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12 Common Yet Sweet Romantic Gestures Sure To Melt A Girl’s Heart

You love the woman in your life, whether she’s your girlfriend or wife, and you can’t imagine your life without her. You don’t even want to contemplate a scenario where she’s not in your life. You shudder to even think of how it would feel to lose her. But you’re not most showy, affectionate guy out there, and you fear that she doesn’t know how much she means to you, how much you love her, and how good your life is with her in it.

So what do you do?

You don’t have to declare your love from the rooftops, or spend insane amounts of money to show her you love her, or even do dramatic romantic gestures that you think she expects. No. All she expects are little, subtle signs that you value her in your life. That you get sweaty just thinking about losing her. That you would do anything in your power to make her happy.

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And how do you accomplish this?

With these sweet and subtle romantic gestures, of course! Don’t sweat it, just follow this list, and you should be good!

1. Hug her from behind

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Hug her from behind when she least expects it. It might be when she’s cooking something or folding the laundry you did earlier, surprise her by holding her close, and maybe even placing a soft kiss on her neck.

2. Hold her hand when you walk together

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Holding hands is one of the most simple and common gestures of affection, yet, it never fails to let your partner know that you’re connected. It might seem kinda lame, but she will like it that you want to hold her hand while walking. It is charming and thrilling in its own right.

3. Wrap your arms around her when she’s standing next to you

You may not be the jealous, possessive type of guy, but she will definitely love it when you wrap your arms around her when she’s standing next to you. It will make her feel cherished and loved.

4. Cuddle with her

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Image source: Tumblr

You might be one of those who likes to sleep all by your lonesome self, with your part of the bed clearly demarcated from your partner’s. But that shouldn’t stop you from cuddling with her when you get the chance. It doesn’t have to be a prelude to anything naughty; it could be a simple cuddle on the couch when watching your favorite TV show, or a Saturday afternoon cuddle, just because.

5. Don’t force her to do ANYTHING

She’s her own person, who can think, act, and decide for herself. Never force her to do anything she isn’t inclined to do. You can always be her sounding board when she needs advice, but don’t foist your opinions and way of thinking and doing things on her. Let her be, but be her support system, her unwavering cheerleader, even when you know she’s making a mistake. Let her make her own mistakes and learn from them. You be her rock when she stumbles.

6. Write little notes

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Image source: Goodreads

With the advent of technology, writing notes and letters has become passé. But that’s all the more reason why you should leave her notes where she least expects them – a Post It on the bathroom wall, a sweet note in her handbag, a love letter telling her all the things you love about her, all the things you hate to love about her, a kiss wrapped in a note in her wallet. This is one of the sweetest and most underrated romantic gestures that you could do for her.

7. Compliment her

Just because you’re out of the honeymoon phase of your relationship, doesn’t mean you stop wooing her. In fact, you have to woo her every single day! Okay, that’s stretching it, but you get my drift, right? Any relationship works only when the two people involved are putting in constant and consistent efforts to keep it steady. And a big part of that is complimenting her. Whether she’s changed her hair, or tried on a new dress, or done a really good job of painting whimsical things on your bedroom wall, let her know that you appreciate her and her efforts by complimenting her.

8. Say I love you, and MEAN it

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Image source: Tumblr

You may not say I love you to each other every day, but on the rare occasions you do tell her, MEAN it. That’s the best gift you can give her. Look her in the eye, smile, and tell her you love her. She’ll cherish that one I love you more than that expensive gift you bought her for Valentine’s Day.

9. Brush her hair out of her eyes

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Image source: Tumblr

This might seem like an everyday occurrence, but is one of the sweetest romantic gestures ever. It doesn’t matter where you are – at a pub, a restaurant, or at home in bed or on the couch, brush her hair out of her eyes. If she’s got long locks, chances are they’ll be in her eyes more often than not. And when you do this, I bet her eyes will light up and her lips will tip upward. Just try it and see!

10. Comfort her when she cries

Many men don’t know what to do when a woman starts crying. They get flustered seeing a woman in distress. If you’re one of such men, don’t panic. All you have to do is hold her, comfort her, maybe even rub soothing circles on her back. That’s all you have to do, and that’s all she wants from you at that point in time. It might not seem like much, but that’s plenty when a woman is crying.

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11. Kiss her like you MEAN it

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Image source: howtokissgifs

Giving her a peck on the cheek when you get home from work, or meeting her for dinner at the restaurant is different from a sweet, love-ya kinda kiss. Cup her face in your hands and plant a good one, that will remind her of you throughout the day! Kiss her like you actually, positively, utterly MEAN it.

12. Love her with all your heart

If you love her, love her with ALL your heart. You don’t get to do halfsies in love – it’s all or nothing. If you can’t give all your love to the woman in your life, then you’re doing a disservice to you and her. So if you do love her, do it right, in full.

So there. These romantic gestures weren’t so bad, now, were they? Whether you’re an outwardly affectionate person or not, these shouldn’t be too hard to pull off. So good luck!

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12 Common Yet Sweet Romantic Gestures Sure To Melt A Girl's Heart
You don't need to make grand romantic gestures to show her you love her. All you need are simple, common, yet sweet gestures that will melt her heart!
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