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15 Surefire Tips To Make Him Want You, And ONLY You!

So you’re dating the greatest guy ever. He makes you feel like a million bucks, and you feel that the two of you are a perfect fit. Now you’re wondering how to make it last.

The beginning of a relationship is always filled with passion and new experiences together, and it’s easy to be infatuated with a person and want them all the time. But is that sustainable? It seems to be the general consensus that men are sexual beasts who can’t be trusted to be loyal — apparently, monogamy is not for them; they get bored easily. But that’s too far from the truth! It’s been proven that men aren’t averse to monogamy at all. You shouldn’t be worried that your man will run away from anything long term just because he’s wired that way.

However, it’s important to understand that men are very different from us women. Everything from the way they think, the way they understand and react to situations, what makes them tick — it’s different and something girls are unfamiliar with.

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You don’t want him to lose interest or get bored. You want him to think your relationship with him is worth it, so that he is not reluctant to work at it. And most importantly, you want him to think about you all the time, to want you so much it drives him crazy, to ache for you. Well, believe me, after you follow these pointers on how to make him want you, that won’t be a problem for you at all!

Here are 15 surefire ways that will end your quest on how to make him want you. Let’s start!

1. Don’t be high maintenance

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That’s not attractive at all! If you come across as a person who needs a lot to be happy, you may be turning more people off than you think. No one likes materialism. If your guy looks at you and thinks your beauty is manufactured, or money is all that matters to you, he’s not going to want to commit. Too many demands can be intimidating. Also, if it’s not a special evening out, don’t be afraid to go natural. He’ll appreciate that he’s seeing the real you.

2. Don’t be clingy

Give him his space. He shouldn’t feel like you’re limiting or oppressing him. Let him be himself, and don’t be whiny when he wants alone time or wants to go out with his friends. You should be the cool girlfriend! We’re not saying you should pretend you don’t care at all, but maybe tone it down, especially in the initial stages.

3. Compliment him

Men love to be praised too! They don’t get compliments very often, so the rare compliment means a lot to them. Appreciate your guy when he’s doing something nice. Tell him he looks amazing when he dresses up a little. If you reinforce that you’ve got the hots for him, it’ll intensify feelings from his side too. It’ll make it clear to him that he’s someone you care about. Don’t say generic stuff like, “You’re nice,” though. Try to be as specific as possible; appreciate him for his particular qualities. Make him feel like a hero.

4. Be nice to his friends and family

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If the other important people in his life like you, he’ll respect you even more. So be nice to his friends, even if they’re being obnoxious. That might just be their way of showing affection! Try not to take things too personally. And if and when he makes you meet his parents or siblings, be sure to be on your best behavior, not just to impress them, but as a general rule. He definitely won’t like it if you’re cold to the people in his life. You don’t want him to have to stick up for them against you, do you?

5. Be confident

This is immensely important! You have to be comfortable in your own skin. No one wants to date an insecure girl who’s constantly doubting herself. Confidence is very, very attractive. So be in control; don’t give in all the time. Hold your own! You don’t have to act like you own the place — just like you don’t care who does. And be positive about yourself. Let your personality shine through, and he won’t be able to look away.

6. Don’t be too possessive


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It’s flattering when someone cares enough to be jealous, but only till a limit. After a point, it gets tedious and you feel oppressed. Give them the benefit of the doubt — they’re with you because they want to be. Try not to be jealous and suspicious, even though that can be tough. This means no stopping him from talking to his pretty co-worker or snooping through his text messages. He’ll start hiding things from you if he knows you’ll overreact to innocuous stuff.

7. Dress up

Who doesn’t love it when their woman gets dolled up for them? Wear clothes that accentuate your body type — maybe buy a few dresses that cling at the right places. He’ll be speechless when he sees you, and will definitely appreciate the effort his stunner girlfriend put in for him. Wear something you wouldn’t wear normally. Seeing you in something new will definitely make him notice you more, and you’ll feel really sexy yourself. Win-win situation.

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8. Be yourself

Yep! If you can’t be yourself with your partner, then what’s the use of you even being in a relationship?

9. Touch him

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Men are very responsive to casual little touches. It makes a huge difference. If he’s the one always kissing you, take initiative sometimes. Nudge him with your elbow. Touch his forearm while talking. Brush against him while walking past (this one is a winner). He’ll be left longing for more physical contact, and won’t be able to stop thinking about you. Basically, keep his interest piqued.

10. Don’t be available all the time

Now, we’re not saying you should constantly indulge in the tedious game of playing hard to get. That should stop once the flirting stage of your relationship is over. But it’s important to not come across as desperate either. If you’ve noticed that you’re the one who always calls, maybe back off a bit. Make plans with a friend. Remember that old adage that says, when you take a step back, if the other person is involved and interested, they will take a step forward. Well, that’s really true. Give him a chance to take a step forward!

11. Be spontaneous and exciting

Don’t get caught up in routine. Monotony can be really exhausting and suffocating. So keep doing new things and having new experiences together. Don’t be the movie and dinner type of boring couple. Surprise him with some new tricks in the bedroom, or plan an impromptu weekend getaway. You don’t want to be an average person — to be truly attractive to him, you should be someone other people want to be around too. In short, keep things interesting!

12. Pay attention to what he likes

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Don’t pretend to know about his hobbies if you don’t, but definitely take an interest in them. You want him to feel that he can be with you and still do everything he loves, and that you’re not going to stop him. If you ask questions about the things he likes, or read up on your own, he’ll feel incredibly special because the effort you’re putting in for him will make it obvious that you genuinely care. So maybe play Call of Duty with him sometime, or watch the tennis games he’s obsessed with. It’ll be fun!

13. Don’t try too hard

It can be easy to go overboard when you really like someone. Don’t do that; it may be too much for someone to handle at once. It’s important that you show that you’re into him, yes, but it shouldn’t be that you’re constantly chasing him or doing too much to show him you care. You may really wish for him to want you a lot more than he does, but there are subtler ways to go about it. Be cool!

14. Have your own life

Make sure that you don’t make your relationship your entire life. You should have passions beyond it. If you already have hobbies, great, indulge in them more often. Don’t really know how to spend free time alone? Explore! Check out some recipes online and try your hand at cooking, or join a dancing class and feel rejuvenated. Something, anything. It’s only when you’re not constantly around will he get the chance to miss you, after all. So have other priorities too!

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15. Make him feel wanted!

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This is the last and perhaps the most important way to achieve what you want. It’s simple: you make it obvious that you want him, and make him feel desired, and he’ll want you, too. The rule of reciprocity. Let him know, through your body language, your words, and your actions, that you think he’s really attractive, inside and out. Do small things for him, leave him little notes. This might seem contradictory to not trying too hard, but it’s all about finding a happy medium.

If you want your man to stay, you need to acquaint yourself with his thought process. We hope these tips on how to make him want you (and only you) helped you!

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