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30 Innovative Fall Wedding Favors Your Guests Would Cherish

Distributing wedding favors is a classic tradition that is practiced all over the world. People like to give a personal touch to their wedding, which is why deciding on which favors to give their wedding guests is an important choice for any wedding.

If you want to make your wedding day special for your guests, deciding on unique gifts will give you the personalized touch that you’re looking for! If you’re planning a fall wedding, you can incorporate the season in your favors with these different, yet pretty, fall wedding favors your guests will love to receive!

Check them out.

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(I) Edible Fall Wedding Favors

It’s hard to go wrong with edible wedding favors, they’re always a crowd pleaser!

1. Customized jams

fall favor customized jam

Image source: Pinterest

Gifting tiny jars of different flavors of delicious jam to your guests will not only be an irresistible treat, but will also add color to your wedding.

2. Tiny pies

fall favor tiny pies

Image source: Pinterest

Pies make everything better. They even add a cute element to your wedding by just sitting there on the counter!

3. Wedding cookies

fall favor wedding cookies

Image source: Pinterest

Add a personal touch with a packaging such as this one for your fall themed wedding favors.

4. Centerpiece cupcakes

fall favor centerpiece cupcakes

Image source: Pinterest

This arrangement will look so glamorous in your wedding. Plus, they’re so colorful!

5. Fall cake pops

fall favor cake pops

Image source: Pinterest

Cake pops are so delicious and extremely convenient too! You don’t have to worry about crumbs all over the floor after the reception has ended. They’re small enough to eat in one go!

6. Honey jars

fall favor honey jars

Image source: Pinterest

Personalize your wedding favors by having a message such as this one on it.

7. Roasted garlic salt

fall favor roasted garlic salt

Image source: Pinterest

Flavored salts make tasty wedding gifts you can give your guests. They are so useful, and your guests are going to love the flavor!

(II) Useful fall wedding favors

You might want to give your guests something that they will be able to use again and again. Check out these options.

8. Bottle opener

fall favor bottle opener

Image source: Pinterest

Give your guests this cute key bottle opener. You can be assured that this one won’t go out the window! Besides, everyone needs a bottle opener from time to time.

9. Journals

fall favor journals

Image source: Pinterest

Everybody uses journals for various purposes. Nothing gets better than a fall themed journal to give away to your guests on your wedding.

10. Fall shaped maple syrup

fall favor fall shaped maple syrup

Image source: Pinterest

The fall season packaging gives it the perfect touch! Plus, who doesn’t love maple syrup? It’s going to be used up in no time!

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11. Luggage tags

fall favor luggage tags

Image source: Pinterest

Luggage tags are so useful when you’re traveling. Give your guests something practical that also goes with the theme of your wedding.

12. Homemade soaps

fall favor homemade soaps

Image source: Pinterest

Incorporating the season in your wedding works so well when you have homemade soaps like these as wedding favors!

13. Wine bottle stopper

fall favor wine bottle stopper

Image source: Pinterest

Gift your guests a wine bottle stopper – everyone needs one of these at some point! Now each time they use it, they’ll be reminded of you. We love the detailing on the wine bottle stopper, it’s so pretty!

14. Tangy juice

fall favor tangy juice

Image source: Pinterest

Your guests will be so pleased to find tangy juice with their name tag on it waiting for them to take home.

15. Body butter

fall favor body butter

Image source: Pinterest

Get body butter in pretty colors custom made for your guests. If you’re under the impression that only women use body products, you’re going to be surprised by the number of men who will also be using your gift to its fullest!

16. Succulents in teacups

fall favor succulent tea cups

Image source: Pinterest

Succulents in teacups make cute and tiny fall wedding favors for your guests. If you’re looking for something small while still maintaining your theme, you’ll love to give these as gifts!

(III) Unique fall wedding favors

You want a little bit of yourself to be reflected in your wedding favors, so you’re looking for something different that hasn’t been done before. Here, have a look!

17. Hangover kit

fall favor hangover kit

Image source: Pinterest

You’re preparing your guests for the morning after your wedding by giving them a hangover kit. This way, they will remember your wedding forever!

18. Love coupons

fall favor love coupons

Image source: Pinterest

You’re in love and you want other people to experience what you have with your partner. Get your guests to express themselves more with their partner with these love coupons as wedding favors! It’s useful and really unique.

19. Flavored lip balm

fall favor lipbalm

Image source: Pinterest

Everyone likes lemongrass flavored lip balm! It smells delicious and it’s easy to apply all the time, making it a great choice to give as a wedding favor.

20. Shot glasses

fall favor shot glasses

Image source: Pinterest

You could give cute shot glasses like these, which work as a souvenir too!

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21. Donation made in their name

fall favor donation in their name

Image source: Pinterest

Nothing gets better than making a difference for underprivileged people on your special day! Make your guests feel special by making a donation in their name as a wedding favor!

22. Chalkboard tags

fall favor chalkboard tags

Image source: Pinterest

Chalkboard tags are cheap but still pretty innovative! You can write down any message you want for your guests to take home with them!

23. Fall themed coasters

fall favor fall themed coasters

Image source: Pinterest

Coasters look extremely pretty and useful. Giving a set of 4 different colored coasters is a perfect choice for a fall wedding favor.

24. Cocktail kit

fall favor cocktail kit

Image source: Pinterest

Your guests would be thrilled to have the recipe of that mouth-watering cocktail served at your wedding. Why not give them a complete package?

25. Fancy candles

fall favor fancy candles

Image source: Pinterest

You could also pick fall-themed scented candles as a wedding favor for your guests! Add some light to their lives, like they did by being there for you on your special day!

26. Single use cameras

fall favor single use camera

Image source: Pinterest

These make for such cool wedding favors! Your guests can capture different parts of the wedding that they enjoyed and carry those memories back with them. You could ask them to forward the pictures to you later on :)

(IV) Souvenirs

If you’d rather give a souvenir of your wedding, then you could pick something from these choices.

27. Tote

fall favor totes

Image source: Pinterest

You can customize these at quite a few places, do an Internet search to find the closest place for you. Customize them as per your requirements or as per the theme of your wedding. You can make them color coordinated to your theme too as a wedding favor!

28. Fall leaf spreader

fall favor fall leaf spreader

Image source: Pinterest

Give your guests something useful and memorable with these fall leaf spreaders that they can use daily! These can be used during breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

29. Vintage photo frame

fall favor vintage photo frame

Image source: Pinterest

Have a photographer give away pictures of you and your guests in this gorgeous vintage photo frame during the wedding reception. What’s better than a picture with you on your wedding day?

30. Wedding photo booth props

fall favor photo booth props

Image source: Pinterest

Keep fun props you want your guests to use during the wedding, which they can take back home with them too. These props are a great way to spice up your wedding photos. It will help your guests participate in your big day and feel like more of a part of your wedding!

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Picking wedding favors for your guests is going to be a time consuming process, especially if you’re customizing your gifts. We’d suggest that you start planning for this in advance because there are so many other things to plan as well. You will have a lot to take care of and you don’t want to mess this or anything else up on your big day!

Selecting wedding favors is exciting because it’s fun while still maintaining the tradition of giving something back to the people who made it to witness your big day! Remember to keep it simple but still creative. You don’t need to spend excessively on wedding favors for them to be special and nice. At the end of the day, the gesture is what counts!

Featured image source: Pinterest

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30 Fall Wedding Favors Your Guests Would Cherish
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