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10 Effective Tips On How To Stroke A Man’s Ego When His Pride Takes A Hit

Men can also have their days.

Days when they don’t feel like it, when they want to brood, stay in bed or simply park their bums on the couch eating a box of pizza and not wanting to meet anyone.

A man can also battle mixed emotions just like a woman does; he feels happiness and sorrow in the same proportions like a woman does. However, he may or may not display it like us women, but yes, he sure has those days when he’s just not feeling it.

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If you’ve known a man for long enough, you must have seen him during those times. He could behave like that due to a variety of reasons. He could genuinely be upset about something, his ego could have been hurt, or he just has convoluted feelings that he is unable to express. Whatever be the reason, he seems to be acting up due to it and most of these reasons boil down to just one thing – his ego.

As his partner, it’s essential that you do the right things to stroke his ego, make him feel better, and help him get out of that bad mood. And all it takes is for you to do the simplest things, things that don’t need you to spend too much of your time or energy. There are little things that he will appreciate, and while you think those little things are silly, you’d be surprised how those very things help to stroke a man’s ego.

How to stroke a man’s ego

1. Make him feel wanted

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Usually, men feel that they are underestimated because we women could totally be idiotic at times and discount them for all that they do. Things like drilling a hole in the wall, fixing a light bulb, opening a stubborn can, and lifting a big bag of groceries to the fourth floor! Very often, we consider all these things to be trivial and get their help to do them. But if you think about it, without men, sometimes it’s hard to get the ‘rough’ work done. So, make him feel wanted, tell him you need him and his help.

2. Tell him he’s special

One of the best ways how to stroke a man’s ego is by letting him know that he is special. Sure, he is just like any other man out there, but what he loves to hear each time is how he is different from all other men and that he’s special. Just like we women love to think that we stand out in a crowd, men too fancy thinking that they have distinctive qualities that make them unique. So take the time to tell him that he’s special, and see how that massages his ego!

3. Compliment him

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When was the last time you told him you loved his new haircut, or how the color of his tie makes his eyes pop or that his biceps makes you want to curl up around him and never let him go? Most women don’t know this, but men too enjoy it when they are given a compliment. Just like how a little ‘you look nice’ brightens up a gloomy day for any woman, compliments have the same effect on men as well. Take time to notice and tell him something nice that he’d love to hear. And when you genuinely compliment him, it’ll definitely stroke his ego, because who doesn’t like being appreciated by their partner?

4. Buy him a little something

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You don’t always have to buy him big and expensive presents. Sometimes you could just show up with a little something that he needs on a daily basis, maybe a shaving lotion, a crate of beer, or even his favorite food from one of his favorite restaurants. Buy him these little things to tell him that you are thinking of him; he’ll feel great about himself. Remember, it’s the thought that matters, not the amount of money you shell out on the present.

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5. Speak good things about him to others

You’d be surprised how thrilled a man can get when he sees you speak good about him to others. The next time he is down and you guys are at a party, take his side and say something nice about him to the rest of the crowd. See how his mood changes when you do something like this.

6. Flirt like you did when you were dating

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Just in case you have lost that little romance in your relationship, it’s time to spice things up and get back to doing what you did in the start. Flirt. It may sound silly, but men really like it when their partners flirt with them even after being with them for a long time. Everyone loves a good tease, so get back to being the girl who used to tease and flirt with him till he was wild with wanting. That’s how to stroke a man’s ego.

7. Distract him

So, your man has been acting up because of something that’s bothering him. The best way to get him out of his current funk is by distracting him. Get him out of his sulk-mode and do something fun by diverting his attention. Go out for a movie, take him for a long drive, call his friends over and make a night of it with food and drinks, or simply help him re-do his messy cupboard. An activity that will temporarily keep him occupied will help him forget what he has been sulking about. Most men have short attention spans, and doing something to break the monotony of his broody mood is just what the doctor ordered!

8. Offer support

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If you really care about the way he feels, you may want to sit him down and talk to him about his issues. Sometimes men can also be needy; even they need emotional support from their partners. So be that pillar for him to lean on, offer your support, tell him you are going to be there for him whenever he needs it. Whether or not you can offer any solutions to his problems, just talking about it can make him feel better. It’s the bottling up of emotions that’s dangerous. Whatever he’s looking for – physical or emotional support – be there for him.

9. Pamper him

Give him a head massage, cut and file his nails, take his plate to the sink after he has eaten, or simply cuddle him in bed – your big spoon for his small. Pamper him when you know he needs it. Men may not show it at all times, but they too enjoy a fair share of pampering from their ladies. So give them what they want, and make them feel special and loved.

10. SMH

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Well, it’s not ‘Shake My Head’ but ‘Some action might help’. One of the easiest tricks in the book is physical connection. It always works. Always. Whether it’s after a heated debate/fight, just before going to a party, as soon as you wake up, or at the end of a busy day, some action between the sheets always is a great way to put your man in a good mood. And one of the most effective ways how to stroke a man’s ego.

Sometimes, all a man ever needs is a good word, a little push, and a feeling of being wanted and loved by their partners. Men can be needy too, no matter how strong and macho they look on the outside. They too have feelings, remember. So, when their pride has taken a hit, you can get them back on track by doing these few things that will help stroke their ego.

Good luck!

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10 Tips On How To Stroke A Man's Ego When His Pride Takes A Hit
If your man is feeling down because his pride took a hit, here's how to stroke a man's ego and get him out of his funk.
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