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[Valentine’s Day special] 21 Valentine’s Day gifts to buy online that she would actually love

15. ‘Melt’ her heart

chocolate pen drive

Chocolate pen drive

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We all love Valentine’s Day gifts that look good and are useful, don’t we? And for a woman, it doesn’t get better than chocolate!

Chocolate-shaped 16 GB Pen drive, Rs. 599/- Buy it here.

16. Monkey see, monkey help

monkey shape scarf hanger

Monkey shape scarf hanger

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If you find your woman struggling to manage her various scarves, stoles, and belts, get her this cute monkey who’s happy to help!

Monkey Shape Scarf Hanger, Rs. 349/- Buy it here.

17. D’oh, Marge!

marge simpson shape hand mirror

Marge Simpson mirror

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If you’re a couch potato who loves doughnuts, then your wife probably considers herself another Marge Simpson!

Marge Simpson Mirror, Rs. 1,700/- Buy it here.

18. Sleep like a log

log pillow

Log pillow

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Bring the outdoors in with this beautifully designed log pillow; a must for a nature lover!

Log Pillow, Rs. 1,049/- Buy it here.

19. Go Dexter on them

dexter-inspired purse

Dexter-inspired purse

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It’s a harsh world out there and you fear for her safety. Make those molesters think twice when she carries out a purse that would make Dexter proud! Dexter inspired Purse, Rs. 1,799/- Buy it here.

20. ‘Build’ your love with bricks

lego love pendant

Lego love pendant

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Huge hugs guaranteed when you gift your Lego lover this heart necklace!

Lego Love Pendant, Rs. 1,499/- Buy it here.

21. Bookmark my love

her bookmark

Her bookmark

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Sharing a book with your lover and getting frustrated about mixed up bookmarks? Never again! Gift your girl her very own pink bookmark – no more confusion!

Her bookmark, Rs. 424/- Buy it here.

Chocolates, roses, and teddies are Valentine’s Day gifts that have been done to death, so it’s time for something sassier!! Take your pick from this list that has something for everyone, and make this year’s Valentine’s Day a memorable one!

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21 wacky Valentine's Day gifts for her
This weekend, gift the woman in your life something wacky from among these 21 wacky Valentine's Day gifts for her to make her grin ear to ear.
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Fabida Abdulla

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