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16 Incredible Health, Skin, And Hair Benefits Of Rosewater That Makes It Indispensable

Even though roses are considered one of the most iconic symbols of the expressions of love, they also have a number of lesser known health benefits. Especially in South Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Malaysia, people have been using the essence of roses for multiple purposes, starting from grooming to culinary practises. This is because of the extensive benefits of rosewater that we are going to learn about here.

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Rosewater has a host of benefits not only for the skin and the stomach, but also for your hair, your eyes and almost every other body part that needs taking care of. In addition to that, roses also smell amazing, as does rosewater, which makes it one of the most pleasant inclusions in your daily self-care routine. Here are some of the most fascinating benefits of rosewater that will convince you that it is truly indispensible.

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1. Getting rid of acne

One of the most common uses of rosewater in tropical countries is to get rid of acne. Rosewater can help reduce the inflammation caused due to acne, and the antiseptic properties can prevent them from occurring again. It also prevents acne from scarring your face, and has a cooling effect on the skin.

2. Anti-ageing agent

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Rosewater is rich in antioxidants which can help keep your skin youthful and firm. It prevents fine lines from appearing, which makes your face and skin look old, prematurely. The vitamins in rosewater also contribute towards making you look fresh and youthful. All you need to do is wash you r face with rosewater twice a day, for the miracle essence to work its magic.

3. Cures puffy and tired eyes

Rosewater, unlike a number of other chemical and cosmetic products can have immediate effect on problems like puffy eyes. If you wake up with puffy eyes, dark circles and tired eyes soak a cotton ball in rosewater and let it rest on your eyes for 10 minutes. You will emerge with fresh, bright eyes with no trace of dark circles. It works better when the rose water is chilled, so if you have rosewater, make sure to always store it in the fridge.

4. Skin hydrating properties

Rosewater is a soothing, natural moisturizer that reinvigorates your skin by restoring moisture to it when it is dehydrated. It can also smoothen your skin, when the dehydrating causes wrinkles and fine lines to appear. The hydrating properties of water mixed with the natural Vitamins and antioxidants that are present in roses act as the best natural moisturizer for your skin.

5. Rosewater benefits pregnancy

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Pregnant women have to be very careful about the things they eat and drink. Rosewater is an excellent and highly safe natural, herbal product that women can use and consume during their pregnancy. It helps in healing a number of side effects that occur during pregnancy like heat strokes, acne, cramps, saggy, skin, stretch marks, nausea and much more. It gives the expectant mother overall good health and has a soothing effect on the body when it is stressed up.

6. Healing scars and wounds

Rosewater has some great antibacterial properties, which is much more effective and soothing that medicines and ointments that you get in drug stores and cosmetic stores. These antibacterial properties together with the anti-inflammatory properties can help in soothing the area which has been wounded, and can help scars and wounds disappear without leaving a permanent mark on the skin.

7. Skin brightening properties

Rosewater is also a source of Vitamins like Vitamin E and A, which have the ability to get rid of the accumulated dead skin cells. When dead skin cells get accumulated on the surface of the skin, it can make you look dull and lifeless and tired. Washing your face with rosewater daily can help remove this layer of dead skin cells and promote the growth of fresh, bright skin to restore life to your face and body.

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8. Hair conditioning

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image, under Creative Commons License 

A lot of people are unaware of the several benefits that rosewater can have for the hair. However, because it is so rich in nutrients, it can work wonders to restore the health in your scalp. It has the ability to nourish and acts as a deep conditioner for damaged hair. It is especially effective when you have oily hair, as it can give your lifeless hair a great deal of bounce and volume. It also gets rid of the grease in your scalp, without having to resort to harsh shampoos and chemical conditioners.

9. Rosewater as mouthwash

Even though the idea might sound a little strange, rosewater is one of the best alternatives to mouthwash, when you have run out of Listerine and you simply don’t have time to run to the store. In fact, if you don’t like the taste and after-taste of mint, you can always use rosewater instead to cleanse your mouth. The antibacterial properties of this natural extract can help get rid of the bacteria in your mouth, and make your breath smell like roses.

10. Use rosewater as eye drops

Whether you rubbed your eye too hard, or you got your lenses stuck and poked your eye while trying to extract them, or you overslept, rosewater is the solution. Redness in the eye can be caused by a variety of reasons. However, not doing anything about your red eyes can affect your appearance and your ability to function. The soothing, anti-inflammatory properties can help you get rid of your red eyes in no time, when used as eye drops.

11. Skin toning properties

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image, under Creative Commons License 

Rosewater is a natural toner that is so much better than the chemical and cosmetic toners that you find in the market. Rosewater has the ability clear clogged pores, and closes the open pores, so that your skin is well-toned and firm. Most of the chemical products that are available in the market contain alcohol, which could harm your skin in the long run. Rosewater can not only tone your skin, but also make it smell fresh and floral, when you rinse your face daily with the essence.

12. Reduce stress and anxiety with rosewater

The very smell of rosewater can be a used to improve health. One of the most common benefits of rosewater is reducing anxiety and stress. This is the reason it is extensively used in aromatherapy. The smell helps clear the nasal passage, and is said to be a boost to a tired brain. It helps you think clearly, and dissipates lethargy. It also relaxes the mind in case it is tenses and anxious, making it a soothing, mood enhancing agent.

13. Heal cracked skin

Dry, cracked skin is a problem that occurs any time of the year. Even though natural moisturized and products designed specifically for cracked and dry skin can have a temporary solution to your problem, it can still adversely affect the skin because of chemicals that might be present in them. Rosewater, with its moisturizing properties and antioxidants can help heal the skin from within and tone the skin, to restore health and softness to the area.

14. Natural makeup remover

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Image source: Shutterstock

Even though cosmetic makeup removers are available, they contain harsh chemicals that could remove your makeup with the use of alcohol and other harsh substances. Makeup itself can be harmful for the skin if left on too long. Removing your makeup with rosewater can soothe your skin and restore moisture and health to it, even after you have worn makeup for over 12 hours. Mixing one part rosewater with one part coconut oil is the ideal, all-natural makeup remover that has no harmful side effects on your skin.

15. Rosewater helps with insomnia

A lot of people suffer from insomnia, and because of the pent up stress in their body, are unable to relax and go to sleep. Preparing tea with rosewater mixed in it is one of the most effective ways in which you can cure insomnia. The mixture tastes amazing, and can induce a relaxing slumber in your body so that you can have a good night’s rest, on days when you are feeling especially worked up.

16. Rosewater for soft, tinted lips


Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License 

Rosewater can even help you get beautiful soft, plump and tinted lips that look totally natural. It helps remove the dead cells and when mixed with some beet juice and sugar, makes a natural, DIY lip scrub that is gorgeous and effective is making your lips look super soft and kissable.

Rosewater has innumerable benefits for your skin, face, hair and health, which is why it is a natural ingredient that you should keep handy at all times! You are sure to reach out for it more often now.

Feature image source: Google, copyright-free image, under Creative Commons License 

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16 Incredible Benefits Of Rosewater That Makes It Indispensable
The benefits of rosewater are plenty, whether you want to take care of your face, your skin, your hair, your health, or simply add flavor to your food!
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