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‘Pure and pious’ Radhe Maa In A Pickle After Being Slapped With Dowry Harassment Case

A few years ago, actress Neha Dhupia had made a controversial statement that sent Bollywood into a tizzy. She’d said, “Shahrukh Khan and sex still sell in Bollywood.” Now, I’d like to tweak this statement and say, “Shahrukh Khan and godmen will always sell in India.” And this statement may hold true for several more decades, I’d wager.

When it comes to religion and godmen, there is no dearth to them or their antics, for if you disclaim one rotten apple, ten more crop up by the time you heave a sigh of relief. Take Asaram Bapu, Baba Ramdev, or any of the hundreds, if not thousands of godmen and women as examples.

radhe maa

Radhe Maa, a self-styled godwoman and spiritual guru

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One such self-styled godwoman and spiritual guru is Radhe Maa, currently based out of Mumbai. The middle aged godwoman, who counts several high-profile people among her ‘devotees,’ is never without her trademark red lipstick, a long red teeka on her forehead, expensive-looking jewelry, eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara.

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And this godwoman has not had a very pleasant time this past week. She’s found herself to be in somewhat of a … pickle, I’m afraid.

She found herself making headlines when some of her pictures were leaked online, in which she’s seen wearing … a short red dress (gasp!) paired with knee-high boots and a jaunty hat. Take a look at the pictures:

radhe maa in a short red dress and knee-high boots

Radhe Maa in a short red dress and knee-high boots

radhe maa

In the time of social media, how can such news be silenced? Nope, it cannot. Unsurprisingly, twitterati came up with some hilarious responses to Radhe Maa’s ‘scandalous’ photos.



As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, a 32-year-old woman from suburban Kandivali accused Radhe Maa of instigating her in-laws, who are Maa’s devotees for several years now, to demand dowry from her. Following the complaint, FIR was registered against Radhe Maa and six others, including the complainant’s in-laws, who subjected her to ‘mental and physical harassment for dowry.’

Radhe Maa now faces several allegations, ranging from obscenity to harassment of devotees to being booked under anti-dowry harassment case too. While speaking to the media, she said,

“I am pure and pious. I am innocent. I respect the media and the police. I have not done anything obscene.”

When asked about the allegations of dowry harassment, this is what the self-styled godwoman had to say:

“First there should be an inquiry against those who have leveled allegations against me.”

Describing the complainant as a ‘very poor woman,’ the godwoman went on to level counter allegations against her saying that she was after Maa’s wealth. Further, she went on to say that she herself had two ‘very beautiful’ daughters-in-law from whom she hadn’t demanded anything, despite them hailing from rich royal families.

The police have said that Radhe Maa will be taken into questioning after recording the statements of the six other accused in the dowry case.

And when such scandalous things are happening, who can expect Bollywood stars to keep mum about it? Following the allegations leveled against the self-styled guru, Bollywood came out with mixed reactions. While director Subhash Ghai posted a rather lengthy post on his Facebook page in support of the godwoman, actors like Rishi Kapoor have naysayed her claims of being a godwoman, and urged the public to open their eyes and think for themselves than to believe in such frauds.

Sg on Radhey Maa

Yes. Being the devotees of mata Vaishnu Devi Me n my wife mukta have been visiting Radhey Maa to…

Posted by Subhash Ghai on Saturday, 8 August 2015

Seems like Rishi Kapoor had the last laugh. Check out what the actor had to say about the controversy:



What is your take on this whole Radhe Maa controversy? Are Indians obsessed with godmen and godwomen? Are we so gullible? Tell us in the comments below.

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'Pure and pious' Radhe Maa In A Pickle After Being Slapped With Dowry Harassment Case
'Pure and pious' Radhe Maa definitely has been having a bad week - leaked pictures of her in a dress, and now a dowry harassment case. Radhe, Radhe, bachao!
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