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There Are 12 Types Of Couples In The World: Which One Are You?

We all love differently. For some of us, going to an exotic island with our partner is the best damn thing while for others nothing can beat a Grey’s Anatomy marathon. Love can’t be confined to a singular definition, which is precisely the best thing about it.

We all know different type of couples around us. From the party animals to the emo ones, they have somehow found their perfect (and sometimes, not-so-perfect) match. Chances are that you and your partner could be one of these couples as well! You can be an alpha couple and a long-distance one, both at the same time. Though, we are pretty sure that the two of you would fall under at least one of these categories. Have a look and decide what kind of couple are you.

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1. The crazy-in-love couple

couple in love120

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You have found your soulmate and you just can’t stop admiring them. Nothing else in this whole damn world matters to you more than their happiness. You are madly in love with your significant other and can do almost anything for them.

You want to let everyone else know about it and never hesitate to post those adorable Snapchat stories about your bae. The moment you read something on Tumblr or Instagram, you instantly tag them. You love the feeling of being in love and won’t have it any other way. It is like as if your world doesn’t revolve around the sun anymore. You have made your partner the core of your existence and can’t imagine a world without them!

2. The confused couple

The two of you are going through one of those phases when you can’t put a label on it. Friends? Lover? Friends with benefits? Chances are that you are everything in between. You know you love your partner and would like to have a future with them, but there is just something inside you that is stopping you from taking a leap of faith. The two of you aren’t sure if you are a couple or not. But since you have been together for so long, you can’t think of anything else either. The two of you could be in denial and simply overlooking the obvious with a fear of messing things up.

3. The have-it-all couple

couple in love_New_Love_Times

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You are that power couple everyone talks about. You are an ideal couple for a lot of people out there and make others believe in the existence of love. You have been together for years and have faced the toughest of adversities. You have created a life of your own and have no regrets. Yes, just like any other couple, your relationship also has its share of ups and downs, but you never let that affect your love. You can do anything for your partner in the blink of an eye. The two of you are strong and driven individuals and have amalgamated flawlessly into a well-equipped machine, which makes you a force to be reckoned with.

4. The destined couple

The star-crossed lovers, you are the subject on which all those epic romantic tales have been written. The two of you are just meant to be together. One can’t put it in any better way than this. You have coined the term “serendipity” and have made others realize the power of the universe. You have found a way to be together by fighting all the adversities, which makes you an exception. Among all the other types of couples, you are the one that inspires others to fall in love against all the odds.

5. The unequal couple

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Everyone around you thinks that the two of you are just not meant to be together. The both of you are drastically different from each other. People might even say that one of you has simply “settled” to stay in a relationship. Chances are that you might feel superior in your relationship at times. Though, as long as you are happy, nothing else should matter. Let them focus on the unequal part. Meanwhile, you can make the most out of your similarities.

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6. The we-don’t-need-you couple

We all know that one couple who disappears in the middle of the party without saying goodbye. The two of them were quite fond of others when they were single. Though, the moment they become a thing, they become inseparable. They created a world of their own and alienated themselves from everyone around them. If you are one of these couples and are reading this, just call your best friend. You do have a world outside your relationship!

7. The mismatched-yet-killing-it couple

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People might think that the two of you are the mismatched pieces of some puzzle and that you can never make it work, but you are continuously proving them wrong. Among all the other types of couples, you know the value of your partner. You have started to embrace their differences and have proven the phrase “opposites attract” so damn right! Don’t listen to them or get distracted. The two of you are just killing it by fighting against all odds. Focus on what you already have and look how far you have come!

8. The long-distance couple

I’m already feeling bad for you! You are going through one of the toughest phases in your relationship. Long-distance is the most demanding phase of love and can drive us mad at times. You have to be present in two places simultaneously. You take care of your schedule only to talk to your partner for a few minutes every day. You go to bed every night, hoping to have your significant other by your side. You crave for their touch and can do anything at all to simply hold them at times.

Embrace this phase because this will teach you the power of love. You will value your partner more than ever. Each and every moment that is spent with them will become a memory. If you can survive a long-distance relationship, you can survive anything!

9. The we-hate-kids couple

We all know at least one couple that is not open to the idea of having kids (or getting married). They don’t like to have kids. They can’t even take care of their friend’s kids as well. And you know what – it’s fine. It is their life and they have made their own choices.

If you are one of those couples who can’t stand kids and like to be a rebel your whole life, then embrace yourself. At least you know who you are and know what you want. Most of the people in this world are just confused and can’t decide what they want. You like to enjoy each and every minute of your life at its best and can turn the mundane into magical. This makes the two of you quite spectacular!

10. The on-again-off-again couple

couple in love_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Can’t decide if you are together or should you just move on?

Well, don’t feel alone. There are plenty of couples out there that keep on playing the on-again-off-again game. Your friends can’t get it and they might even judge you for your indecisive nature. Every time you try to be with your partner, some or other thing breaks your relationship. There is nothing wrong with it, but sooner or later you need to decide what you want. You can’t simply let anyone walk in and out of your life like that, right?

11. The old school couple

You believe in singing Spanish lullabies to your partner and watch them sleeping for hours. You believe in the age-old institution of dating and like to take things one step at a time. From holding hands to sharing that first kiss – everything means so much more to you. You know how important love is and will never do anything to break your partner’s heart. You have a true lover’s heart and are one of those people who believe in writing intimate poems to your partner than uploading a Facebook status. You are living an ultimate romantic fantasy. The kind of love and principles you have are only what others dream of.

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12. The childhood sweethearts

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The most adorable ones of all! You have been together for years and have literally grown together in love. Chances are that the two of you fell in love with each other when neither one of you knew the meaning of love. You have already shared almost an entire lifetime together and are determined to spend the rest of it while getting old with each other. You have one of those perfect stories that no one gets tired of listening to. You are together with your one and only – your first love and that is a miracle in itself.

From the one who always keeps fighting to the long-distance couple who know how hard separation can be, there can be different types of couples in this world. Though, there is one thing that connects them all and that is love. Love certainly conquers all and no matter in which category you fit, the truth is that you love your partner irrevocably and that is the best part about it!

Just never let go of it. Ever.

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There Are 12 Types Of Couples In The World: Which One Are You?
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