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Paradoxical? 21 Unromantic Signs You Are In Love

Love is a strange thing. Sometimes, it makes us do the most romantic thing for the one we love, while there are times when even the most ordinary gestures make more sense than any other larger than life step. Not everyone expresses their affection in the same textbook manner. While there is no dearth of mushy gestures doubling up as signs you are in love, there are plenty of unromantic signs you are in love too, that convey the same butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling in their own beautiful and subtle way.

  • When you kiss each other the first thing in the morning, with your messed up hair and a bad breath.

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  • When you can wear the same pajamas and your favorite comfy shirt in front of your partner, without getting judged.
  • When being who you are is more than enough.
  • When you can bare your body and soul without getting anxious.
  • When you fight over eating the last slice of pizza.
  • When you don’t have to over-analyze everything before sending them a text or asking a random question.
  • When hanging out with your partner’s friends is the most effortless thing in the world.
  • When you can ask your partner to buy all those personal and intimate stuff for you.
  • When you want to have sleepovers, without the need of having sex.

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  • When they take out the food that has been stuck in your teeth.
  • When they are not required to say the L word to make you feel their love. Just a single look of their eyes is more than enough to let you know how much you mean to them!
  • When you don’t have to put layers of makeup or shave before meeting them.

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  • When you can fall sick in front of them and instead of leaving you alone, they treat you in a second with that everlasting kiss.
  • When you don’t bother closing the bathroom door, because there is nothing left that your partner hasn’t seen yet.
  • When spending time with them matters the most, even when it means that you have to spend hours traveling or would stay uncomfortable on the journey.

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  • When you are no longer particular about where to eat. The idea of having tacos with them in your bed seems like the best plan.
  • When the two of you can be silent for hours, and not feel uncomfortable or awkward at all. Instead, you fall deeper in love with each other in that silence.
  • When you eat to satisfy your appetite and not to impress your partner with your modern eating habits. The idea of your “diet” takes a back seat when you are with them.

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  • When spending time with their family no longer feels an obligation. You become fond of their parents and starts respecting them for giving you such an incredible gift.
  • When you can speak your heart out or even have the most disastrous fights, knowing that your relationship is stronger than any argument. You fight, but you make up quickly for the lost time and meet each other halfway without any effort.
  • And most significantly, when you don’t have to look a certain way or behave nicely for them. You don’t have to like something just to impress your partner. You can be comfortable in your own skin. You don’t need to pretend to be someone you are not. You don’t need to change yourself. Your partner loves you the way you are and that is more than enough.

Love is not always found in those overwhelming gestures. Too often, even the most unromantic things can show how irrevocable you can be in love with your partner. Instead of chasing something that is not real, accept what you have. If you can be yourself in your relationship, then you don’t need to change a thing. You have found happiness in the most ordinary things and it is time you should start embracing it.

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Paradoxical? 21 Unromantic Signs You Are In Love
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