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16 Amazing Tips On How To Sweet Talk A Girl

So, guys, you’ve found this girl you’re very interested in. She’s beautiful, smart, and funny, and it seems to you that she’s your perfect match. Now, if only she thought the same way!

Well, you can definitely try to convince her by being your charming self. Romance doesn’t have to be dead. And presents are nice, sure, but the best way to make her feel special is through your words. The gift of the gab is worth more than any diamond you can buy. It’s been proven that women and men are different in many ways — one of these ways is their response to language. Women are much more turned on by talk. You should use this to your advantage!

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Here are 16 amazing tips on how to sweet talk a girl.

1. Give her your full attention

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You want to make her feel special! The best way of doing that is making her feel like she’s the only girl in the room — the only person you want to talk to. Don’t check your phone when you’re with her. Unless, of course, it’s an emergency; we just mean that you shouldn’t be having a casual conversation with your buddy when she’s sitting next to you. And if it’s an emergency, excuse yourself! It makes a difference. Make eye contact (though do look away once in a while, or it becomes too intense). Basically, focus on her when you’re with her.

2. Compliment her genuinely

And don’t make it generic. A “Your eyes are a beautiful color,” means more than any “You look good,” will. Be specific – it shows that you’re paying attention, and that you care enough to do so. Rule one: Do NOT flatter. Girls aren’t dumb; we can understand when you’re just trying to flatter us and don’t mean what you say at all. You should just be vocalizing all the good things you’re already thinking. And don’t limit it to her physical appearance! Make it clear that you like her for more than her looks. Maybe talk about how hard she’s working on her new project, or how you love her insight on things. She’ll appreciate it.

3. Let her know how much you like her

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Don’t be shy! If you’re looking for tips on how to sweet talk a girl, you mean business. She should know that too. Now, we don’t mean you should take things too fast by being overwhelmingly intense. Just make it clear that you’re into her. Be nice to her right from the beginning (believe me, “negging” does not work), and she’s sure to be polite, if not positive.

4. Give her a nickname

It sounds really weird, but it works! If you’re not absolute strangers, then give her a cute nickname. It’ll deepen your connection if you’re the only one calling her by a name, and make her think about you more often too.

5. Develop inside jokes

This is a corollary of the fourth point. Inside jokes (in the form of nicknames or not) build a bond. It means that you’re comfortable enough around each other to engage in this kind of banter. If you use these private jokes around each other, and you’re the only two people laughing, it’ll make her think that you two are “us” and the others are “them”. It’ll also help her realize that you’re interested, because you definitely wouldn’t put in so much effort into code words or private jokes if you didn’t care. Easy but effective.

6. Make her laugh

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Funny, witty guys are very, very attractive. If you can crack good jokes, go for it, but you don’t necessarily have to be a clever comedian here. Even doing something sappy or corny would do. Say something a little out of the box. Poke fun at yourself (though don’t go overboard with this). Just make her smile! And don’t try too hard. If she finds that she’s always smiling or laughing around you, you’ll definitely come across as a fun guy. Serious is not the way to go.

7. Say thank you

Girls don’t hear this enough. Take a moment to acknowledge her efforts if she’s done or said something nice. It’s not often that someone truly appreciates us, so it means a lot. Compliments are comparatively more frequent; so if you express your gratitude when she’s being a huge help, it’ll stand out more in her mind than a comment you made about her dress. Let her know that you appreciate her presence in your life. Just a simple, “Thanks for listening to me when I was in a bad mood yesterday,” or “Thank you so much for helping me out with that article,” should do the trick.

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8. Don’t use pickup lines

Just don’t. Ever. I don’t care how clever or unique you think that line is, GIVE IT UP. It doesn’t work. You won’t come across as smooth when you say it, it’ll just seem like you’re not comfortable with normal social interaction so you’re resorting to some one-liner you read on the internet. Moreover, it makes it seem as though you’re trying the same things on every girl you meet, hoping someone falls for it. The girl you’re trying to impress here definitely won’t feel special. Fail!

9. Draw attention to her unique qualities

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Now, this is something that works. Make her feel like she’s different, and mean it. She’ll be flattered if she knows that she stands out to you. Mention all the things that you feel are unique and amazing about her, and watch her melt. She’ll be touched by how much you’ve noticed about her, and see you in a much more favorable light!

10. Show interest in what she likes

Ask her about her life, her hobbies, her plans. Everyone likes talking about themselves. Ask more questions even if you’re not very interested. (Of course, don’t interrogate. Make it a two-way street.) Watch a movie she wants to watch even if you KNOW you won’t like it. And when she says something to you, remember it. Make it obvious that to you, she’s not just another pretty girl; you’re genuinely interested in the individual beneath the attractive exterior. You want to know more.

11. Use body language

70% of language is non-verbal. So the way you act around her is as important as your words. When having a conversation, turn your body towards her. Make sure you don’t keep your arms crossed or come across as closed in any other way. Remember to smile and maintain eye contact. On the flip side, be aware of her body language. Slow down if she seems uncomfortable with any escalation on your side. And if her body language shows that she’s not up for conversation (even if she’s not saying it), back off for the time being.

12. Ask for her opinion

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No better way to curry favor. When you ask someone for their opinion, it means you value their insight on things and feel like their perspective would be worth considering. You can ask her about something as casual as a band you’re listening to or local events, or even delve into deeper affairs. And if you’re confused about something and you ask for her help, nothing like it! She’ll feel needed.

13. Be respectful

This is an important thing to keep in mind. You should never go so deep into the rabbit hole of flirting that you forget to consider the other person’s feelings. Don’t be self-absorbed! Make sure to not overstep any boundaries. Keep things clean, especially in the beginning. This’ll ensure that she isn’t turned off. Also, keep personal space in mind.

14. Keep it casual

Remember this always. Don’t invest too much into this. Don’t be too nervous OR too excited. Don’t try to be too formal, and definitely don’t come across as desperate. You don’t want to try too hard.

15. Tell her that your family and friends will love her

This is so simple but it’ll make her feel really good about herself. Girls love hearing this. If you’ve known her for a while, slip this into conversation and watch her preen. She’ll feel flattered that you have such a good opinion of her.

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16. Be yourself

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Last but not the least! This is something to follow in all aspects of your life. Don’t try to be something you’re not, or you’ll fail miserably. Keep it natural. Be cool and confident, and no one will be able to resist you. True confidence is a rare and attractive quality. Your genuineness will not fail to impress her.

We hope these useful pointers on how to sweet talk a girl help you! Here’s to a successful wooing.

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