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5 Fashion Trends That Are In For 2018 And 4 That Are Out

This Classic Oversized Boyfriend Shirt from WNU London

The lazy bum in me is so incredibly happy that oversized clothing is FINALLY in fashion. There is nothing quite as satisfying as wearing a t-shirt, jumper or a hoodie that is too big for you. You’re warm, snuggly, AND you get extra long sleeves to smack people with. All that AND you will now be considered fashion-forward if you wear it in public? I mean…is this our year or WHAT? If you’re a lover of both style and comfort, then oversized clothing is your thing. So, I’ll be spending the next year in clothes that are way too big for me, feeling like a marshmallow and looking like a total fashionista thankyouverrymuch.

4. A whole lotta bling

These UNREAL Glittery Boots by Saint Laurent

This Bling AF Blazer from Zara

The aptly named Cinderella Collection by Jimmy Choo

These Deadly Boots by Louboutin

These Disco Pants from Topshop

This trend is for when you want to Kira-Kira TF out of your wardrobe. If you don’t like blinding people (literally) with your style, then what even are you doing with your life? Yes, we know that wearing blingy outfits is scary but that’s what fashion is all about! So, dump your inhibitions as you step into 2018 and bling yourself up. Look like the trendy Christmas tree bauble that you were born to be. Blind a hater. Be a fashionable, shining beacon of hope. Be the sun, the stars and the moon, all by your pretty little self.

5. Color Blocking

This sober, neutral color blocked outfit

This lady makes blue and red look like the most OBVIOUS color-blocking choice I mean what are we even doing with our lives? BRB, must buy red pants IMMEDIATELY.

This FLAWLESSLY color-blocked outfit that used layering instead of a simple color-blocked look

Color blocking essentially means pairing two or more solid colors in the same outfit. You could color block your outfit in any way you feel comfortable. If you’re not much of a fashion risk-taker, go for the classic black and white combo, or pair any color with white or black, for a simple but on trend look. Alternatively, take the risk and pair two off-beat colors for an edgy, street-style-ready outfit.

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Fashion Trends For 2018: What’s In And What’s Out
Here are 5 fashion trends for 2018 that you should totally get behind if you’re not a regular mom; you’re a cool mom.
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Ranjabati Boral

Ranjabati Boral

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