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Deepika Padukone And Ranveer Singh Did Their First-Ever Rapid Fire Together, And It’s Good FUN!

Yes, the new IT couple of Bollywood Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are a tough force to contain! From adorable dubsmashes to endless PDA streams to even BTS videos, pulling each other’s legs and sizzling photos- the couple had done it all- except a sizzling rapid fire- which, by the by, courtesy Vogue India (whose cover the hot couple graced), has come alive!


Image source: Vogue

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Yes, Vogue put up a rapid fire round middle of the shoot and the quirky couple was, of course, game for it! Check out the cool rapid fire here:

Coolest thing you’ve done at the shoot today:
Eaten an entire chocolate dense loaf [from Theobroma Patisserie].
Singh: Busted out my special playlist. It was, however, collectively rejected.

Coolest thing in your wardrobe:
I have a collection of bunny slippers. The world’s only seen Sylvester the Cat so far, but I also have Scooby Doo, Superman, Tom and Jerry… there are more on the way.

An attribute that best defines India Cool:
No matter how much we’ve progressed over the years, we’ve retained our culture and tradition. For me that’s the coolest attribute and it gets even more pronounced when I travel abroad.
Singh: The fact that we can remain rooted in tradition and yet evolve with the times.

Coolest cocktail:
The one I was in!

Coolest Emoji:
That square with the alien face you get when there’s a formatting error and your phone doesn’t recognise the emoji. That, and the talking turd.

Coolest song to dance to:
Hero by Mariah Carey. Not to dance to obviously… but it’s my all-time favourite.
Singh: Straight up psychedelic trance

Coolest superhero:
I’m not into superhero movies but I love cartoons. Tweety bird is my favourite.
Singh: I like our desi superheroes like Bahubali.

Coolest Indian(s) alive:
Rahul Dravid and Narayan Murthy
Singh: It’s hard 
to single out one. But for a true-blue Hindi-movie fanatic like me, it’s Amitabh Bachchan.

Coolest movie you’ve seen this year:
Still Alice
Singh: Nymphomaniac

Coolest co-star:
Irrfan Khan
Singh: Hamish, the bullmastiff [from Dil Dhadakne Do]

Coolest set of wheels:
People should cycle more. But if I had to pick a car, it would have to be the Pagani Zonda.

Coolest game changers in Bollywood:
Writers like Juhi Chaturvedi [she wrote Piku].
Singh: Aditya Chopra (“for his long-term vision”), AR Rahman (“for taking his talent to the global stage”), Aamir Khan (“for his ability to blend credible stories into a commercial cinematic format”) and, more recently, SS Rajamouli (“for elevating the level of visual-effects-led storytelling in Indian films”).

You would be truly cool if you could…
Create a lasting piece of cinema as a true auteur. That is, to make a film that I write, direct, act in, produce, compose music for and the works.

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The biggest change you’ve made to prepare for a role:
To play Bajirao… the physicality, the accent, the bearing, everything is new and different from anything I’ve done before.

Coolest lie you’ve told the world:
Lying is 
not cool. That’s 
an oxymoron. But here’s one: “I did not cheat on my diet today.”

Who’s Daddy Cool?
Boney M and Anil Kapoor… Actually, no, Anil Kapoor is a teenage bachelor.
Padukone: My daddy!

Coolest way to beat the heat:
Sweat it.
Singh: Swim.
Padukone: I’m saying work out, he’s saying swim. He’s copying my answers.
Singh: Okay…drink lots of water. It’s important to stay hydrated.


Image source: Youtube

Coolest Indian innovation:
Singh: The number zero.
Padukone: He should know. He failed in math.

Coolest idea you’ve ever had:
When I was a kid, I had this idea of becoming a mainstream Hindi film actor. And I followed it through.

Coolest dream you’ve had:
Just last night I dreamt that I was partying hard with Sanjay Leela Bhansali.
Padukone: I was in a battlefield, manning a tank.

Coolest bachelor party you’ve been to:
I’ve never been to one. Only one of my close friends is married and we were cheapskate buddies and didn’t throw him one. But I do get several requests to dance at bachelorette parties.
Padukone: He doesn’t even need to be asked.
Singh: No, really, they’ve very sincerely pursued my services. I’m surprised that me stripping down to my skivvies can mean so much to anyone.

Coolest thing you’ve done in a club:
Had a cup of tea! I was with friends in a nightclub and they were drinking and dancing and I was sitting in a corner watching people—
I love watching people—and having chai.
Singh: Hanging from a disco ball. Also, I’m always
 up for a good dance-off.

Your coolest secret:
My movie ideas.
Padukone: It’s not really a secret…I’m such a big fan of Woody Allen, I once tried staying at the same hotel as him, hoping I would bump into him!

Coolest birthday gift you’ve received:
A car, a vintage watch… but forget all that. Birthday sex beats everything.

Coolest app:

Coolest word ever:
Padukone: Love

Aren’t the two of them just adorable! Can I take them home, please? 😛 😉

News source: Vogue

Featured image source: Youtube

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Deepika Padukone And Ranveer Singh Did Their First-Ever Rapid Fire Together, And It’s Good FUN!
Deepika Padukone seems to enjoy pulling Ranveer Singh's leg and he doesn't mind! Don't believe me? This rapid fire proves it!
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