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How To Find Your Soulmate – In 9 Easy Steps

Soulmate – that one word seems to give a sense of purpose to everyone in life. Some people have already found their soulmates, while a few of us others are still searching for ours. So how to find your soulmate, that one person that you can love and live with for the rest of your life? Finding your soulmate is obviously not an easy task. Before doing that, you should probably try figuring out what a soulmate really means. Is it someone who gets you completely or is it some stranger you just hit it off with during a weekend trip?

If you’ve been thinking and waiting around for your soulmate hoping that they’ll have all those dream-like characteristics, then maybe it is time that you start paying attention to something that is a tad bit more important than what they look like or the kind of music that they like. Chemistry – that’s what you need to focus on when you’re out to find your soulmate. No, I’m not talking about your chemistry between the sheets. Obviously, that physical connection is very important in every relationship, but you also need to connect at the intellectual level in order to sustain your relationship in the years to come. You also need to realize that it is not always going to be smooth sailing just because they’re your soulmate. Ups and downs will come, but they’re all part of the process.

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Now, if you’ve understood that, here is how to find your soulmate.

1. Keep an open mind

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Now that you’re on the look out for your soulmate, you will have to be willing and able enough to keep an open mind. Your soulmate could be anyone from a stranger on the beach or that old friend that you haven’t seen in forever. You honestly never know. So, you’ll have to be very patient and accepting of what comes your way. Not everyone that you meet will be your destined soulmate, but your companion is definitely out there. It all depends on the timing, really.

2. Be clear about what you want

This is very important because until you make up your mind about what kind of person you like and want, you can’t decide on who your soulmate might be. You will obviously have an idea about what kind of person you’re looking for from your past relationship experiences. Even if you don’t have that experience, you need to sit yourself down and decide on the basic aspects you desire in a person for them to qualify to be your soulmate. Now, the key here is to not focus on the negative aspects, but rather the positive ones.

3. Be your own self

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Before you start out on your search for the soulmate in question, you might want to focus on yourself. All of us have our strengths and weaknesses, of course. But when you’re looking to find someone to share your life with, you might want to work on your weaknesses. You don’t want to start a relationship with someone based on each other’s weaknesses. Of course, there are some things that you can’t really alter, but at least make sure that you take time to find out who you really are as a person. This will just make you better equipped to find out who your soulmate will be.

4. Don’t judge

If you’ve just met someone, then making any kind of judgments about them after the first few times that you’ve interacted with them, is not fair. You still learn new things about the people you’ve known for years, so don’t jump to any conclusions about someone you’ve just met. They might be going through issues that you’ve never experienced before. Even if you’ve faced something similar, it is still not the same thing. Just remember that people are not at their best when they’re down. So, keep the judging at bay.

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5. Be aware

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Your soulmate may be that person who just walked away from after having helped you with that shopping bag. They might not seem like how you thought them to be, but that does not mean that they cannot be the one that you’re searching for. All you have to do is find a basic connection between the two of you and dig deeper. But that is not going to be possible if you ignore everyone that comes your way, just because he is a little shorter than you or because she has a different voice than you imagined it to be. That ain’t how it works.

6. Get out

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Yes, you need to do this. You are not going to run into your soulmate-to-be by sitting at home now, will you? You can’t expect to find people when you don’t even try to put yourself out there. What that means is going out, going on dates, and having fun while you get to meet loads of new people and potential soulmates. Point is, your soulmate isn’t going to come knocking at your doorstep. Not everyone is that lucky! So, step out and go find them yourself and have some fun in the process. That doesn’t sound all that bad, right?

7. Prepare

No, you do not have to read up like you are studying for an exam, but you do want to be at your best when you do finally meet that person. The point is to expand your mind so that there are more chances of you finding that soulmate. Get out, travel, read, and learn the ways of the world. All of these things will make you more knowledgeable and interesting as a person, and will likely increase your chances of being someone’s soulmate.

8. Stay ready for the surprise

Not necessary, but life is full of surprises and your soulmate could come with a bag of them too. It could be either good or bad, or both. Point being, it might not be love at first sight. You’re going to discover things about your soulmate that you may or may not like. You have got to remember that soulmates are not perfect people, they’re just perfect for you. So, instead of judging, maybe you can try acceptance. It’s a good feeling.

9. Stay patient

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Love at first sight doesn’t work for everyone, you know? So, here is what you should do – stay calm and patient while you look for your love because this is not something that can happen in the blink of an eye, as much as you and everyone else wants it! You need to realize that not every potential soulmate you come across is going to be the one for you. It depends on a lot of factors, so a little patience and acceptance won’t hurt your chances. Just keep going at it!

Now that you know how to find your soulmate, you just need to pull up your socks and get out there instead of hoping that your soulmate will come and find you in your little den. Go out there – explore your options, make new friends, travel, learn something new, or indulge in something you like. Doing any of these things is better than nothing at all! And, it most definitely will bring you closer to your soulmate in one way or another!

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You also need to remember that you can’t ‘choose’ your soulmate. In fact, that’s probably one of the main reasons as to why you haven’t yet met your soulmate. You can’t always be looking for your soulmate, you have to trust that they will come to you when the time is right. When you meet your soulmate, you’ll just know. It might sound very strange to you right now, but when it hits you, it will all make sense.

Just remember that it is not a choice that you have to make. Instead, it is the way that you feel around someone. Of course, you do have the choice to decide whether you want to follow through with it or not, but that’s entirely up to you. Just remember that even though everyone is screaming on social media as to how love is something that should be avoided – it really isn’t. Yes, there is going to be pain and disappointments, but that is all a part of the process of finding your lifelong love.

Love is not about being under someone’s mercy and being weak. It is a powerful emotion that makes you feel stronger thanks to that one person who loves you. That person is your soulmate.

You’re welcome. Happy hunting!

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How To Find Your Soulmate - In 9 Easy Steps
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