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17 Times JLaw Channeled Her Inner Katniss Everdeen And Showed Us How Bad*ss She Is

Jennifer Lawrence thinks Taylor Swift is a bada*s b*tch, but we think JLaw herself is pretty darned awesome and can kick everyone else’s a*s when it comes to dishing out those smarta*s quips that leaves everyone tongue tied.

And if that isn’t the mark of a phenomenal woman, then what is? 😉

Check out how Jennifer Lawrence left us all in awe when…

1. When she candidly expressed her love for food

JLaw 1

Image source

Ahh, you know what a woman’s deepest, darkest desire is, JLaw!

2. When she made fun of herself and how she is portrayed in the media


Image source

In your face, media!

3. When she revealed one of her biggest secrets on camera

JLaw 3

Image source

THAT takes some guts!

4. When she DGAF about talking about her b**bs on live television

JLaw 4

Image source

Coz hello, they are right there- you can’t ignore them. Period. <and oh, periods are another topic to freely talk about, huh, FYI>

5. When she slipped in a joke in her Oscar speech after falling down

JLaw 5

Image source: Tumblr

Thinking on your feet- when they didn’t do what they are usually supposed to do, quite right!

6. When she expressed her hunger on the red carpet


Image source

Ooh, I do that too- we are soul sisters, JLaw! 😉

7. And again. This time on a TV show

JLaw 7

Image source: Tumblr

Ahh, the disappointment!

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8. When she unabashedly spoke about her co-stars’ infections on live stream

JLaw 8

Image source: Tumblr


9. When she fangirled about meeting Taylor Swift, like any other normal human being

JLaw 9

Image source: Popsugar

She’s okay, alright- but you, JLaw are AWESOME!

10. When she proved that she is a goofball on set

JLaw 10

Image source

Hehe… :*

11. When she confused the interviewer with this brilliant answer

JLaw 11

Image source

Common sense- duh uh!

12. When she snubbed the interviewer for asking questions about her weight

JLaw 12Image source

You should have seen that coming, dude!

13. When she decided this would be a nice Oscar pose

JLaw 13

Image source

Coz hell, it is nice as f*ck! 😉

14. When she did THIS

JLaw 14

Image source: Getty Images


15. When she was extremely truthful during her Oscar speech

JLaw 15

Image source: Popsugar

You go girl!

16. When she confessed on live TV that she spaces out sometimes

JLaw 16.

Image source

Teach me some of that wit, JLaw!

17. When she revealed that she is a Marvel fangirl

JLaw 17

Image source

Nope, she doesn’t do boo boo-s!

And that is why we LOVE her!

Featured image source: Tumblr

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17 Times Jennifer Lawrence Channeled Her Inner Katniss Everdeen
Isn't Jennifer Lawrence the BEST?
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