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If Every Indian Husband Was Honest…

Coz they may say it in their head- but God forbid, it come out loud. there’d be World Wars happening in every home. Yes, if husbands were HONEST. What? Don’t agree? Okay- here’s what would happen if every Indian husband was really honest. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you:

1. Cut me some slack, please!

What he says: I have eyes just for you.


Image source: Gurupop

What he means: Would you rather I be blind? Of course, I saw that hottie walking down the road. And oh, why can’t you dress like her?

2. Killing the call factor

What he says: I am sorry I missed your call.


Image source: Justpmsing

What he means: Is it sane to call me up 9 straight times when I am in a meeting? What was I thinking when I married you?

3. The beauty queen

What he says: You are the prettiest, love. <3


Image source: smallworlds

What he means: Don’t test my patience. You’re not a beauty queen and if you could just stop posing in the dresses that you’d already made me nod in agreement to when you were bulging out of them in the trial room (which, btw, you spent 5 hours in and around), I’d like to watch my show!

4. The date dilemma

What he says: I never dated anyone before you- never found anyone as perfect.


Image source: Giphy

What he means: I wonder where <insert ex’s name> is right now. I mean, she had her own issues but I’d take anything over THIS!

5. The bickering beauty

What he says: I don’t like fighting with you, baby.


Image source: headoverfeels

What he means: You’re so terrifying that I can’t risk putting forth my argument because you are going to chip in some logical-to-me (sh*tty-to-you) remark I’d made some seven years ago and really, that makes me want to reach out inside of your brain and gouge that whole bloody storage container out!

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6. Offering the office

What he says: My boss is terrible, hon. He drowns me in files.


Image source

What he means: Dear wifey, you make life so pathetic that I would prefer spending my time buried in the piles of files than come home and see your makeup plastered face.

7. Kill with a kiss

What he says: I have never kissed another girl.


Image source: Tumblr

What he means: <mental image of those wonderful lip locks on repeat mode until the wife’s voice drowns in the background and all he can hear is romantic music>

8. The hot secretary

What he says: I wish I could come back early, but honey, I gotta work if we want to get that home theatre thingy.


Image source: Tumblr

What he means: It’s been a while since another hot woman has even been in a mile’s radius of me, and the office changes all that! I am just going to sit here and talk to Nina for as long as I can!

9. The tryst of the Taj Mahal

What he says: Honey, we’ll take this vacation next year, I promise.


Image source: Pinterest

What he means: Do you know how much it costs to fly to another part of the world? Are you fuc*ing kidding me? Why are you always coming up with ridiculous plans of blowing my salary, huh?

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10. Long lives the love!

What he says: I love you.


Image source: Pinterest

What he means: Well, yeah, despite all you do, I married you for a reason, and that’s love!

Sorry guys- for giving it all away!

As for you lovelies, I am so bad**s and awesome, right?

Featured image source: NDTVmovies

Article Name
If Every Indian Husband Was Honest...
If every Indian husband was honest, we'd have a Mahabharat in every home!
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