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20 Telltale Signs Your Boyfriend Is Perfectly Imperfect For You

Finding a boyfriend who makes you happy and tick marks all the boxes on your checklist when it comes to finding the perfect man is pretty difficult. In fact, it is impossible. Human beings are unfortunately, not as perfect as they seem to think they are, and there is no better scenario than a relationship to prove that. Everyone wants different things from a relationship, so how do you find the person you is just right for you, among 7 billion people in the world who are not “the one”? The trick is to embrace the person who is perfectly imperfect.

Unless you are willing to cut out a character from the pages of a book, it is not possible to find someone straight out of your dream. However, if you look at the person that you are… ahem… stuck with, you will realize that there are a lot of shortcomings that actually make you love your boyfriend even more. These things might annoy you, give you the shudders, or even make you doubt your decision to be with them, but in the long run, you realize that these imperfections are what make him the porridge that is juuuust right for you.

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Here are 20 things that make your boyfriend, a perfectly imperfect addition to your life.

1. He cracks really bad jokes

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Face it, his jokes are rather sad. But it is so much better than a serious prude who thinks a sense of humor is very middle-class. He might crack the worst jokes in existence and laugh like he is the funniest man on earth, but you know deep down that it is one of your most dependable sources of happiness.

2. He refuses to believe he can’t cook

After 6 months of intense cooking, your boyfriend has still not understood the difference between salt and sugar, and you don’t have the will power anymore to fake a smile every time he presents you with his new culinary masterpiece. Someone who is willing to go on trying despite failing miserably every time just to make you happy, is definitely a keeper.

3. He cries as much as you do

You might think that he is too sensitive and not “man” enough, but what you will later realize is that by getting someone emotional and sensitive, you have eliminated the need for running to any other girlfriend in the future, because your best friend is right there with you.

4. He likes ordering takeout

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Common explanations for this might include “he is lazy,” “he doesn’t like my cooking,” “he hates me” and other extreme thoughts, but in the future when you are tired and you have no energy left to do anything, his love for takeout will save your relationship.

5. He snores in bed

It has been scientifically proven that when you sleep and snore, you are completely comfortable and at ease with your situation before you went to sleep. If he is comfortable enough to snore in front of you, then it is a sign that he feels super safe with you, and the problem is nothing that a couple of earplugs can’t fix.

6. He doesn’t react when you get mad

Which might lead to you getting madder, but you need someone stable and level-headed and unaffected by your tantrums to ensure that you don’t fly off the handle, which you know will not be a good thing.

7. He likes having sex. A lot.

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Sometimes, you may wonder whether he likes you or your lady parts more, but when you are in need for some love, and you have no one to run to, you will know for a fact that your man is waiting for you to jump into his arms and he will take you without any hesitation.

8. He wears glasses

Glasses are anything but an imperfection, but if you think that glasses aren’t your thing, think about it this way – most vain men would rather prefer lenses or nothing at all to appear sexy and alluring. If a man is confident enough to flaunt his short-sightedness with pride, you should have no reason to complain.

9. He says “I love you” too often

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Something you won’t think of as an imperfection when you are old with no teeth and no hair and think you are the loneliest person on earth, but you still have that one person who tells you that they love you with the same fervor as he did 50 years ago.

10. He likes the same things as you

The concept of “opposites attracting” might sound super adventurous and super romantic, but when you are a well-to-do CEO of a multinational trading company and your partner is a struggling communist poet, you won’t be having too many of those dinner table conversations.

11. He is not tall enough

Sometimes, height can be a major problem, especially if he not tall enough, or relatively the same height as you. If you think on a long term basis, you will realize that lesser height difference saves the both of you from spinal problems like spondylitis and multiple cricks in your necks, making him perfectly imperfect.

12. He doesn’t get hangovers

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That doesn’t mean he can’t drink. It just means he can handle his alcohol better than you, and you have someone to look out for you when you have passed out.

13. He likes your friends more than his own

Does that mean that he has no friends, or that he is a bad friend? No. It means that you just added your boyfriend to your girl gang, and this is a deal most girls would kill for, to be honest. If he has your friends’ approval, you are good to go.

14. He farts in front of you

Far from being a sign of impoliteness, it is a sign that you have reached that stage in a relationship where there are no boundaries, whether it comes to love and communication and sharing, or personal hygiene.

15. He doesn’t like you in makeup

And you are rightfully annoyed by this because your makeup is everything and it makes you feel pretty. But if he doesn’t like your makeup, it only means that he likes you in your natural, undone state, which you would call super ugly, in polite terms.

16. He takes his work too seriously

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Sincerity is always the mark of a gentleman, and unfortunately, there is a horrible dearth of that species in society; so if you have one who works hard and is dedicated towards earning money for a secure future with you, it is important that you covet that.

17. He has had medical problems in the past

Everyone has medical problems, but the reason your boyfriend having a medical problem makes him perfectly imperfect is because he is bound to feel more sympathetic towards you during those times that your bodily functions don’t feel like cooperating, whether it is period cramps, or childbirth.

18. He is apolitical

Sometimes his lack of opinion is most definitely is going to get annoying but look at the stats of how many divorces happen because of “irreconcilable differences.” Ever wondered what those are? Hint: mostly opposing political opinions. You’d rather be with someone who is apolitical than one who supports Donald Trump! *shudder*

19. He isn’t very romantic

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A lot of people underestimate the importance of a reality check. Yes, most girls spend their pre-teens, teens, and secretly even their 20s dreaming of a man who will be able to fulfill and live out all their romantic fantasies, but when you think you are stuck with someone who doesn’t even understand the concept of romance, remind yourself about the longevity of a romantic gesture, and the longevity of sincere love. If simply loving you is romantic enough for him, then ladies, he is most definitely perfectly imperfect.

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20. He has overly attached parents

Whether they are attached to you or to him isn’t the issue. The fact that they are capable of bestowing affection to either one or both of you after finding out about your existence is a miracle in itself, and I speak from experience here – your boyfriend’s peripherals (aka his family) should never be disregarded. Ever. Attachment now inevitably means attachment forever, and if that isn’t perfect, I don’t know what is.

So what makes your boyfriend the perfect imperfection that he is? Everything. Everything that he is, and stands for, is perfectly imperfect, if you try hard enough to not be picky and choosy when it comes to love, because to be honest, specifications like this convolute the pureness of the feeling. You cease to see how perfect a person actually is for you, because you are too busy fixating on their shortcomings. A little positivity and patience can go a long way, and one day you will realize that your wait for Prince Charming was over long back.

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