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9 Glaring Mistakes You Must Avoid To Prevent Body Acne

Dealing with body acne as a teenager with hormones going crazy, is a popular brand of misery! On my list, it featured way above the trauma of using braces. But adult acne? Now that is just a nasty joke! It lifts the stress and anxiety levels, which in turn, worsen the acne situation. It is a vicious cycle, and the only way to break it, is to stop indulging in some common but stark mistakes that are inflaming your acne. We give you 9!

How to prevent body acne

1. Washing yourself way too much!

Woman showering

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Using bath soap more than once a day dries out the skin. The natural oils of your skin are obviously affected by the same, which in turn means that when you think you are cleaning to make your skin healthier, it is causing excess oil production which clogs the pores and causes body acne. Also, avoid using excessively hot water for your bath since it has a similar effect.

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2. Over-exfoliation

Exfoliation should be done just thrice a week and not more. Exfoliators burst the whiteheads if you use them rigorously, and that causes the bacteria to spread throughout the body. Exfoliators irritate the already sensitive skin, because of which the acne takes longer than usual to heal.

3. Popping the pimples

woman popping pimple

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No!!!! Don’t squeeze and then smash regardless of your Mum screaming at the top of her voice! This habit spreads the bacteria the quickest and thus, causes scars. If you really need to pop your pimples, do it the correct way. First, sterilize a needle. Then, pierce the pimple sideways and rip it upwards. We, however, suggest you don’t burst it at all!

4. Sidestepping the moisturizing bit!

Even if you want to dry out your pesky zits, moisturizing is essential! All acne treatments dry out our skin and even the pimples. So it requires hydration. For something lighter, try oil-free formulations. These won’t clog the skin pores. Pick a moisturizer with an SPF count which suits your skin. Also, never skip the sunscreen when you step out!

5. Not sticking to a healthy skin regime

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Every time you are introduced to a new product you secretly hope that this is the one! You use it religiously for a couple days and see that the miracle has not happened even at the end of Day-3! And then you evade it! You need to stop this habit! Every product takes at least two weeks to begin to show some good change in your skin. Of course, if your skin does not show any healthy signs even after the end of 14 days or contrarily, seems to be deteriorating the acne situation, you should most certainly stop using it.

6. Putting hair products way close to the hairline

All hair products, say anti-frizz sprays or pomades, must be applied away from the forehead. Most people are guilty of this sin that causes body acne.

7. Using too many products

Is your body beauty regime way too long? Then, my dear, you are applying unnecessary products! 2 products, designed to fight acne are more than enough. These products are usually meant to dry your skin and if you use too many of them your skin is bound to be in trouble!

8. Applying the wrong products

bath and beauty products

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Not all acne treatments work for everyone. Some skin don’t respond to the commonest body acne treatment ingredient, that is, salicylic acid. So when it comes to acne, you have to be willing to play trial and error, and take note of which products work for you, and which don’t, using the two week test we spoke of earlier.  It is a waste of your money and time, using a number of products at the same time, though they have the same active constituents.

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9. Using a dirty cell phone

Whenever you are on a call, your cell absorbs the oil and sweat from your face. If you ignore cleaning that off, your cell will turn into a bacteria breeding ground. You need to follow the guidelines provided by your phone’s maker to clean it every once a week.

If you don’t clean that off, during your next call you’re pushing it back into your skin, along with any bacteria that has grown. When you hold your phone too close to your skin also it causes breakouts.

That’s how to prevent body acne! ☺

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9 Practical Tips On How To Prevent Body Acne
Nobody likes body acne! So know how to prevent body acne and have beautiful skin!
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