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These Ex Revenge Stories Will Make You Cringe Or If You Are A Wee Bit Sadist/Just Broke Up, Laugh

Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves. – Confucius.

Many philosophers have said that karma takes care of those who have hurt you and it is useless to spend your energies in revenge. But hey, the satisfaction of that one quirky revenge feels so damn good before you move on. Here are a few ex revenge stories that will make you cringe or bring out your inner sadist depending on your current relationship status!  😛

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1. Sorry, wrong number! Or is it?

“He was more possessive about his cruiser bike than me and apparently his other girlfriend. When we broke up, I put up his bike for a great bargain on a resale website with his phone number, I bet he was hounded with calls.”

2. You needed drama, here it is…

“We shared a Netflix account so when we broke up I lined up all movies and series related to cheating like ‘The Unfaithful’ in the Add to My list and then opened up some other movies so the entire page was filled with movies which called her out for being a cheating bi*ch.”

3. And that’s how the game is played…

“My ex was a huge cricket fan and would ditch our dates to sit back and watch cricket matches. When he cheated on me, I decided to splurge and got tickets to this World Cup match and took placards which said ‘Xmnmnf is a cheater.’”

4. B.U.R.N

“I am usually non violent but he cheated on our 4 yr relationship and in that blind rage I burnt his collection of vintage comic books. I really don’t regret it.”

5. Now that will cost you some…

“I was pissed drunk when I went with a few friends to her place, punctured all her car wheels and spray painted, CHEATER, on her car. Best moment of our relationship.”

6. Lump that dump…

“He used to always complain about how I treated his car, either it was that I didn’t care to eat properly and got crummies everywhere or that he’d find my hair all over his car. The last time he dropped me home, I asked him to open his boot to take some of my stuff out when I poured in a huge bag of my dog’s poop! BEST FEELING EVER!”

7. And that’s how you leave…

“We went on a reconciliation road trip, he said he would change. I never trusted him but I wanted my revenge. We stopped at a rest stop when he went to pee and I just drove away 50KM from the city. His cell phone and wallet were all in the car. I dropped them all at his place and went home a happy woman!”

8. I am NOT your backup…

“She used me, made me do all her spreadsheets and presentations at work. When we broke up, I had her hard drive with me and she wanted it back for work related stuff. I just cleaned out the entire drive, like completely!”

9. That will HURT for a long time

“We were saving up in a joint account for our wedding before he decided to screw our best friend. I decided to blow up the money on a new camera, home gym and tickets for a camping holiday.”

10. Just a CLEAN breakup…

“I was sick of all the lying and I finally decided to move out of his place. When I was moving out, I figured might as well do something nice- so I cleaned all his electronic appliances starting from the TV to his desktop computer, with shampoo!”

11. Dead to me

“She loved roses and I used to send her flowers once in a while. When we broke up, I sent her a bunch of dead flowers to her work place with a nasty note! Felt GOOD!”

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12. Something fishy

“I was literally her handyman around the house and when we broke up, I decided to do some repairs. I got a fresh fish from the supermarket and stuck it with tape to the bottom of her bed. She would never figure out the stink!”

13. Under ‘weather’ wear

“The lying bas*ard that he was- I ripped all his underwear, socks, shirts and ties!”

14. Now, keep trying!

“I put hair remover in his hair conditioner.” <evil grin>

15. NSFW

“He was addicted to porn and I figured why not let him entertain himself at work too. I logged into at least a 100 porn websites and subscribed him for all of them. All from his work email!”

Do you have any ex revenge stories to share with us? Tell us, we’re feelin’ evil! 😉

Featured image source: Youtube

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25 Ex Revenge Stories Will Make You Cringe Or Laugh
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