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18 Amazing Tips On How To Look Pretty And Make His Heart Beat Wildly

Each guy is different and has a different preference when it comes to dating a girl. While most of us try to keep an open mind about the kind of person we are going to date as long as they are adequately decent, we have certain stipulations in our mind, and as shallow as it is, when it comes to physical appearance, we might have a certain kind of ‘type’.

However, there are certain ways to look pretty and appear attractive, that can sometimes add to one’s allure. Though every person has a different sort of build, complexion, skin type and other criterion for a person to look her own way, sometimes a little effort is to be made in order to appear smart.

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These are 18 ways on how to look pretty:

1. A smile

woman smiling_New_Love_Times

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

A smile is the most appealing accessory a person can wear. When you smile and your face lights up and your eyes shine, you look your best. You seem amicable, approachable, and friendly. When you smile at people, it means you are welcoming them, which in turn puts them at ease with you and helps you familiarize with people in general.

2. A good conversation starter

A good conversation starter can work wonders. Well begun is half done. If you start with the right topic after observing his interests and get the ball rolling, it’s a wonderful beginning. If he gets glimpses of your personality and finds mutual interests with you, it only makes you more alluring.

3. Good personal hygiene

Maintaining good hygiene and being clean is a must. Clean fingernails, washed hair, clear skin, normal breath, appealing scent – these constitute the personality of an individual. Filth repels people. You wouldn’t go out with someone who looks like in the dire need of a shower. So, if one can follow these basic rules, it may help a lot.

4. A healthy diet

woman eating a salad_New_Love_Times

Image source: Shutterstock

A healthy diet is one of the answers to how to look pretty. Fill your diet with plenty of water, fruits, vegetables, and the sufficient amount of protein that one derives from pulses, fish, meat. Consumption of milk or substitutes for it can take you places. Key food ingredients like honey, lemon, and rich sources of vitamin E can make your skin glow. Also, leafy vegetables and fibers can uplift the health factor in your diet because a healthy digestive system means a happier you which equals a prettier you.

5. Inner beauty

Inner beauty is the most important thing ever. You have to learn the ability to love and respect yourself, just the way you are. When you’re a person who can accept yourself and appreciate goodness in everyone and everything and don’t judge a person without trying to comprehend their predicament, your thoughts mean so much more defined and your opinions mean so much more. Everyone wants to be around a listener who won’t judge them, and if you are that person, you will be loved so much more.

6. Be original

love yourself_New_Love_Times

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Originality is very refreshing. In a world full of phonies and imitations, someone with their own set of beliefs and opinions and not pretending to be someone else is so faith-affirming. It shows how strong and firm your personality is when you can stick to what you think and not get swayed by what others think. Don’t go to excessive lengths to cover your blemishes and spots. They are a part of you, the parts that make you you.

7. Treat yourself well

This, of course, is entailed under ‘love yourself’ because you can’t love yourself without treating yourself well. Go to spas, enjoy manicures and pedicures, buy pretty stuff for yourself; basically pamper yourself which puts you in a grand mood. Because when you’re happy, it shows.

8. Follow your own fashion

Let your fashion reflect your personality. Don’t try to wear clothes that make you feel uncomfortable and look weird just because they’re fashionable. If you’re not into fashion, don’t try to look like you are. If you are, then go all out. A person who knows what to wear when and carry off most outfits obviously looks fantastic.

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9. Love your body

love yourself_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pinterest

You should be at peace with your body type and structure. Guys prefer girls who are self-possessed to those who are too self-conscious. Don’t be ashamed if you are skinny or plump. Every guy has a different penchant. So flaunt every bit of yourself and don’t conceal yourself under ten layers of makeup because you are awesome just the way you are. However, if makeup is your thing, exhibit your love for it.

10. Be kind

Treat people with kindness and warmth. Everyone chooses to be around welcoming, pleasant people rather than snobs who will act as if you don’t deserve their time of the day. You wouldn’t want to be around an aloof, brash jerk so don’t expect others to like because you are not special.

11. Make eye contact

couple on a date_New_Love_Times

Image source: Shutterstock

You need to exude confidence. Humble and spineless are two completely different things. Self-possessed people are very alluring. When you avoid eye contact, it seems like you have something to hide. Body language is a major part of dating. You want to seem relaxed but interested, welcome but not desperate.

12. Be open

Don’t be uptight. No one likes spoilt, rude brats who can’t co-operate or accommodate. It’s nice to be around fun people who can let their hair down once in a while. Go out and have fun in your own way, laugh openly, and learn to live a little.

13. Be mysterious

woman smiling_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Don’t give too much away at once. Leave something to the imagination, whether it’s your physical form or what your thoughts are, know how much to say and how much to disclose. Give the right kind of impression about your intention and keep it cool.

14. Wear confidence

Indulge in confidence enhancers like sexy lingerie, hair products, pedicure sets, haircuts, and pretty shoes. Do what makes you feel sexy. Guys will find you irresistible.

15. Smell nice

woman spritzing perfume_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

There’s something so enticing about a good scent. You are easily attracted to people who greet your olfactory senses pleasingly. Don’t immerse yourself in body spray, that way they will be gasping for fresh air if they stay next to you. At first, take a proper shower and clean yourself well, especially around the joints. This should be done even when you aren’t going out on a date. Just dab a little cologne or a perfume of your choice behind the ears, neck, wrists, and cleavage. If you happen to sweat too much in certain areas, use an anti-perspirant. Make sure your hair smells good too, so that if he happens to stand close to you, whatever he inhales, makes him long to get even closer to you. And make sure the perfume is mild so that it doesn’t mask every other smell.

16. Choose pleasing colors

Choose pleasant colors to dress in. It adds to the charm because what you wear and what your face looks like is the first thing that they notice. It doesn’t always have to be red, black, gold or something too sexy. However, if black happens to be your color, go for it. Lighter pastel shades like baby blue or lilac seem very pleasant too, especially if you’re going out in the day. Neutral colors like beige, light yellow, grey, and khaki look very subtly sexy as well. Just choose a color that makes you feel like yourself.

17. Breathe, relax, and smile

Don’t worry overmuch or feel anxious. Now that you are done with appearance, put a smile on your face. They say a smile is the best accessory. Every woman looks lovely with a smile. It makes you seem more approachable and less intimidating. No one likes a sullen, rude date. Even if you are not a cheerful ray of sunshine; a tiny smile doesn’t hurt. Don’t forget that there’s pressure on your date to look good and seem fine as well.

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18. Don’t overdo it

The key is to find the balance. Put in adequate amount of effort in but elegance truly lies in simplicity. When it comes to dressing up, follow the less is more policy. In an era of glitter and leather, a casual sense of dressing stands out. Of course, it’s not something you must follow.

The thing about dressing up and looking ‘pretty’ (in a typical sense of the term), is more about doing it for yourself than doing it for others. Looking at yourself in the mirror one last time before you leave is a habit we all practice, and have been since long. While confidence is a variable term and is thrown about many a time in various places, it is indeed necessary to present yourself in front of the right guy at possibly the right time. Don’t, however, let one single guy’s opinion of your appearances sway your own judgment of yourself. You know yourself better than most others do, and don’t, for one moment, let anyone replace your definition of what self-worth means. When you begin to love yourself, the world follows suit. Self-love is the ultimate answer to how to look pretty.

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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18 Incredible Tips On How To Look Pretty And Make Him Wild
When you begin to love yourself, the world follows suit. Self-love is the ultimate answer to how to look pretty.
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