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Find Out What Your Nail Color Says About You And Your Personality!

If you think that your nail polish is all about fashion and matching outfits, then you are wrong! If you notice carefully, you tend to lean towards certain colors and get the same kind of mani every over and over again. This reveals a lot about who you are as a person. Your choices determine your personality and the kind of things you like. Today, we are going to be revealing what your nail color says about you!

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1. Light Pink

Stereotypically, pink is associated with a distinctive feminine energy, but in reality, those who prefer to have their nails painted light pink are just all about the energy, feminine  or otherwise. It is a practical and demure color, which is telling of your mature, quiet and reticent personality.

Those who prefer their nails to be of a neutral shade like light pink are also very career-oriented, and are considered hardcore professionals with a penchant for their career, above all else. Light pink is a nice, pleasant and practical color, which can be worn easily in the workplace, as well as to a party. The color also exudes a youthful energy, despite being sober and subtle.

2. Hot pink

Hot pink nail polish is bright, vibrant, striking and energetic, and it won’t be wrong to use those exact same adjectives to describe you and your personality, if you are one for hot pink nails! Hot pink is a color that immediately catches the eye, and it isn’t wrong to assume that you also draw attention with your bright and vibrant personality, wherever you go.

Those who like bold and bright colors like hot pink on their nails don’t shy away from attention, and are fun, and confident people. They know how to play a crowd, and are more often than not, the life of the party. You are characterized by your playfulness and your light-hearted nature, and people associate you with fun and good memories.

3. Blood red

Blood red nails are a classic choice, and if you are always for red nails, then you ooze class, elegance and sophistication. It is a timeless classic and if you are leaning towards this color time and again, then it is telling of your personality.

Red nails exude sex appeal and confidence, and that is exactly who you are as a person. They attract attention, which means that you do not shy away from attention. Red is also associated with flirtations, which means you are outgoing and upfront about love and sex. However, it is a classic color, which also means that you are extremely elegant and graceful in everything you do. The power exuded by the color red is undeniable and makes you a classy, confident person, who is a force to be reckoned with.

4. Orange

Orange is an unconventional choice when it comes to nail colors, which means that you are unique. You have quirky choices, and your motto in life is bold and beautiful. The warmth and vibrance of the color orange means that you seek out happiness and optimism and positivity wherever you go, because you imbibe these qualities yourself.

People who like to wear orange on their nails are bright, bubbly, cheerful and confident, and like to keep things simple and uncomplicated. However, they aren’t one to shy away from fun and activity, and can be found to be the center of attention wherever they go, because of their unique and attractive personality.

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5. Lavender

If we’re talking about what your nail color says about you, then we can’t do without lavender nails, which is a popular choice amongst all those fond of painting their nails. It is a soft, interesting and beautiful color, which is just the right amount of exciting and subtle at the same time.

Those who prefer to paint their nails lavender, which is a soft purple of sorts, are feminine, and aesthetically inclined. They are creative and subtle and are usually introverted with an artistic streak. It also indicates that the wearer is collected, calm and organized in their life, with a flair for the creative, but quiet at the same time. They are powerhouses of energy and ideas, even though their ability may not be apparent when you meet them for the first time.

6. Purple

Purple is a unique color, even though it is a rather popular choice when it comes to nail paints. It is a wonderfully striking color, and reminds one of royalty. In fact, the people who wear purple also tend to remind you of royalty. Purple isn’t a color that matches everything, and it is certainly not neutral, which means that those who choose purple are bold, and unafraid to take risks. They are natural leaders, and like to be on top of all situations in life.

People who wear purple ooze confidence and creativity and they are brimming with ideas. They are all for change and don’t like routine or sameness in life. People tend to gravitate towards them because of their magnetic personality, and they revel in the attention and admiration they get from people.

7. Blue

Blue nails are trending like never before, and there are various shades of blue which are available. Even though conventionally blue is associated with peace and tranquility, when you wear the color on your nails, it suggests nothing of the sort. Blue is wild, experimental, exciting and bold, just like your personality. Those who choose to sport blue on their nails usually are free-spirited and constantly experimenting. They like to be fashion-forward, and are the ones setting trends, instead of following them.

Blue is also telling of your youthful and fun personality. You like to seek out thrill and adventure wherever you go, and you make your way through life with confidence and bravery. You are a force to be reckoned with, because of your vibrant personality.

8. Nude

Nude is something that is never going to go out of fashion, and those who wear nude polish have a very distinctive personality type. They like to dress up and put effort into the way they look, but don’t like to be very ostentatious about it. They are subtle and low-maintenance about their appearance, but are very conscious about their appearance nonetheless.

Nude nail polish speaks volumes about your poise and your calm and collected nature and is a sign of your maturity. You are well-dressed and look well-sorted, which is why you tend to be the responsible one in every social group that you interact with.

9. Grey

Grey can be described as a bolder form of nude, which is just as accommodating to other colors and suits all skin tones, but is also avant-garde when it comes to nail trends, because it is true that grey is an unconventional choice. It isn’t a very warm or welcoming color, which means that you are individualistic and introverted and prefer to be left alone to your own devices.

Grey is also indicative of your impeccable choices in terms of fashion and trends, which is why you are bold enough to choose grey on your nails, and carry it off like a boss. However, grey is also indicative of indecision, since it is a color one tends to go for when they aren’t sure what other color they could choose. That being said, there is a strange sense of confidence in the wearer, when they choose grey for their nails, which is very telling of their personality.

10. Black

A lot of people think that black nails automatically means that you are Goth or badass or emo. That is not the case at all, and in fact, black can be a wonderfully fashionable choice when you are trying to decide what to put on your nails. Black indicates that you are fashion-forward and unafraid of taking risks. You are also considered mysterious and intense, and people have trouble understanding the real you, unless you let your walls down in front of them.

People who choose black are forward-thinking, and always ahead of the game, no matter what the game is. Professionally and personally, they are well-equipped to handle crises and are organized, yet adventurous in all things they do.

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11. Neon shades

Neon nails have been consistently popular for the last 10 years, and it isn’t likely that they are going to go out of fashion anytime soon. They are fun, exciting and different. If you are all for neon nails, then it you are most likely super whimsical and quirky.

You like to dress differently; the way you behave sets you apart, so you are basically anything but a normie. You stand out wherever you go because of your fun and quirky personality, and you take a lot of effort to ensure that you don’t follow trends and do what everyone else is doing.

Did you find out what your nail color says about you? Was it accurate in predicting your personality? Let us know in the comments section below!

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image, under Creative Commons License 

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