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10 New Ways To Say ‘I Love You’ To Your Partner

The three most apparently romantic words “I love you” have been misused to the extent that when someone says that to their better half, the latter barely seems to believe it. The words “I love you” have become generic, jaded, overused, and even at times abused. Because of such misuse, the words have lost their true meaning, so if you are planning to make her feel special, you have to find alternative ways of telling her that you love her.

Here are some other alternatives you can check out when you are trying to tell her how you really feel instead of just telling her you love her.

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1. You make me a better person

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When you love a person, you do so with the expectation that you will bring about positive change in them and vice versa. There are several ways in which she can find out whether you have changed for the better or for the worse after being with her, but there is no better way than you telling her yourself that you feel like being a better person for her sake. Also, you would only want to change yourself and become better a better individual for the people you love dearly..Therefore, telling them that they make you want to be a better person for their sake is one of the most endearing and romantic ways in which you can tell them that you love them.

2. I can’t wait to see you again!

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No matter how long the two of you have been together, it is important to crave each other’s presence when you are apart. However, it is not possible to be with each other 24/7. Separations, whether they are for short or long periods, are inevitable. Hence, when such occasion arises, you have to tell her that you miss her so that she knows that you still value her presence even after spending so much time together.

3. You’re the funniest person ever!

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Humour is essential in any relationship. Now, whether that humour is bad or good is a very subjective decision that you can take collectively as a couple. It is very important that you know how to make each other laugh, which is the most explicit sign that you bring joy into each other’s lives. One of the best ways to say “I love you” is to tell her that she is funny and that she still never fails to crack you up with her jokes, wit, antics and idiosyncrasies. This might seem trivial, but it will mean the world to her.

4. I wish I could spend all my time with you

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You may not mean this literally, but the fact remains that you would love it if you could spend all of your time with your girlfriend. After all, you would only want to spend all your time with the person you love so completely that their company would never get boring, no matter how much you talked or spent time with them. What better way to tell her you love her?

5. You grow more beautiful everyday

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If you think simple telling her you love her is not enough, you can always tell her what you feel about the way she looks. Girls may act all coy and dismissive when it comes to compliments about their looks, but in reality there is no better boost to someone’s confidence than to have the person closest to them compliment them from time to time. Even if she hasn’t dressed up at all or has just woken up with groggy eyes, telling her that she looks beautiful will make her day. When you tell her that she grows more beautiful in your eyes every single day that you spend with her, she feels incredibly loved and coveted.

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6. I am proud of you!

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It is subtle compliments like these that truly convey how much you love her without actually saying, “I love you.” Telling her that you are proud of everything she has achieved, whether it is eating salad for a week or working her way up in her workplace, tells her that you have noticed her struggle and acknowledged her ability to overcome it. Even if she hasn’t achieved anything concrete, you can tell her that you are proud of the person that she is and that you are in turn proud to call her your girlfriend.

7. Do you want to go out with me?

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The moment you start losing the initial spark in your relationship after spending too much time together, that is when you start taking each other for granted. Just because you have been dating for a really long time or even if you are married, doesn’t mean that you should not go out for dates and hang out together. When you ask your better half out, it means that you are still willing to spend quality time together, even though you know that there is no need to impress her anymore. Whether it is for a movie or for a proper restaurant date, asking her out is one of the most romantic and understated way of telling her that you love her.

8. You’re the best thing that happened to me!

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A relationship is all about love, respect, and not having any regrets. These are also the things you feel when you are with a person you are irrevocably in love with. Sometimes, simply saying “I love you” is not enough to convey everything that you feel for the other person, and you have to say something more heartfelt in order to make them understand how important they are in your life. Telling them that they are the best thing that ever happened to you is something both romantic and important because it is an all-encompassing statement. It tells them that you can say, with absolute certainty, that they have definitely changed your life for the better.

9. I trust you with my life

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Trust is probably more important than love when it comes to a relationship between two individuals. It is impossible to love a person if you don’t trust them. Similarly, it is impossible to trust someone you don’t love. There is nothing more precious and more important to us than our lives, and that is an objective statement that no one can deny. When you start trusting someone with your life, when you can blindly put faith on them and know that they are not going to hurt you, they become an integral and indispensable part of your life. To let them know how much you love them in profound yet simple terms, you can tell them that you trust them with your life because that will convey the amount of faith that you have in them and your relationship.

10. I am there for you

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Showing support is one of the best ways in which you can tell your partner that you love her. Because that is essentially what love is all about, telling the other person that you are there for them no matter what. Telling her that you’ve got her back no matter wherever she ventures off to (literally and metaphorically) expresses your feelings more eloquently than what a simple “I love you” could possibly do.

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Saying I love you has become a common thing now, and it has suffered from the consequences of overuse. Yes, it is still special when someone says it to you, but after some time, you just expect them to say it over and over and then the words lose the depth of emotion that they previously possessed.

Nothing in the world can truly replace those three words, but instead of telling her you love her, try telling her these 10 things and see how her face lights up, making her day just that much more beautiful!

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Instead Of Telling Her You Love Her, Tell Her These 10 Things
Saying I love you to your partner is cliched. Instead of telling her you love her, tell her these 10 things and see her smile that special smile!
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