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Fashionable AF: 20 Signs You Are A Legit Fashion Chick

Fashion is an ever evolving term and as a fashion chick, you know you are matching the pace with your own synced steps. Maybe your mom and spouse don’t readily approve of your style statement but somewhere deep down in their hearts they call you ‘The Fashion Goddess’ or you think they do.  Be it style tips, dressing up, accessorizing or even makeup hacks, you know it all; and if you wish to celebrate the fashion guru dwelling inside you and let the world know that you are fashionable AF, you’d do well to start here. 20 signs you are a legit fashion chick:

1. You never have an idea about how many pairs of shoes you actually have (hey because there are pieces you just wore once and they are hidden somewhere behind the stack of new ones you buy each week)!

2. You have the coolest sunnies collection and you can carry them with attitude even when you wear a lehenga. #YouGoGirl

3. Your friends don’t buy lingerie without asking you whether they should opt for a push-up bra or a lacy one.

fashion chick_New_Love_Times

Image source: imagefully

4. You look perfect even when you are up early to hit the gym.

5. Your closet has a heap of clothes that you don’t wear anymore but you can pick them up anytime for a DIY session.

6. Your sister’s friend’s sister-in-law usually asks you out for shopping because you have got the right taste.

fashion chick_New_Love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

7. Your Instagram profile looks like the one people usually stock for copying designs and styles.

8. You are the chick every girl stares at and mumbles in her mind, “How did I not get this piece at Zara?”

9. You have slings, totes, clutches, shoulder bags and much more because you need to look trendy and nail it like an absolute fashionista. #TheBagCraze

10. You never followed fashion but fashion followed you time and again. You often blurt out, “Look, I wore that thing a year back.”

fashion chick_New_Love_Times

Image source: upsocl

11. Heels don’t hurt you anymore and even if they do, you turn down to your gorgeous heel only to say, “You are worth it!”

12. Your credit card bills are enough proof of the fact that shopping is in your blood.

13. You know what a celebrity is wearing because your fashion sense is so damn up to date and your friends stare at you with their jaws dropped.

fashion chick_New_Love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

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14. Your best friend captures you in the right frame and your pictures are drool worthy.

15. You have the craziest shoe collection and you can put Lady Gaga to shame. (well, not literally!)

16. Sample sale at a cosmetic store is totally your thing and you just can’t miss it at any cost. #SnatchSephora

fashion chick_New_Love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

17. People don’t hesitate before asking you about your outfit. All you have to do is call out the big brand names one after the other.

18. And of course, as a fashion enthusiast, you cannot not ask another hottie where she got the flawless ensemble from.

19. You can turn up to an impromptu party in minutes because you are a pro at dressing quickly and slaying all guys with your killer looks.

fashion chick_New_Love_Times

Image source: thestylecompile

20. You have the most attractive bookshelf at home because who else displays shoes and bags on the bookshelf.

So, you are probably laughing hard by now because these points describe you to the T, right? Anyway, head towards your favourite store and grab something for yourself in order to get over the thrill and excitement that is making you sweat right now. Raise a toast to the fashionable you and shout, “I was born to look gorgeous and I bet you won’t be able to take your eyes off me!” A fashionable fun week to you, sweetie!

Featured image source: favim

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Fashionable AF: 20 Signs You Are A Legit Fashion Chick
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