds and sapphires sitting right here! A handcrafted piece with 3.51 carats of round sapphires and 0.56 carats of brilliant diamond rounds set in platinum, this one truly is ‘forever.’

12. The pink sapphire and diamond garden ring, set in rose gold

 pink sapphire in rose gold

Image source: Pinterest

This one from Pintergems is a luxe niche item that features a pink sapphire at its center and has an ornate garden of round diamond and pink sapphire blooms around it. Set in rose gold, this one is a striking piece that just needs one look for a YES!

13. The royal sapphire ring in a platinum, diamond ring

sapphire royal

Image source: Pinterest

A truly royal piece that has a stunning sapphire sitting in the middle and an array of brilliant diamonds sitting all about- this one is a true emblem of sophistication, grace and elegance!

14. The trendy blue sapphire engagement ring in a unique setting of diamonds in platinum

unique setting of sapphire and diamonds

Image source: Pinterest

Coz the unique setting of this dazzling beauty shall win you twice over! There’s really nothing to say. <looking at the ring still>

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15. The classic green sapphire ring in yellow gold

 green sapphire ring

Image source: Pinterest

A natural green sapphire engagement ring of the vintage-style, cut out in 14k and yellow gold, this one is reminiscent of an old-world charm and is best suited for the traditionalists-at-heart couples!

Found the perfect ring for your girl yet? 😉

Featured image source: Pinterest

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15 Stunning Sapphire Engagement Rings To Pop The Big Question
If you're planning to pop the question, go for one of these stunning sapphire engagement rings instead of the traditional diamond ring.
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