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Your Complete Guide On Choosing A Bridesmaid Dress

When it comes to weddings, we all want to look our best. If you are a bridesmaid, then you should pay extra attention to your attire. After all, you would be standing right next to the bride as she would say her vows. The first thing that a bridesmaid should focus on is finding the perfect dress. While it might sound easy, choosing a bridesmaid dress can be quite time-consuming.

These days, there are so many options for bridesmaids that it often leaves them confused in the end. You don’t want to wear something forgetful, but you don’t wish to outdo the bride at the same time. Don’t worry – we are here to help you pick that perfect outfit.

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What’s the expected budget?

First things first – you need to set a budget for the dress. Since all the bridesmaids are expected to have matching dresses, you should talk to other girls to fix a budget. Ideally, it is not recommended to get an overly expensive dress as it can burden others. If you want to get a designer dress, but are running low on budget, then you can also rent a dress instead of buying it. Though, if you know you might wear the dress in the future (apart from the wedding), then you can raise your budget a bit.

It’s all about the timing!

In order to get the right dress, you need to consider the time of the year and the ongoing season. Winter dresses are usually a bit bulky and might come with a detachable jacket as well. On the other hand, summer dresses are usually shorter and made of lightweight fabrics. Also, if you are going with a custom dress, then prepare everything in advance. You should have your dress at least a month before the wedding for some alterations.

Picking the right colors

Once you know the fit, focus on the preferable shades. While pastel shades are evergreen, you should pay attention to the ongoing trends, the season, and the venue. If the wedding is in summers, then you can pick bright colors like yellow, orange, or lime. Winter weddings are usually based on white, gray, blue, and platinum shades. Furthermore, ask other girls about their preference. Some might not like to dress in particular colors. Consider your own color choices as well to pick the right shade that would go with the season and your taste.

Consider body types and shapes

While choosing a bridesmaid dress, a lot of people overlook this important factor. What looks good on someone else might not be the best choice for you. Keep in mind the body type and shape of all the girls right from the start to avoid any confusion. A lot of girls these days decide on a common shade and fabrics and later go with their own style. This maintains uniformity among the group while still giving them individual choices to customize their dresses.

12 Bridesmaid Dress Trends to Watch

Now when you have decided a budget, the preferred shades, fabric, and other important things, you can easily choose the right dress. Here are some popular trends of this season that you can consider.

  1. Black and White

Classy and timeless, this will give some major squad goals to others. If you are prepping for a winter or fall wedding, then consider going with this surefire option. Black is something that goes well with everything and all the other girls would love to get a new dress of this everlasting shade. Trust me – you can’t get things wrong with a black dress.

  1. Deep Burgundy

It is the color of love, which makes it perfect for a wedding. Show your affection for the couple with a batch of solid burgundy dresses. Instead of wearing identical dresses, try to stylize them in different ways. A long burgundy dress will go perfectly with the occasion and you would even love to wear it on a date afterward as well.

  1. One Shoulder Dresses

One shoulder dresses are the latest trends in bridal wear that you should not miss. Getting an asymmetric one shoulder dress with a bouquet on the other hand will certainly create an everlasting statement. Once you have decided the shape of the dress, you can easily go with a preferred shade and further explore your choices.

  1. Red and Navy

If you are a patriot, then you should certainly look out for this bridal trend. Get your bridesmaids to dress in deep red while the groomsmen can wear navy tuxedos. It would make a fabulous combination in the pictures and will look soothing to the eyes as well. The bride and the groom would be able to stand out in their signature colors.

  1. Knee-length Coral Dresses

For all those girls who are crushing on the coral shade these days, this would be a perfect pick. The shade depicts love, hope, and new beginnings, which makes it so ideal for the occasion. It will look great on a summer wedding reception and would certainly be quite different from the lot.

  1. Mix and Match!

If you all are running short on time and can’t seem to agree on a single shade, then why not mix and match things a bit. The group can split in pairs of two and get matching dresses. You all can get your own dresses as well and later blend them together with the right styling. Just make sure that the entire group would maintain a similar theme and tone. While the colors and fitting can be different, settle on some common grounds beforehand.

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  1. Be inspired by earthy shades

There is a whole spectrum of earthy shades that you can explore. These gorgeous hues are gradually picking up and are considered the “it” trend in bridal fashion these days. If the wedding party is outdoors, then you would love to flaunt a solid earthy toned dress for sure.

  1. The Bliss of Blue

When nothing else seems to work, simply go with a classy blue dress. There is nothing like a long light blue or lavender dress on a winter afternoon. If the wedding is outside, then go with a lighter shade. If the ceremony is inside or has a formal setting, then you can pick a darker shade or even go with a navy gown. Not only will it look classy, it can also be worn on other occasions as well.

  1. Spring Yellow Charm

Spring weddings certainly have a unique charm. Though, you might have limited options if the wedding ceremony would take place outside. We would recommend going with a bright yellow as a failsafe option. Besides that, you can also try an orange or lime attire as well. A spring yellow dress comes with a certain charm that you would adore for sure.

  1. Metallic Gray

Winter weddings have a dreamy appeal to them. While you can’t go with a bright color on a winter evening reception, it doesn’t mean that you can’t try something unique and exciting. There are tons of metallic shades like bronze, platinum, and gray that you can consider. Metallic gray dresses are making a comeback and will certainly compliment the white shade of the bride’s gown as well.

  1. Short, Strapless, Sassy Dresses

We know that a short, strapless, and sassy dress is every girl’s dream bridesmaid dress. Don’t stop yourself and get your gang matching strapless short dresses. It would impart a vibrant touch to the ceremony as well. They would look fabulous on a summer wedding and can be worn afterward as well on any other occasion.

  1. The Evergreen Pastels

Last, but most importantly, never take the power of pastel shades for granted. After all, there is a reason why they have been dominating the bridal fashion for years. If you think choosing a bridesmaid dress is a tough job, then enter the world of pastel shades. I’m sure the entire group would be able to settle with at least one pastel tone. If not, simply pick different pastel shades and come up with your own rendition. 

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Beyond the Dress

Finding the right bridesmaid dress is only a battle half won. Now, you need to get the perfect shoes and matching jewelry for your dress as well. Also, don’t forget to have the right makeup and hair to go well with your dress. This will bring out the best of your dress and you would be the best companion to the bride on her special day. Don’t leave things for the last minute. Make sure that you have already completed the alterations and keep all the accessories handy to save time on the wedding day.

I’m sure that after reading our crisp guide, you would be able to choose the perfect bridesmaid dress like a pro. If you have a tip or a piece of advice for other to-be bridesmaids out there about picking the right dress, then drop a comment before and feel free to share it with the rest of us.

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Your Complete Guide On Choosing A Bridesmaid Dress
While it might sound easy, choosing a bridesmaid dress can be quite time-consuming. Don’t worry – we are here to help you pick that perfect outfit.
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