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Bad Beauty Habits You Should Steer Clear Off

Our body is a temple and we breathe through it in ways that one can’t imagine. Sadly, we often take it for granted or start following bad beauty habits that can turn disastrous in the long run. Our skin is probably one of the most important yet neglected parts of our body. Let’s face it – we all are guilty of trying several beauty tips without any research.

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Even I used to do the same and would try almost anything that my friends suggest. A while back, one of them told me about the benefits of applying lemon juice as it can exfoliate our skin. I did the same without any research and soon realized how harsh lemon can be for sensitive skin. When my skin was exposed to the sun, it was slightly burnt and I got blisters as well. While it was healed in a few days, it did teach me a lesson – always do your research before applying anything on your skin.

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Gradually, I realized that we all have been the victim of unsafe beauty habits. You need to understand that we all have different skin types. What worked for someone else might end up causing an allergic reaction on your skin. If you want to give your skin the care it deserves, then make sure you never make these common mistakes.

  1. Touching your face too much

This is something that we all have been guilty of doing. Too many times, while sitting idle or even working, we end up touching our face. While scratching your nose sometimes is okay, you should resist the temptation of touching your face over and over again. Your fingers can contain germs and bacteria that can infect your skin.

It might surprise you, but your keyboard is a colony of microorganisms. While working, these unhealthy components get stuck at our fingertips and are later transferred to our face. It can lead to acne, pimples, or any other bacterial infection.

  1. Popping those pimples

We all know that rubbing or popping pimples is wrong. Nevertheless, we all end up doing it out of irritation or any other reason. When we pick a pimple, it leads to the inflammation of the skin. Also, the bacteria can be propagated to the nearby area as well.

It tampers with the natural healing process of our skin. Once a pimple is dry, our skin forms collagen to heal the infection. If a pimple is picked in between, then it can affect the natural healing process and can even lead to a permanent scar. If the amount of collagen formed in less, then it forms a depressed scar. On the other hand, if your skin would produce more collagen than the needed amount, then it can form a permanent raised scar.

  1. Wearing makeup for too long

With all the blended makeup products out there, it has become quite tough to find natural-based items. Most of these products have unwanted chemical components that can harm your skin. It is strongly recommended to wear makeup occasionally. Go for a minimalist look with your work formals on an everyday basis.

Even on special occasions, try to go for a more understated look. Sometimes, even with less makeup, you can attain a signature look. Though, even if you are wearing heavy makeup, make sure that you remove it afterward. Never sleep with makeup on and use proper cleansers to remove it. Try not to be too rough while removing your makeup or use alcohol-based products as it can make your skin dry.

  1. Over-exfoliating your skin

Our skin is made up of small pores for breathing and perspiration. An exfoliating agent will help you get rid of dirt and dead cells from your skin to clean the pores. Nevertheless, when we exfoliate our skin too much, it can backfire in the long run.

If you have a sensitive skin, then it can damage the epidermis layer and even cause rashes. Also, over-exfoliation can expand your pores as well. This can lead to the loss of oil and natural components from our skin. It can leave your skin dry and damaged. You should use a scrubber only when your skin feels dirty. Ideally, for sensitive skin, it should not be more than once in 3-4 days.

  1. Not using skin-friendly products

We all have different skin textures. What works the best for oily skin might be disastrous for dry skin. Therefore, it is recommended to only select the kind of products that would suit your skin type.

While shopping for skin products, look for the key ingredients. If they have something you are allergic to, then you should always avoid them. Also, look for their expiry date. You should never apply expired makeup and skin products. Go for more organic and natural-based products that won’t cause any drastic side effect on your skin.

  1. Sticking with the same products forever

Finding the perfect skin products is an utter bliss and we often get addicted to them over time. Though, you need to understand that our skin needs different care in all seasons. It would need more moisturizing during winters while in summers you need to protect it from the sun.

Therefore, you should never use same products the year long. It is good to identify the ideal products for your skin type, but keep adding a few other essential products in between to attain a flawless skin.

  1. Trying too many things at once

This is one of those beauty habits that you should avoid at any cost. We all get recommendations for various skin products and home remedies every now and then. From friends to family and online articles to false advertisements – there are hundreds of sources to get beauty tips these days.

If you want to treat your skin the right way, then avoid getting influenced by everyone so easily. Don’t try too many products or treatments at once. Select the kind of products that suit your skin and give them some time to work before switching to another one.

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  1. Uneven toning and moisturizing

When you moisturize your face, make sure you evenly apply it on every part. Too often, we leave our neck, forehead, lower chin, and other areas while moisturizing. Besides taking care of your face, make sure that you moisturize the rest of your body as well. If you have dry skin, then winters can damage it even more. You should moisturize your entire body to make sure your skin won’t lose its natural luster.

  1. Not protecting your skin from the sun

The UV rays of the sun can damage our skin and have been identified as one of the major triggers for its aging as well. To avoid this, you should apply proper sunscreens and blockers while stepping out. Look for a sunscreen with a minimum 30 SPF. Also, it should protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. There is also a star rating for sun blockers that you should check while buying a product.

At the same time, make sure that you get the needed amount of sunlight. After all, it is the biggest source of vitamin D. Just apply proper sunscreen before heading out and you are good to go!

  1. Applying chemical peels, fake tans, etc.

On an average, a woman puts around 515 different kinds of chemicals on her body every day. Yes – 515 chemicals – you have read it right. Out of them, 60% are later absorbed by the skin. All of this damages our skin in ways that one can’t imagine.

The best way to avoid these bad beauty habits is by avoiding harmful chemical products as much as you can. Fake tans, chemical peels, skin bleaches, etc. are some of the major sources of these products.

One of the best ways to avoid them is by making home-based products. For instance, instead of a chemical scrubber, you can make one on your own using sugar and coffee. You can also make your own soaps, moisturizers, lip balms, and more. Simply do some research and put your thinking cap on.

  1. Not washing your face enough

Yes – washing your face too much can damage your skin. Nevertheless, not washing it enough can also be harmful. If you won’t wash your face regularly, then it can be a breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms. The dirt particles can also block your skin pores.

There is no exact number of times one should wash their face. If you have an oily skin, then you should wash your face more often. It is not necessary to use a chemical product to wash it. Sometimes, you can just rinse it with water to clean the dirt.

  1. Making bad lifestyle choices

Most importantly, follow the kind of lifestyle that will let you have a healthy routine. The over-consumption of alcohol or any other harmful drug can directly show on your skin. In the same way, smoking can be extremely harmful to your skin as well. Make sure that you stay hydrated in order to replenish your skin. Avoid consuming too much sugar or oil in your diet.

Besides that, stress and anxiety can also lead to hair loss and affect your skin. Don’t have a sedentary lifestyle and exercise more often. In this way, your skin pores will also get a chance to breathe and would release the toxins from your body.

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I’m sure that once you get rid of these bad beauty habits, you can certainly have the kind of flawless skin that you truly deserve. If you also have a suggestion for our readers or have been following a bad beauty tip yourself, then feel free to share it with us in the comments below.

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Bad Beauty Habits You Should Steer Clear Off
We often take our skin for granted or start following bad beauty habits that can turn disastrous in the long run. Here's how you can change that.
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