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28 Decidedly Unromantic Signs You Have Found Your Soulmate

There are very few times in your life that you meet people, who you find inexplicably drawn to. You can’t put into words the way they make you feel. You share such a profound connection with them, that it’s deeper than anything you’ve felt before, or will feel after. Whether you believe in the concept of soulmates or not, there’s this one person out there who is meant just for you.

However, there are certain signs that will make this connection you share with this person obvious. And if you’ve been lucky enough to have found this person who loves you just the way you are, truly understands you like none other, and sees right through to your soul, don’t let go. You might not cross paths with them a second time in your life. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

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Here are the signs you have found your soulmate:

1. Words are superfluous when it comes to knowing what the other person is thinking.

2. Whether you’re out grocery shopping or doing the dishes, you enjoy each other’s company. You have fun!

3. When you’re with them, you don’t weigh your words, don’t over-think things, don’t over-analyze every little thing you do or they do, you’re just YOU.

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4. There’s not a single aspect of your life that they don’t know and don’t love.

5. While they challenge you to be the best version of yourself, they also support you, no matter what.

6. Whether you’re mad, or stressed, or feeling a bit blue, they know just the thing to turn your frown upside down.

7. You don’t know how you went on living before you met them, and you certainly don’t want to even contemplate a time when they’re not in your life.

8. It doesn’t matter if you’re eating leftovers from last night or eating the most scrumptious meal at a fancy restaurant, you have fun being with each other.

9. You don’t care if you’re hogging that big Mac double burger and fries and coke and dessert like a starved person, because you know they love you no matter how you look.

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

10. Whether it’s been a year since you both got together or several years, there’s still sizzling chemistry between you two.

11. You don’t feel self-conscious, awkward, or insecure with them, EVER!

12. They know exactly what pisses you off, and they try to avoid them… as much as possible.

13. You both feel like you’ve known each other your whole lives.

14. You never tire of thinking how adorable they are with their little quirks – aligning the magazines at right angles to the edge of the coffee table, sleeping with their mouths slightly open, scratching their head with their nose crinkling when you ask them something.

15. You both love how you look when you’re all decked up on a night out, but you love them when you’re both dressed comfortably in a pair of ratty sweats and holey t-shirts.

16. Whether it’s a note saying they’ll bring takeout on their way home that evening or a simple I’ll miss you. Get back soon!, you cherish each one of these handwritten notes because they’re precious to you and they’re worth more than any expensive thing you could possibly own.

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

17. You don’t hesitate to tell them when they’re being stupid or hypocritical or insensitive, and vice versa.

18. You don’t hold grudges against each other because you know that at the end of the day, your relationship is stronger and more important than any petty issue that you were arguing about.

19. Whether you have a big presentation at work tomorrow, or are nervous to wear your slightly skimpy bikini, they will cheer you on to do your best. At the same time, they will never coddle you because they know that you deserve to be respected as an independent individual who can think for themselves.

20. No subject under the sun is taboo for you both. You can be as comfortable talking about your period as their IBS! 😉

21. You have your moments when you disagree on something, but when it comes to things that truly matter, you both are right there with each other, on the same page.

22. You feel like you’re a better version of yourself when you’re with them, than without them. And vice versa.

23. You both are partners in the truest sense of the word – a team, a unit, a duo.

24. You support each other’s dreams, even if you don’t necessarily understand them.

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

25. You now truly know the meaning of the phrase, companionable silence.

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26. They can make you laugh (the kind of laugh where the juice you’re drinking comes out of your nose ;)) with the silliest or the funniest joke there is, and that too in inappropriate and/or serious situations.

27. Your instincts tell you that they are it for you. That you’ll never have eyes for anybody else in your life.

28. For the first time in your life, you realize that home is not a place, but a person, your partner.

How many of these signs you have found your soulmate did you tick off about your partner? If you’ve not yet found your soulmate, don’t worry, they’re out there. You just have to believe that you’ll find each other.

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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