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The Best Love Poems That Depict Your Relationship

Do you love poetry? What is the healthiest way of expressing true romance for you? Being a poet, I find it the biggest dedication when someone pens a piece for me. If you are looking to get a little romantic, I am going to share one of my specially curated poems about love, which I hope can help you express those hidden feelings you have had locked inside for too long.

couple kissing

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There is no dearth of poems about love and mushy, romantic poems because there are too many poets who want to express and impress. I too wish to pen poems that will connect with you. The best part of being a poet is that you feel everything too deeply. They are not merely words.

They say ‘you spend your entire life rewriting the first poem you have ever loved.’ Well, do I do that? Maybe yes, maybe no. Regardless, I believe that your favorite poem tells your story.

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Let me pen a few romantic pieces that speak about true love. I will try and chart the whole journey from meeting someone for the first time to falling in love and then promising marriage and living your life together.

1. At First Sight

couple kissing at a carnival

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Sometimes love really does happen at the very first sight. Ever fancied seeing a strange face and finding it to be the home you ached for? Here is a poem dedicating that first time your eyes fell for her.

In a crowd of people

Amidst a hoard of souls

The eyes silently fell

On a figure too frail.

Hidden behind thick glasses

With hair splattered on the face

My eyes were stuck on you

The golden green glimmer.

She smiled a little

As if afraid to do so

I sensed her hesitation

And bowed to the glow.

She was the dream

That kept me awake

On every wintry night.

When the moon shined

Flirting with the stars

I thought of her

And the beauty she was!

Will we meet again?

Because the heart has found a home

In the golden green eyes

That secretly hid behind the world

2. Seal The Date

couple kissing on christmas

Image source: Shutterstock

Lucky enough to get a date with the one who stole your heart? We all love first dates and what better way to make it eternal than to seal it with the perfect poem. Here is my dedication to that first date that made the world go round for you.

That first time

You sat across

The wooden table,

Your eyes glimmering

With hope.

I rested my hands

Patiently on yours.

You smiled a little

And the eyes spoke.

I fell again

For that golden green hues.

We spoke of the way

The stars crossed

On long winter nights

When the hearts were cold.

I inched closer

You smiled a little more,

I stole a kiss

Under the perfect Christmas tree

And we sealed the promise

To stay entwined

Until the hardest times.

You kissed me a forever

I sealed it with another.

Two long lost lovers

United as one.

The memories were made,

Hearts exchanged.

A lifetime was ahead

But promises were made

More dates to follow

Love to give

Time did freeze

And again we kissed.

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3. Freezing The Middle

couple in love

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

This is perhaps the most romantic phase. You have been dating and life seems great while you are starry-eyed. You feel like breaking into a love song all the time and there are too many wonderful memories to hold. Every moment is so full of love that you feel like you’re living a teenage dream. You want to dedicate something marvelously romantic to your lover and let them know that every moment with them is special and worth a treasure.

A world within a world,

A dream inside a dream.

A cocoon of memories

A lifetime of love.

Every moment spent

Entwined in your fingers,

Etched in my hearts

Sealed by the soul.

So much we have seen,

So much yet to see.

The middle is eternal

It shall never fade.

Seasons always change,

But love shall stay the same.

Nothing will separate

The bond between me and you

The passion is strong

The love, rare and true.

Every time I see

The two of us

Enveloped in a hug

My heart flutters again

With a love so strong

I know that this


Will stay.

No end can obliterate

The love I have for you

We will stay frozen

Till the end of times

Until more comes

And once again

Makes us smile

Freezing the middle

And keeping the smiles.

4. The Ups And Downs

couple in love

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

No matter how much we love another person, life is often not the fairy tale we believe. If you are going through a tumultuous time and things don’t look too bright despite knowing deep down that you wish things were rosy again, you can hope for the old flame of love to rekindle yet again. Here is the poem of love which will speak of the pain of heartbreak and still tell how love can keep you going when everything else breaks down.

True love is tested

And sometimes we drift apart

And your heart shall break,

And the days will be dark.

But, hold on, my love

To the love we once lived.

Let our memories

Be the lullaby

That will sing you to sleep.

I clutch tighter to the pillow

They soak my tears

The eyes still paint your face

As they hold you dear.

Let us be strong

And once again win the battles.

Cross over the bridge

Which separates you from me

Inside this heart

You reside

And forever you shall be.

No argument is too big

For the vows we sealed

Walk back in my life

Let us waltz again

Heal this broken heart

Patch back the piece


Nothing feels right

Without you by my side.

Be the lover I loved

Rekindle the flame

Let us again kiss

The kiss of love.

Once again, we will date

Visit the places we met

Memories shall be shared

The moon will waltz again.

Our story will not fade

You’re the tomorrow

My yesterday had seen

Forever was promised

Forever it will be

5. A Happy Ever After

couple in love

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Yes, I am still the sappy romantic that believes that every love story gets its own happy ever after. If you too have been the chosen lucky ones who got the true love of their life, here is one final ode to your love. After all, a true love story calls for a celebration, doesn’t it?

I remember the times

I first saw your angelic face

Age has left its mark

The eyebrows have paled

Your hair is now frail

The wrinkles on the hands

Leaves a trail.

But, nothing looks more pristine


You are still my favorite face.

I love the way you smile

And how the wrinkles rub your eyes.

I smile when the wind

Plays with your hair

The little pony swings

High and higher above

I unfurl my fingers

And let the tangled hair

Caress the tiny fingers

Which have grown thick with age.

I press a little kiss

On your broad forehead

We are together, alone

In the balcony of our home.

A lifetime of memories

A warm and loving hug.

We seal the vows again

50 years of love.

Together, we grew old

Your habits have changed

I fell again in love

With the person you used to be

You still bring my tea

With two cubes of sugar

I steal the last piece

Of cupcakes you make

I lick the frosting off

The tiny little fingers.

You play with my eyes

And give that perfect smile

Baked with love

The cake gets thick.

Once again we visit

The same café we went.

Memories of our first date

Linger in the old hearts

Times may have passed

But the memories remained

I sing to you the poem

That I wrote for you

You blush yet again

Honey, I still fall for you

Because the heart has found a home

In the golden green eyes

That secretly hid behind the world

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Damn, I need some tissue as the tears just won’t stop. How many of you have been lucky enough to witness a happy ending? There is something very mushy about old couples that are celebrating a lifetime together. Don’t you just love how the sappiness of love makes you feel?

If you have snippets of your own poems about love, hit me up in the comments below! I can’t wait to see what love makes you feel!

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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5 Poems About Love That Depict Your Relationship
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