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6 Powerful Reasons Rosewater Is Our Go-to Summer Skin Care Messiah

With summer shining its brightest, it’s time for all the beauty freaks to get back to sketching the best skin care tricks. But you do not have to sweat and fret, because NLT (as always) is out with its seasonal beauty update. And for summers, the messiah you need is rosewater.


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Here are all the reasons rosewater is your go-to solution for your complete summer skin care:

1. It is the best ever makeup remover

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Rose water is your best bet for breathing in the summers by staying ‘makeup’ free the natural way. When you say you hate the greasy feel of the oily formulas rubbing the long-worn makeup off of your skin, I share your aversion. Rosewater feels gentle on your skin and can get rid of all the products effectively – working even on the waterproof kohl troubles! It not only removes makeup but also leaves your skin well moisturized, silky, and beautiful.

2. It is a great and efficient cleanser and toner

A magical elixir for acing immaculate skin cleansing and toning, you don’t need any other product when you have this little bottle in your pocket. What makes it better than other options is that it works equally well for all skin-types and even if you have an acne-struck skin, its antibacterial and soothing qualities leave nothing to worry about. Regular dabbing gets you an evenly toned, smooth, and clear skin.

3. It helps in soothing and brightening your eyes

The wonders this rosy-liquid works on your eyes and sight are not only matchless, but medically supported. Be it the reddishness, discoloration troubles, or any sort of irritation in the eye area, rose water can treat it all. It has revitalizing and cooling powers that can even fix the puffed dark eyes you wake up with within just five minutes of a morning soak!

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4. It can give your hair the complete pampering and treatment it needs

There’s absolutely no hair trouble that you can possibly worry about after the rose water is done fixing your hair for you. Right from the roughness of the texture to the natural grizzly-bear frizz of your hair, rose water offers you remedial cures for all your hair problems. It is an excellent conditioner packed with bacteria-busting qualities that can kiss your dirty scalp goodbye in a wash. So, just don’t forget applying rose water to your freshly shampooed hair and you’ll be left with soft, sweet, and shiny tresses like you always wanted!

5. It is your key to the dreamy bath you’ve longed dreamed of


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All it takes is a splash of some drops full of rose water into your bath tub and it will turn heavenly in no time at all. What do you expect from a good bath – proper cleansing, a quality relaxing time, rid from the exhaustion of the day, revitalization of the sense, and an ecstatic aftereffect of sweet freshness, right? Well, being the all powerful magical ingredient that it is, adding rose water in your bath recipe promises you just that (and more!)

6. It readies you as the summer-perfect beauty with the blossoming scent of the season

There’s no perfume of packed scent that beats the fresh fragrance that each drop of rose water comes packed with. Summer is the season we all love and hate in equal measure because along with the refreshing morning breeze, the midday heat strokes await you too and there’s always the trouble of sweat and odor to complain about! But wonderfully so, rose water can work magic. A great alternative to all your (immensely) expensive bottles of scent, just a slight sprinkled touch from a merely $5 bottle can make you smell like a flower in the season. It’s fragrance is sweet, soothing, natural, and makes the freshness last as well.

So, now that you know all these great wonders a tiny bottle of rosewater can work for you when it comes to summer skin care, I bet you’re running off to the store to get yours today – have a fragrant summer!

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6 Reasons Rosewater Is Our Go-to Summer Skin Care Messiah
Because rosewater is the one-stop solution for summer skin care!
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