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Rule The Fashion World With These Nail Color Trends

But nail trends today are not just about the colors, but rather a merger of colors that can create different styles altogether. From accents to squiggly lines, emphasis on the negative space and focusing just on the tips- the options are galore. Some of the nail art trends are minimalist and require little to no maintenance, but aptly creates a statement. And more importantly, vintage trends of floral patterns and intricate designs are making a comeback in the nail world.  Here are some inspirations for the different fall looks you can sport this fall, and take your nail game to the next level.

  1. Vintage style

  1. Nail modern art

  1. Prints

  1. Colored tips

  1. Bejewelled

  1. Geometric patterns

  1. Minimalism

  1. Geode nails

  1. Negative space

Article Name
Here's The Guide To Fall Nail Colors 2018
Today, nails are not just about colors, but a lot about exhibiting the interests of the people who wear them.Here is a list of trends in fall nail colors 2018, right from the runway.
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Sreetama Basu

Sreetama Basu

Currently residing in Hyderabad, Sreetama believes in the healthy optimisation of a variety of interests- while engaging with political commentaries alongside a cup of tea is an essential, YouTubing her favourite bloggers on the latest media trends is her revered pastime.