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20 Essential Things To Consider Before Giving Up On Love

You have had the worst breakup of your life and you just can’t seem to bring yourself to put back the pieces together and look for someone else. That breakup probably happened two years ago, but here you are. You just feel broken on the inside. You feel dejected – like there’s no one in the universe for you. In fact, you’re thinking of giving up on love altogether. In fact, maybe you already have. According to you, love is just something that can never exist without at least one person getting hurt.

But somehow, that person is always you. You were the bubbly kind who believed in the magic of love and the idea of a happy ending (thank you fairytales!). It was supposed to be all about just two people in love and just that’s it, you know? All the ugly fights, heartbreaks, and nights spent crying were just not a part of it. Yeah, you probably don’t care anymore because you think that you don’t need anyone in your life and all that jazz. I even agree with it. But love isn’t all that bad, you know? Don’t give up on it just yet and here is why.

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1. You’re not the only one

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Yes, as a matter of fact, almost everyone who has had a bad breakup has gone through this phase. For all you know, you might find someone who thinks exactly like this and fall in love with them. That doesn’t sound so bad, huh?

2. It takes time

Damn those movies and novels that have us thinking that love happens in no time. Contrary to this, love actually takes plenty of time. They might be with you right now, but you don’t know that you’ll end up falling in love with them; simply, because it takes time.

3. You can’t be too picky

He has to be this tall, or she has to have blue eyes – stop right there. You cannot decide what the love of your life is going to be like even before you’ve met them. Maybe that’s why you haven’t found anyone yet. So, instead of giving up on it, start accepting people as they are.

4. There’s a right time for everything

You might be too young right now to find love. Some people might end up marrying their school crush and some people are in their 30s when they finally find someone that they want to share the rest of their life with. It’s all about the timing.

5. You’re not unlovable

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You have got to stop thinking this because you’re not unlovable. Giving up on love just because you’re a difficult person in general, might not be the best idea that you’ve come up with. You’ll find someone. All you have to do is wait a little.

6. You haven’t met the right kind

There is a very strong possibility that you haven’t been dating the right kind of people all this while. Maybe you just need a different kind of person in your life instead of the same kinds that have been leaving you with a broken heart way too often.

7. It’s not easy

Contrary to popular belief, love doesn’t come easy. It is not just about the romance and the fun. It is also about compromises, struggles, and being there for each other when no one else is. It is hard work and everyone has to do it if you want it to last.

8. You might miss out on someone great

man thinking_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

You might meet someone amazing but you won’t go on that date because you’ve given up on love. Dismissing someone just because of your ‘rules’ will be ridiculous, especially because you’re probably missing out on being with the love of your life.

9. Nothing wrong with being single

If you’re giving up on love because you’ve been single for a while now and nothing seems to be happening, then please don’t. There is nothing wrong with being single either. You’ll find the one whenever it is and you’ll be happy together.

10. Trying too hard won’t help

If you’ve dismissed the idea of love and being with someone because you think you’ve just been trying too hard and failing at it; then just slow down and breathe. The idea is to fall in love and not hunt it down. You’ll find love when it comes to you. So just calm down till then and don’t give up on love.

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11. You’ll regret it

If you decide to give up on love, there will come a day when you’re sitting and thinking about the chances you might have had. That regret will bring nothing but pain to you. You might have even married someone else because of societal pressure, but if it’s not for love, then it’s not worth it. So, don’t let it get to that.

12 It’ll be really lonely

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

This is a bit obvious, don’t you think so? None of us want to end up living alone. Humans in general need more than just family and friends to survive. But you need more than that; you need someone you can be with on an intimate level. Giving up on love might not give you the chance to have that.

13. Others can do it

Like mentioned earlier, you’re not the only one in the universe that feels this way. Be it celebrities or regular people like us, we’ve all been there. But we are also the ones who let it go and dated other people. Some of us found love while some of us didn’t. If others can do it, so can you.

14. You’re not thinking

Clearly! You’re not in the best state of mind right now, but no one is when they have a broken heart. You get too emotional and can’t really think straight. So, if giving up on love is one of those decisions that you made because you’re an emotional mess, you need to stop right now. Making a rash decision when you’re nursing a broken heart isn’t a very smart thing to do.

15. You don’t want free massages?

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So many of us are in it only because of the free massages and amazing sex! Why wouldn’t you want someone who’ll actually take care of you? One of the best parts of being in love with someone is that you both take care of each other. You won’t have this because you’re planning to give up on love.

16. There’s so much to learn

People you’re with teach you a lot of things that you wouldn’t know otherwise. You even learn a lot about you as a person when you’re with somebody. All of these things are important and won’t happen if you try to give on love.

17. It might be too late

As harsh as that sounds, if you give up on love even after you realize that you’ve found the person, you might just end up losing them forever. The other person might move on and you’ll find yourself nursing your broken heart, all over again. So, tread carefully.

18. Risks are important

Loving someone is a huge gamble; a massive leap of faith. You have no idea what the future holds when you’re in love with someone. But taking risks is what life is all about. What if things actually work out great? You won’t know till you try it out! So, just let someone in.

19. You won’t have any stories

woman thinking_New_Love_Times

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Don’t you want to be that cool aunt or uncle that has the funniest stories about people? More than funny stories, your experiences are the ones that will help you advice people later on. None of this is happening if you don’t have the experience in the first place.

20. You will find happiness

Well. Not if you give up on love. Then you’ll eventually get to a point when you’ll be unhappy. But if you do try to move ahead and give it a shot, you’ll find your happy place, one day. You just need some patience, an ounce or two of hope and love, of course.

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Relationships are crazy, period. No one can be perfect at handling them, because it is not a skill. You learn things on the go. They are hard and not something that can be taken care of overnight. It’s a lot of hard work that takes years of patience, fights, and plenty of love. But it’s not undoable. And it’ll all be worth it in the end.

Keep in mind that it won’t work out with everyone that you go steady with. Situations change and so do people, so maybe things will not work out even after you took that risk. But that does not mean that love is not real. Love is real. You can’t decide to not open up to someone because the last one didn’t go down that well. You just need to stop holding onto your past and let someone that you like hold your hand again. That’s all it’ll take to find happiness again.

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20 Vital Things To Consider Before Giving Up On Love
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