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You Don’t Understand Because You’re A Guy: 16 Small And Big Things Your Boyfriend Will NEVER Understand

Yes, he might be there for all of it and through all of it, but he will never get what the whole fuss about colors or shopping is. He will bring you ice cream tubs when you are PMS-ing but he won’t get the ruckus of the mood swings. No matter how sweet our boyfriends are, there are a few things their breed shall never get about us, womenfolk.

If you are still scratching your head, here are just a few things your boyfriend will NEVER understand:

1. Pillow here, pillow there, pillows everywhere!


Image source: mrwgifs

There are too many pillows at your place and you can’t seem to get into bed without surrounding yourself with 4 pillows at least or even sit down on your sofa without the tiny throw pillows. He will never understand your obsession with cushiony comfort.

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2. A bottle for everyday need and more


Image source: litizen

Your bathroom closet and your sink top are lined up with bottles of every fathomable shape and size. Shampoos, conditioners, face wash, lotions, there are too many beauty products out there! According to him you probably just need a soap, shampoo, and a deodorant to get going! The fool!  :-/

3. The pleasure of taking a bra off


Image source: Tumblr

He certainly gets excited to take your bra off, but he doesn’t understand why you wait to take it off when you are home. He will never get the relief of getting home and snapping out of that contraption!

4. Multiple purses, heck multiple everything

You just can’t have one purse or one coat or one lipstick- you need each item in multiples. One look into your closet and his brain gives up on the calculation! ☹

5. Fuchsia, magenta, and purple


Image source: thedatereport

You know the difference between purple, violet, magenta, lavender, wine and plum shades but for him it’s all just purple! Duh uh!

6. The trauma of THE period


Image source: Tumblr

Starting from PMS to the actual bloody battle, your period takes your sanity away, every month. While he might suffer the emotional roller coaster along with you, he will never truly understand what you go through when on your period.

7. Emotion, passion, intrigue all rolled into your TV dramas  

You love your television dramas and while he may sit by your side for the Game of Thrones binge, he will never understand why you want to watch SATC or Grey’s Anatomy!

8. Netflix and chill is not a legit date


Image source: Giphy

While he may consider staying in at home and ordering in while binge watching Netflix as a date, it certainly is not. You don’t get to dress up! :/ (Confession: we like this date, sometimes!)

9. The fantasy of romantic comedies

You get your dose of comfort entertainment from watching romantic comedies. He just doesn’t get how a person like you buys into the sappy cheesy emotions of a romantic movie when you know real life is nothing like it!

10. Not sure what getting ready in a jiffy means


Image source: aol

Look, sure you can get out of home looking like hobo in a jiffy but he wouldn’t want to take that person out on a date, right? He appreciates the finer things like a well dressed lady but slacks on time and patience. Now, who is to explain that you can’t do both? :-/

11. Losing 100 hair strands every day. Every single day.


Image source: yahoo

By now, you would have come to peace with the fact that those long tresses of hair are going to keep falling and there is nothing you can do about it. You have convinced yourself that it’s natural, although he will keep wondering how you still can have a hair full of head to preen on! 😛

12. Girly sleepovers with pizza and ice cream

He: What did you do on your girl’s sleepover?

You: Oh we stayed up all night and talked.

He: That’s all? Did you watch a movie or anything?

You: Umm, no we just ate and talked.

He: What?? <quizzical expression>

13. Makeup is a necessity

You are obviously not going to go full on diva mode with your makeup every day, all you use every day is some face cream, foundation, lip gloss and sunscreen! Well… ermm …that’s like 4 things right there and your boyfriend considers that as makeup too! Naive!

14. One selfie is never enough


Image source: xclusivtouch

You need at least five selfies before you get a photo where you look like yourself and not like Ursula from the Little Mermaid!! He doesn’t get it- no wonder he looks like The Beast in half his selfies! 😛

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15. Asking questions you don’t want an answer to

You don’t know why you do it; you know you are going to get pissed. His ex, his friends, his hobbies, there are a lot of questions you won’t appreciate an answer to but you ask anyway. And he doesn’t get the logic- well, we girls don’t either- it’s just a girly thing, I guess! 😛

16. Crying


Image source: Tumblr

The one thing he considers a bomb and doesn’t get why you keep dropping ’em so often, even without notice! 😛

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16 Small And BIG Things Your Boyfriend Will NEVER Understand
Because there are just some things your boyfriend will NEVER understand, and you can't do anything about it! :(
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